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Bir Sevdadır

Bir Sevdadır (S01E07)

Yasin hitting Tufan sparks a big fight at the wedding. While the wedding is in turmoil, Yeşil tries to get rid of Ünal's man, who detains him in the outbuilding.
The fight at the wedding ends in custody. How will Yeşil manage to get rid of Unal's man?

After these successive events, Yeşil tells Ayça about the letter she wrote in prison. She thinks that one day, in the future, it would be right for his children to know the truth. Gülender, on the other hand, has imposed martial law at home and has decided that only their new caretaker should take care of the children. She starts to think of new ways to get custody of them...
Yasin is excited to wear his new jersey after being cleared of doping. What will Yasin do when he realizes that the Karlıcas are the jersey sponsors?
As tensions rise between the two families, Tufan's mother, Hasret, Menevşe, and Gülender cross paths at the bazaar. While Tufan meets Menevşe here, İshak Ali tries to convince the board of directors after the launch.
What will Cenap Agha's move be in response? Will someone get hold of the letter in which Yeşil reveals all the facts?