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Gaddar (S01E16)


Arif Mübarek, learning that Ekber failed to fulfill his mission, assigns a hitman he knows from the company to serve Ekber. Dağhan and Kurt raid another key point leading to the main house to get closer to Arif. Learning about this, Arif incites everyone, declaring Dağhan and Kurt as demons and targets.

While Aydan is very angry after leaving Dağhan, Oya is quite pleased with the situation. Aydan, collaborating with Enver, seeks ways to anger Dağhan. Enver accepts this collaboration because of the tension between him and Dağhan due to the tape issue. Yağmur, unable to digest what happened with Enver, returns to the family home. When Fatma learns that Dağhan has also separated from Aydan, she advises both Enver and Dağhan to come together and fix the situation.

Leyla accepts Korkut's offer of help and starts to fulfill what Korkut asks of her in order not to return.

Thinking that an external attack on Arif's house will not be enough, the Director thinks they can sneak a female informant inside and tries to convince Leyla for this job. Despite Dağhan's strong objection, Leyla and Gürkan enter Arif's house. While Dağhan and the Director continue their efforts to end the organization from the outside, Leyla does her best inside. However, a small mistake leaves them in the middle of danger. As the repercussions of the Arif incident continue, Dağhan learns that Korkut is alive.