Performer of the Month: January 2024 Nominations


A little while ago, Dizilah had a  Performer of the Week feature, which recognized the best acting performances of the week. The feature was temporarily halted due to the overwhelming number of weekly broadcasts. After much thought, we've decided to bring back the feature with a twist. The feature will now be called Performer of the Month and will be open for two rounds of public voting - Nominations & Final Vote.

How It Works

Every month, we will post a poll on the website and app, and in the poll, you will be asked to name an actor or actress you think deserves to be recognized for delivering an impressive performance during the month in question. 


  • Only actors who are cast in currently running Turkish TV series will be taken into consideration.
  • Once an actor has been named Performer of the Month for a project, they cannot be named again for the same project within the same year.
  • You may only vote once, and once the votes are tallied, the top 5 actors/actresses will progress to the final round of voting.


First up is January 2024. Vote below between now and January 31st at 11:59 PM (EST for an actor or actress you would like to see named the Performer of the Month. Be sure to add very detailed comments as you vote, as your comments will be shared when the winner is announced.

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