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Gaddar (No Mercy)

Dağhan learns that his new target is Enver and seeks a way to extricate himself from the situation. He pressures Müdür to find a solution, and they decide to collaborate to reach the Company before it reaches them. Enver's hatred towards his father intensifies upon learning the truth, and he becomes determined to confront him and even kill him before his own demise.

Müdür and Kurt find a loophole to make a deal with the Company and try to gain leverage with Leyla's help. Dağhan strongly opposes Leyla's involvement in such a dangerous affair, but Leyla, eager to help, finds herself caught in yet another risky game. Meanwhile, Dağhan and Enver plan to disappear for a while to avoid detection, but they are forced to go to the hospital when Yağmur goes into labor. This incident makes them targets for the Company, endangering not only their lives but also Yağmur's.

Dağhan wants to talk to Aydan again about the baby issue, but Aydan is further confused by Dağhan's new troubles. Oya continues her efforts to save Aydan from both Dağhan and the baby.

Thinking that Aydan will give up on the baby, Dağhan, along with Mesut, tries to stop her. However, this event leaves Dağhan, Aydan, and Mesut with nowhere to hide from the Company's assassins.