Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz


Alize is very upset when Serkan helps organize Nurettin and Sinem's engagement party. Alize thinks that Serkan wants to distance himself from her and even end their marriage. However, Serkan feels great remorse and shame towards Alize for the game they all played together. On top of that, when the biggest surprise, love, comes out of nowhere, he falters and doesn't know what to do.  When Alize is on the verge of ending her marriage, she makes a surprise decision with the advice she receives from an unexpected person.  She will fight for Serkan until the end and will not end her marriage. As Serkan tries his best to stay away from Alize, the pull of love will prevail, and he will find himself by her side. However, Serkan's distant attitude will only hold Alize back for so long.
In the Darıca Family, Türkan's appearance and the mention of her name lead to some confrontations and reckonings.  Although Serkan doesn't realize it, his mother is now by his side.  For now, only Nurettin and Sinem know this truth, for now, of course, because every truth has a habit of coming out.