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Gaddar (No Mercy)

Dağhan's life is greatly affected by what he experienced because of Korkut and his brothers. Regretting the price he paid for being ruthless to his family, Dağhan decides to listen to the advice his father gave him before he died and change his life. He takes care of his family and the shop entrusted to him by his father. Not wanting to lose Aydan as well, he offers her a date. While Oya rejoices in saving her daughter from another trouble, she becomes helpless again because of Dağhan's actions.

As Dağhan starts taking steps towards his new life, a job arranged for him by the Director and a woman who comes to Mesut's door disrupt their balance once again. The woman who escaped from a man named Arif Mübarek tells Mesut things that drive him crazy. She asks for Dağhan's help, but when Dağhan refuses her offer, she is left alone. Mesut decides to save his daughter no matter what, because she has started to become his weakness.

The events that happen to Mesut make Dağhan furious. While trying to ignore the 'ruthless' voices inside and outside him and continue on his way, he realizes once again that he cannot easily get rid of this situation. Because being ruthless has become a part of him. He decides to overcome this trouble by saying it's the last job. However, Enver is disturbed by Dağhan's decision, and what will happen will reveal a secret that Enver has been trying to ignore. This secret puts Enver and Dağhan face to face again. Dağhan is determined to fight without listening to anyone, but things are not as simple as he thinks. Dağhan finds himself in the middle of a big and dangerous organization. Every move he makes begins to make him the target of the organization.