Çöp Adam

Çöp Adam (S01E23)


Peri tries to explain her innocence but fails to convince Tamer. Bülent is hospitalized and now Peri's only hope is that Bülent will recover and tell the truth. However, things do not go as she expects. Meanwhile, someone she never expected believes in Peri's innocence. 

As things get more complicated, Tamer surrenders to blackmail by the person who oppresses him the most in life in order to save Peri. Meanwhile, after a conversation with Aysel, Peri takes a desperate step, even risking putting Tamer in danger. While Meryem is trying to cope with her upside-down emotions, Yavuz's surprise move makes her burst with happiness. But this happiness will only last for a few seconds. Tamer, overwhelmed by the problems at the mansion, stays at the company until late at night. This escape will bring much bigger problems.