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Çöp Adam

Çöp Adam (S01E24)


After her meeting with the doctor, Peri makes a decision that will be very difficult for her. She will get away from Tamer for a while and think. Tamer, regretting the lie he told, tries to make Peri reverse her decision. He even takes an unexpected step to prove his innocence. But nothing he does is enough to convince Peri. 

Meanwhile, Bülent detonates a new bomb at the mansion and everyone loses their patience. While Meryem is desperate to talk to Yavuz, she comes up with an idea. She will prepare a big surprise. For this, she goes to someone she has never asked for help before. 

Peri, who is away from the city, tries not to think about Tamer, but Tamer does everything to remind her of herself. Just as she is about to make her decision, an unexpected development upsets Peri.