Çöp Adam

Çöp Adam (S01E22)


While Peri has not yet recovered from the shock of learning that Tamer has imprisoned Bülent and İpek, she has to manage another crisis. Infuriated by the news he received from Damla, Tamer is determined to get his way despite Peri's best efforts. When Peri realizes that she cannot cope with Tamer in his current state, she finds the solution by asking for help from someone else. Meanwhile, Aysel is sure that something has happened to Bülent. Whoever she asks for help backfires. In the end, the most unexpected person helps Aysel to find Bülent. Peri tries to convince Tamer to release Bülent and İpek but fails. She finally makes up her mind and takes action without Tamer's knowledge. However, she is unaware that this move will end in a way that will darken her own life.

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