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Ömer (S01E06)


Gamze finally opens the doors of her heart to Ömer. But Ömer, who is aware that it is too late for everything, watches with pain the words that he misses from Gamze's lips. Despite the beating of his heart, Ömer remains true to his promise to Süreyya.

Struggling with both the pain of abandonment and financial problems, Nisa does not hesitate to help her sister Ömer and Gamze in their most difficult moments. On the other hand, poverty and desperation bring her face-to-face with Emine once again. This time, Nisa cannot keep her calm due to the pain she has experienced and makes a big mistake that she will immediately regret.

Learning that she put Ömer in a difficult situation, Gamze tries to make up for her mistake. Despite everything, Ömer tries to do the right thing, this time it is Tahir. Tahir asks Omer to account for his rapprochement with Gamze, even at the expense of bringing Reşat against him. Despite all of Ömer's efforts, Tahir, whose anger does not subside, is preparing a bad surprise for Ömer and Gamze with the anger of his father and past accounts.