Kasaba Doktoru

Kasaba Doktoru (S01E05)


Ömer is forced to make a choice by Yalçฤฑn. The constant coming and going of the people of GümüลŸok to the hospital causes a crisis between Ömer and Hakan.

Hakan is aware of Yalçฤฑn's game. Hakan, who entered into a negotiation with Erol over his surgery, learns about the project to transform the hospital into a rehabilitation center, and the color changes. On the other hand, nurse Sevil's father gets sick. Berk, who came to the hospital with the GümüลŸok team, has to undergo the operation of Sevil's father. On the other hand, Mine, who went out to look for Hakan, sees him with Arzu, and his bad memories from the past come to life and the duo comes to a standstill.