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'Yaban Çiçekleri' Sets Premiere Date At ATV


ATV has officially announced the premiere date for its highly-anticipated new drama series, Yaban Çiçekleri.

When will Yaban Çiçekleri premiere?

Yaban Çiçekleri, produced by O3 Medya, will premiere on Monday, March 25 at 20:00, on ATV in Türkiye.

Who are the cast members of Yaban Çiçekleri?

Akın Akınözü and Aslıhan Malbora are the series leads. They are joined by Büşra Pekin, Serhat Teoman, Halil Babür, Bige Önal, Tilbe Saran, and Arif Pişkin.

What is the plot of Yaban Çiçekleri?

The series will center on Kılıç (Akınözü) and Ela (Malbora), two former lovers whose paths cross again following an unexpected event. Kılıç and Ela's story began when they were just two young children... Love was a long road for them. But backward, way back... Some stories were left unfinished, not because there were no words left to say but because their incomplete lines and missing photographs were waiting to be completed. Now, will these innocent hearts be able to rewrite this love story, full of life and excitement, with the same enthusiasm?

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