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Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz


Hayri and Kezban's raid, taking Türkan with them, shocked everyone. Kadir comes to ask for a girl and meets Türkan. But this is not the real shock he experiences. He cannot bear the weight of the truth he has learned and disappears for a while. Serkan, on the other hand, experiences the shock of meeting his mother after years in a different way than the others and ignores her. That's why he will not change his plan or turn back from the real path of marriage with Alize.  He will not let his mother, who ruined his past, ruin his future.

As the henna preparations are in full swing, the family heirloom brooch that Kezban had given to Serkan for Alize to wear at the henna ceremony falls victim to Bahattin's new profession, juggling; Serkan both finds the brooch and saves his mother from being labeled a thief. So, Serkan will not let anything spoil his plan. When all obstacles are avoided and the henna night arrives, Nurettin's fears come true. Kadir has decided to return. With the phone call from Kadir, will Alize learn about the game Serkan and her father have set up and the lie they told?