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Yaban Çiçekleri

Yaban Çiçekleri


Yaban Çiçekleri tells the story of Ela and Kılıç, who are born into influential families in their hometown. Despite having feelings for each other, they never express their emotions. After university, Ela becomes a successful lawyer in Istanbul, while Kılıç returns home to improve the city.

When Ela's father dies suspiciously, she returns and discovers his affair with her sister-in-law. Kılıç helps hide the truth to protect the family. Conflict arises when Kılıç plans to build a hotel on Ela's father's land while she wants to continue her father's business. Their conflicting plans test their love but also the interference of Behice, who loves Kılıç, and Gökhan, who falls in love with Ela. Despite the challenges, Ela and Kılıç come together to improve the city and overcome obstacles to be together.

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