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Ateş Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları (S02E23)


While Gülayşe and Barbar are experiencing the most exciting days of their lives, Ateş Kuşları continue their struggle. Thinking they will make a lot of money with Ejderha's new concept, the Ali brothers make big expenses for their siblings' wedding. However, they are unaware of the disaster awaiting them. How will they avoid upsetting Gülayşe and keep their troubles from affecting her? Meanwhile, Mercan, who is aware of Sultan's committed murder but cannot tell others what she knows, is like a time bomb in the middle of the house. In the midst of the wedding rush, Barbar's suspicions about Sultan increase again, and she starts monitoring her daughter. On the Zıpkın and Çelik side, there are new developments that will shock the duo. While one is experiencing the greatest joy of their life, the other will fall into the grip of suspicion and unrest.

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