Kasaba Doktoru

Kasaba Doktoru (S01E04)


While Hakan is dealing with the hospital, he is also making plans for Erol GümüลŸok's surgery. Ömer is in for a shock when he learns that Kemal Demir, whom he has been looking for for years, is Hakan Hodja, whose star he has never reconciled with. Knowing very well that in order to be a good surgeon, he must grow up with a good teacher, Ömer rejects the offer from Private GümüลŸok Hospital.

While everyone thinks that Leyla will not accept to be a maid and will leave the hospital, Leyla starts working as a janitor. A big surprise awaits Ömer in an operation he has undergone. The nasty surprises waiting for Ömer will not only be limited to his job, but will also put an unexpected obstacle in front of his love for Leyla.

Despite all of Erol's warnings, Yalçฤฑn has no intention of leaving Hakan alone. When Yalçฤฑn starts to put his plans into action, this time he will find a stronger and more determined Hakan than before.