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Gaddar (S01E17)


Dağhan tries to figure out if Korkut is alive by teaming up with the Director, while Korkut has teamed up with Ekber to put his plans into action. Korkut takes four people important to Dağhan hostage and sets up various games for Dağhan to rescue them. Ekber also takes advantage of this game and includes the Director's most valuable asset, his daughter. This creates an opportunity for revenge. When the Director faces the danger of losing his daughter, whom he has been able to approach after years, he becomes even more desperate, turning to both Korkut and Ekber.

If Dağhan cannot solve the game set up by Korkut in time, he will lose his loved ones. As the Director, Dağhan, Kurt, and Enver try to rescue the hostages, they encounter various obstacles set up by Korkut. They are forced to seek support from other sources as they race against time.

Meanwhile, Korkut tries to reconnect with Leyla but still cannot fully trust her. An evening they spend together results in Leyla's move, confirming Korkut's suspicions once again.

The events caused by the Director make Nilüfer more aggressive towards him. This incident shakes the father-daughter relationships he has been trying to build once again. Rüzgar's troubled and depressive state draws everyone's attention, and his decision to leave causes a reaction from the family.

Korkut is determined to bring Dağhan to his knees and put an end to this. He lures him into a trap again through Aydan. Aydan panics when she sees Korkut after what happened. She does everything she can to make sure Dağhan is safe. The idea of Aydan being in danger infuriates Dağhan, and despite all precautions, he is determined to confront Korkut alone.

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