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Kuruluş Osman: Season 2, Episode 4 (Bölüm 31) Review


Only our love has the potential to calm the wrath you hold which is capable to tremble the mountains. 

And here another bölüm passed by where Osman still couldn't decipher why his father is being distant from him. Surely because Ertuğrul bey doesn't let him know. The miscommunication led Osman to make mistakes and to not oblige to the bey's orders. The wild furious horses running aimlessly in his heart just can't seem to halt. And if what I'm afraid of is right, this little miscommunication might lead to a huge loss. Why? Because keeping Osman in the dark and wishing for him to look at the bigger picture just doesn't automatically sort out things now. Instead, it adds up the rage inside him. 

Keeping the father-son relationship issues aside, this episode revealed a couple of secrets which were veiled for years. Some old friends finally decided to show up in a highly-anticipated return. And the eski Ertuğrul bey; who always had a deeper meaning for everything he ever did, returned with his wisdom again. We saw a peace treaty between the Kayıs and Tekfur Nikola, where none of the sides played it for actual peace. According to Ertuğrul bey, signing the peace treaty is like feeding the snake in its hole to delay its attack. Whereas if we talk about Savci bey; he went off to Geyhatu. Earned time for himself to find his son and spoke some oxymoronic facts to Geyhatu which made him think twice about trusting Cerkutay. Eventually, Savci bey falls into Yavlak Arsalan and Mongke's trap. 

Remember, Love is the best cure of all

What I Loved: 

The relationship between Bala and Osman is mükemmel. The way they understand and support each other is a sight to behold. Their eyes are a witness to how they soothe each other down. The amount of respect and love they possess for each other is incomparable. They are the tribe's power couple. Word to Bala Hatun; she always covers up and stands up for Osman against people in his absence. I really loved how Bala calmed Osman down after his encounter with his father in the forest. They both are young and have similar believes which makes them stronger and inseparable. 

I utterly admire the way Ertuğrul bey handles everything. His fame and fortune are not at all in vain. He is well aware of all the happenings around him and responds to them in the way a leader should. Him rescuing Göktuğ from Soğut prison through Abdulrahman Gazi was a move no one could ever have expected. He has faith in his son's alps that they wouldn't ever go against the beys' orders or fight an unarmed. Just when you think a checkmate might be near, he pulls out his long ago readily placed bishop. 

Talking about old friends, Bamsi bey has returned! And now that he is back, he's got Osman's back! Turns out he's been living underground, collecting information in his trunks. The amount of information and documents he has collected is more than those found in Karachaisar. Now, with his duty being fulfilled, he's back under the sky. He has been collecting information throughout the entire time to fulfil a dream. Ertuğrul bey's dream to lay the foundations of his own nation. Of course, we don't assume this to be an easily accomplishable dream but it seems like Ertuğrul bey had it all planned and there is no possibility that he's giving up on that dream. Bamsi bey returned just to be a saviour for Osman. If it weren't Bamsi bey who'd save Osman from Flatyus and his men, he would've had a similar epilogue as Savci bey who fell into Yavlak Arsalan and Mongke's trap. 

What I liked: 

This was an epic twist and I was all here for it: 

Flatyus and Lena Hatun, wife of Savci bey are former lovers since Karachaisar! They used to live in Karachaisar before Ertuğrul Bey conquered it. She hasn't even changed her name or religion and Flatyus is well aware of it. She is orthodox just like Flatyus. But she might really be in love with Savci bey, olmaz mı? It might be too early to speak about Lena but considering how she kind of lead Flatyus for meeting him and her words "I have not forgotten who I am" is enough for a bit of suspicion. I am really looking forward to this side of the story! 

Since there hasn't been much of events in this episode. I'd bring this up; Ahmet Alp. He is a cute, obedient child who saw way too many grieves at a very early stage of life. The way he holds unto Bala and Osman and looks up to them is pretty emotional. He keeps his eyes and mind open for learning skills not only as an Alp. I really hope they do not just make his disappear like it was done to Turali in Diriliş. 

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you 

Overall view: 

Apparently, there weren't many events happening around. Just a continuation link that had to be shown to explain how the pages are unfolding to much crucial events. I liked how this season is pretty exotic and unfamiliar to other historical seasons. The rolling of events that are predictable and not followed here. Speaking of the episode, You simply cannot make out who is inapt here. Everyone seems to have a point of view which is somewhere to some extent right. After this episode, I wouldn't blame Savci bey for his ambitious self. Every episode brings out new events giving you a new way to look at the events. This episode was not a thriller or adrenaline-filled one. Instead, it was the one where you use your mind to understand the ongoing events in a much better way.

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