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Ateş Kuşları (Street Birds)

Ateş Kuşları (Street Birds)

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Most street children do not reach the age of twenty. It cannot be said that those who made it to age twenty lived. Drugs, violence, sexual harassment, hunger… The fate of street children is either prison or grave. 

Ateş Kuşları will highlight the fate of five of these children, the self-dubbed "Köksüzler," who managed to resist this fate. Their story, which began the day they discovered a 40-day-old baby in a garbage dump, will change from that day onwards and we, as viewers, will follow the transformation of these five street children, from “Köksüzler” to “Ateş Kuşları.”

They find a baby in a trash bin, and because of Mercan's motherly instincts, they decide to take care of the baby; named 'Gülayşe'. Çatal, the bad guy they are forced to work for, notices the baby, thus the chaos begins by hurting him and killing a woman accidentally who was looking for the baby. Frightened kids decide to abandon their territory. Gülayşe, the baby, is the daughter of a wealthy family couple, Bahar and Hafız Eyüboğlu. Her uncle, the boss of Çatal, kidnaps his niece for his agenda. To protect Ali from this murder, the kids agree to tell strangers they are siblings. And, a new life opens its doors when they meet a guy in their own cafe.

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