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Bir Sevdadır

Bir Sevdadır (S01E05)


Ünal is confident that he has captured Yeşil thanks to the trade he made. He has finally reached his goal. Tufan must handle this matter smoothly. Otherwise, he will lose all the trust his father has in him. While joyful news is expected at Cenap Ağa's farm, the Bıçakçı family has entered into a big game. Will Ünal be able to take Yeşil to the mansion? Or will Yasin and Yeşil's plan be enough to save them?

Tension continues at the Bıçakçı Mansion. While Gülender hopes for the safe return of her two children and the smooth delivery of Yeşil, Cenap holds a big card. The doping scandal involving Yasin has not yet been announced in the press...

With the doping scandal hitting the headlines, the Bıçakçı family is once again in turmoil. İshak Ali failed to keep the incident secret. How will Cenap Ağa and İshak Ali share their cards again? How will Yasin Bıçakçı, who has been vilified in front of all of Turkey due to this slander, react? Where will the clues lead Yasin and Yeşil, who have united to solve this slander? Tufan, who is now at the muzzle of the gun, must clean up this mess. Whose cards will be played in the struggle between the two families this time?

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