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Bir Sevdadır

Bir Sevdadır (S01E08)


Rukiye receives the letter Yeşil wrote to his children in which he confesses all the truth. Will Yeşil get this letter back before Rukiye reads it? How will Yasin, who is struggling with the shock of the Karlıcas buying the Boğaziçi 1453 club, respond to this move?

How will Gülender, who doesn't want Yeşil to go to work with Menevşe anymore, find a solution to this situation?
Will Ishak Ali transfer Yasin abroad after learning that the club has been bought? What will happen when club president Haldun organizes an iftar dinner to reconcile the two families and brings Bıçakçılar and Karlıcaları together at the same table? What will happen between Menevşe and Tufan who come together at the iftar dinner? How will Boncuk and Ishak's birthday celebration end with a surprise?

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