Çöp Adam

Çöp Adam (S01E25)


After the news of Peri's pregnancy, Ipek reacts in a way Peri never expected. Although this reaction upsets Peri, she makes a decision for the sake of her baby. Tamer tells Berrin and Damla the baby news. While Damla is shaken by the baby news, Berrin and Seko decide to reveal their relationship to Damla.

When Bülent tells Elit that Tamer kidnapped her, Tamer goes to talk to Elit and encounters a surprising Elit. Ipek, who is all alone, is desperate to take a step, but someone unexpected comes to her aid. 

Yavuz will come to ask for Meryem. Bülent tries his best to sabotage this beautiful night, but this time all his plans fall apart. Bülent and İpek are now completely out of their lives and free from all their problems. Finally, Peri holds her baby in her arms. Meryem's wedding day arrives. However, they are unaware that their happiest day will turn into a nightmare.