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Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam


Cezayir pursues Bassilius, who was kidnapped from his home by Tatavlali and Tito. Because he still has not reached the slightest information about Kayıkçı. Not wanting to make any more enemies, Tatavlali organizes Bassilius' escape. With Cezayir's team, he traces Tatavlali and Bassilius.

In response to Tatavlalı, who is trying to get Leyla, who is accused of Orhan's death, a heavy sentence, Cezayir considers the possibility of Orhan's being alive and begins to act accordingly.

While Leyla is in isolation waiting desperately to be tried, Firuze comes to visit Leyla. Thinking that Leyla cannot get rid of the situation she is in, she makes an important wish from Firuze.

Some problems Firuze has with the management of the hospital where she works bring her career to the point of ending.

Learning that his son Sait died in a conflict with Cezayir, Sabit takes action to strike Cezayir at the most sensitive place to close the old account.
Azamet and Melike, on the other hand, implement a serious decision about their lives in a secluded place.

Will Cezayir be able to recapture Bassilius? Will the prediction of Cezayir, who thinks that Orhan is alive, come true? What kind of change will there be in Firuze's career? What is Sabit's revenge plan for Cezayir?

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