Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz


The ice between Alize and Serkan has started to melt relatively. Serkan realizes that he cannot stay away from Alize. Serkan confesses this to his father: he cannot give up on Alize. That's why he can't tell her about the game he played on her. But this time, Serkan has to hide something else from Alize. Alp asked him to make her study and made her promise not to tell anyone.
Alize tries to find out where Serkan has gone untimely and secretly but fails. Just as she is thinking of retaliating against him and driving him crazy with jealousy, the opportunity she is looking for comes to her doorstep. She gets an offer for a photo shoot. When Alize accepts the offer out of Serkan's stubbornness, Serkan gets jealous and disrupts the event. Alize finally realizes that Serkan "cares." Even though our stubborn couple does not confess their love to each other, even though they think they do not show it, everything they do proves it. Just when they start to believe this and are close to confessing, will Bahar's last move be enough to turn everything upside down? 

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