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Gaddar (S01E20)


Dağhan does everything he can to save Mesut, but they end up feeling helpless as they wait for a resolution. The incident with Mesut reaches a breaking point for Dağhan, and they resume their fight from where they left off, but this time with even more destructive force. Ekber's men come to take Nilüfer, leading to a confrontation between Müdür and the men. Nilüfer and Leylâ's safety is once again in jeopardy. Enver tries to console Dağhan amidst the chaos while the men from the company continue to set traps without missing any opportunity. A meeting between the boss and Müdür ends with a crucial decision for Müdür. The boss demands Dağhan's betrayal in exchange for saving his daughter from Ekber. Müdür is in a state of indecision because every move he makes will change everyone's lives. While Enver and Dağhan continue to evade the hitmen to protect their loved ones, Yağmur starts showing signs of depression due to recent events and Enver's absence. There is an air of unease among everyone. Oya decides to leave with Aydan, thinking that being away from Dağhan will be good for her daughter. She starts preparing with Fikriye to leave quickly. However, Aydan is hesitant, still holding onto a glimmer of hope. Finally, the boss and Dağhan come face to face. They both know that only one of them will come out of this alive. But can Dağhan win against this formidable adversary? As he tries to solve his problems once and for all, he is on the verge of losing Aydan forever. Will Dağhan be able to stop Aydan and build a new and clean life?