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Gaddar (S01E18)


After Korkut's death, Dağhan feels very tired and helpless, so he seeks solace with Leylâ. Seeing that Leylâ and Dağhan are still in contact, Aydan decides to stop resisting Oya's insistence and agrees to meet with someone new.

Rüzgâr feels relieved that his father's revenge has been taken, but this incident revives the revengeful feelings hidden inside him. While Dağhan is in the military, Rüzgâr experiences an incident that ruins the life of the girl he loves. To find the culprit and take revenge, he seeks help from Enver and takes action. He starts tracking the man through Mesut, but Mesut begins to suspect their situation. Rüzgâr's adventure leads him into great trouble. The man he faces is more dangerous than he thought. Facing death, Rüzgâr's experiences and Fatma's blaming Dağhan for the incident leave Dağhan devastated. After Rüzgâr's reproaches, Dağhan faces the reality that their brotherly bond has weakened. He tries to make amends for this and also wants to make the culprits pay for what they did to Rüzgâr.

While Müdür tries to strengthen his bond with Nilüfer, her hatred towards him continues. Ekber continues to try to find Nilüfer to hurt Müdür. Ekber's help to Korkut increases the tension between Müdür and Ekber. Müdür starts preparations to send Nilüfer abroad, but he needs a reliable place to hide her. Therefore, he knocks on Leylâ's door again. After what happened, Müdür and Dağhan turn their arrows towards Ekber, planning to kill him. While trying to make those responsible for what happened to Rüzgâr pay, they also find an opportunity to harm Ekber through this incident. Meanwhile, Ekber, using all his power, gets support from the Company to put Enver and Dağhan on a difficult path.