Ömer (S01E19)


Faced with the possibility of arrest, Ömer entrusts Gamze and Tuna to his father, saying that they are married. At a time when everything seems to be going badly, this truth comes as a shock to Reşat and his family. Ömer's court result becomes a turning point for everyone.

Nisa, who is struggling with endless problems because of her husband, pressures her daughter not to make the same mistakes she did because of love. A bad surprise awaits Yaman and Emine, who cannot be separated from each other despite their families' opposition.

Ömer learns that Hakan threatened Gamze, but Hakan has already set off a bomb that will make everyone's life hell. Fatma, who wants to punish her disobedient daughter, takes action to separate Gamze from her most valuable asset in life, Tuna.

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