Ateş Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları (S02E22)


Mercan’s pregnancy brings joy to the Ateş Kuşları, but their happiness turns into shock when they enter the house and see the scene inside. Zıpkın, who thinks he and Sare are people from different worlds, has returned from the road to Ankara. Gülayşe, who thinks Barbar is cheating on her, Zıpkın, who broke up with Sare, pregnant Mercan... In the house where sorrow and joy are experienced together, the Ateş Kuşları, who feel the difficulties and realities of life constantly on their shoulders, find a way to make a living under the leadership of Ali, who never lets go of the helm. They will sell fish sandwiches and work day and night to keep their expanding families afloat. The women of the house also do not want to sit idle and find a source of income for themselves. This is now a competition between the men and women of the house; who will earn more? The rift between Barbar and Gülayşe lasts for a while, but Gülayşe is embarrassed when the truth comes out. Barbar, who promised Gülayşe the most beautiful marriage proposal in the world, responds to his fiancée's jealousy with great maturity and rolls up his sleeves to fulfill his promise. For Sultan, who carries the weight of the murder she committed and thinks she can no longer stay with the Ateş Kuşları, leaving a confession letter and running away from home is not so easy... Sultan, who thinks no one has read her letter, returns home expecting a big surprise. On the other hand, Zıpkın, who spends his days smiling like a dead person because of the pain of separation from Sare, faces new developments regarding his past. When will Zıpkın become aware of the developments and truths about his life that are progressing without his knowledge and will?

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