Ömer (S01E20)


Everyone is stunned when Haluk shows up at Ömer's doorstep and demands to take his son from Gamze. Even though this unexpected guest from the past is fended off by Ömer and his family, Gamze is terrified for Tuna, knowing what Haluk is capable of. Filled with revenge, Haluk takes a step that will cause a lot of trouble not only for Gamze but also for his whole family.

Hakan's arrival at work leads to a big fight between him and Nisa, who is struggling to make ends meet and survive on her own. Emine's continued closeness with Yaman is a growing problem for Nisa. 

Omer and Gamze, whose pressure increases with Haluk's appearance, want to tell Tuna as soon as possible that they are married. However, Haluk, who takes action before them, presses the button for a ruthless plan that will tear Tuna away from Gamze.

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