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Bir Sevdadır

Bir Sevdadır (S01E06)


Yasin learns that Tufan is behind the doping conspiracy. He will not forgive Tufan's actions and will hold him to account. As the big battle between the two continues, it is a matter of curiosity whether Yasin will be able to return to his football life.

Gülender comes up with a new plan to separate the children from Yeşil. Gülender starts interviewing caregivers for the education and care of the children and finds the person she is looking for. What will Yeşil's reaction to this situation be?

On the other hand, the rivalry between the Bıçakçı and Karlıca families takes a new dimension with the invitation to Zülfü's son's circumcision wedding. Bıçakçı and Karlıca families accept the invitation of their mutual friend Zülfü. The two hostile families come face to face for the first time with all their members. But will this meeting only end in a joyous wedding, or will unexpected events take place?

What will happen on the Menevşe and Tufan front at the circumcision wedding? Will Unal, who is depressed after losing Green, give up on capturing Green?

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