Ateş Kuşları

Ateş Kuşları (S02E21)


Barbar's promise to Çelik puts a strain on the relationship between Gülayşe and Barbar, reaching a breaking point. Will Gülayşe, blinded by anger, be able to see Barbar's love for her? What is the big surprise that will change the lives of Ali and Mercan as well as the Ateş Kuşları group? Amidst surprises and challenges on both sides, Zıpkın, who is set to start a new life with Sare in Ankara, weighs heavily on everyone's hearts. This separation will not be easy for either side. Zıpkın is consumed with thoughts of separation and unanswered questions, and things unexpectedly take a turn on his end as well. With Kara proposing to Reyhan, chaos ensues. While the Ateş Kuşları are still reeling from the shock, they find themselves embarking on a brand new adventure. As the women of the house are caught up in a forced hustle, the men, led by Çelik, set sail to fish and bring home money. In the face of devastating news akin to an earthquake, will the Ateş Kuşları be able to stand tall this time?

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