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Bir Sevdadır

Bir Sevdadır (S01E09)


Yeşil's arrest shakes the balance in the house. As the children are devastated by their mother's departure, what will Yasin do for Yeşil? What step will Yasin take for his soccer career?

As Gülender and Menevşe try to console the children left behind, the arrows turn to Rukiye. Will the conflict between Ünal and Tufan grow on the Karlıca front? Where will Menevşe and Tufan meet again? Whose side will Nehir, who took over the job in the Bosphorus 1453 team, stand on? 

With the big news from Cenap Aga, the balance in the Karlıca family will change radically. Who will be against and who will be in favor of the changing balances?
What will be the verdict in Yeşil's last trial?

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