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Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz (Come What May)

As Alize is about to tell Serkan the truth, she can't bear the weight of the truth and faints. Alize is taken to the hospital by Serkan and his friends and is in good condition, but keeping the truth about her mother from Serkan leads Alize to a moral dilemma. After leaving the hospital, Serkan makes a decision that will radically change his relationship with Alize and their lives; he will make his marriage with Alize a reality and realize all the things they have been skipping over one by one. Thus, the wedding preparations of the Alize-Serkan couple begin. However, during this process, Kadir says something to Nurettin that foreshadows the dark clouds in the Alize-Serkan relationship.
Hayri, who misunderstands Serkan's wedding preparations, takes action with Kezban to stop these preparations. The plan they devise leads to the big reunion; Türkan and her children come together. Translated with (free version)