Ömer (S01E18)


Seeing Reşat and Erdal in front of him, Ömer repeats his love for Gamze in front of everyone. Reşat, humiliated in front of Erdal, argues with Ömer and kicks his son out of the house. When Hüsnü shows up on their doorstep, Gamze is in a very difficult situation. Learning about Gamze's nightmare at home, Ömer risks everything and confronts Fatma to get Gamze. 

Nisa, whose troubles never end because of Hakan, has to face another big problem when Fatma wants them out of the house. When Emine learns that the person she is having an affair with is Zerrin's son, Nisa and her daughter, who have supported each other from the very beginning, confront each other. 

Reşat, who wants to save his son despite everything, makes a great sacrifice and hires a lawyer, and decides to fight Süreyya's false accusation to the end. Gamze, who is kicked out of the house for defying her mother who wants her to marry Erdal, takes Tuna with her and goes to Ömer. When Ömer learns that the court will decide that he will be arrested, he decides to entrust Gamze and Tuna to the person he trusts the most.

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