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Bir Sevdadır

Bir Sevdadır (S01E04)


Yasin, who cannot play the match due to the doping scandal, is also waiting for big news at the mansion. Hearing Yeşil's cries as soon as they enter the door, Ishak Ali and Yasin learn that Menevşe and the children have been kidnapped. Against Ishak Ali's resistance, Cenap Agha is not idle and kidnaps the apple of the Bıçakçı family's eye. He has only one condition to return Menevşe and the children. Yeşil must be handed over to Cenap Agha...

Yeşil, who has never been separated from her children since the day they were born, cannot cope with the pain of Ishak and Boncuk's absence. Will Yeşil, who is ready to give her life for her children, surrender to Cenap Agha? 

Gülender is devastated by the news that drops like a bomb on Bıçakçı Mansion. The kidnapping of her daughter has deeply affected her and left her in mourning. Gülender attributes this painful situation entirely to Yeşil. Her worries about her daughter's safety cause her to become furious with Yeşil.

Menevşe and the children are imprisoned by Tufan in a deserted hut. How will Ishak Ali and Yasin respond to Cenap Agha's attack?

Will the Bıçakçı family hand Yeşil over to Cenap Agha?

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