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Kuruluş Osman: Season 2, Episode 12 (Bölüm 39) Review



Though the begining of the episode made me check if I'm on the right episode, I will surely not so easily get used to the time lapse they love so much. This episode basically was a goodbye episode for Ertuğrul bey. It was all about him making decisions, settings traps, waving a goodbye to his companions, witnessing his life for the one last time. It was a complete and utter Ertuğrul bey bölüm and I am not complaining because he surely will be missed dearly. Though it was an unexpected turn, we were looking forward to anything but this. Ertuğrul Bey getting all well, taking the realms and reigns in his hands and making such crucial decisions also announcing them. Alas that before he could utter the name of his heir, his soul flew away from his old body. 

Technically, Osman plans a trap for Nikola using Targun. But Ertuğrul bey furnishes the trap much smoother and doesn't allow Osman to be a part of the operation. As expected, the traps doesn't disappoint and in a very smart way Flatyus is caught and Targun's father is saved from Nikola's clutches. Nikola manages to run away but the actual aim for this trap was to weaken Nikola and defeat him outside his castle so as the future plans are eased. 

Moments of Pleasure: 

After a long wait we finally get to watch Osman and Bala having a proper conversation with our heart eyes. The ever so soft Osman catches up Bala combing her hair and he decides to help her. He combs her hair while expressing his love for her. I'm extremely happy about Bala yet not losing hope for conceiving nor did Osman lose any hope. Like the most elated and patient couple they pray together for a child. Osman explaining Bala that he wishes his heirs to be from her and for them to posses her Aahi soul is a kind of remedy soothing Bala's constant wound. 

Ertuğrul bey visited Halime Sultan's grave. Spoke to it as if Halime Sultan was sitting right there before his eyes. He even had her head cloth in his hands, the words he spoke there of reuniting with her in Jannah brought tears to my eyes but a deep feeling of content and pleasure in my heart. That entire scene was pretty emotional and heart warming. Him calling her the light of his life and his lady was a wave of nostalgia. Added to which the reference of 'gazelle eye' was the peak of brimming up my eyes and heart. As if this wasn't enough, we had Osman there as well. Ertuğrul Bey took a promise from him to never let his tribe down there. If only we ever had a glimpse of Ertuğrul bey, Halime Sultan and Osman together. 


Moments of Despair:

The moment Ertuğrul bey falls into Bamsi bey's arms, till the end of the episode it's all the despair that has rained down on the entire tribe. Even the young alp Ahmet broke into a river of tears. Each and every citizen of the tribe cried as if hand of their guardians had been taken away from their heads. It happened just before he was announcing the name of his heir. The Beylik convocation began mourning, Ertuğrul bey's sons were the most vulnerable and destroyed souls present there. Gündüz Bey couldn't get back to himself until Savci reminded him that he was their eldest brother and that he needed to hold himself back for the sake of his younger brothers and the tribe. Selcan Hatun on the other hand was in peices as she was only oldest left. Just a reminder that Selcan was adopted by Süleyman Şah and Hayme Ana. She's the oldest one in the tribe. 


Moments of Excitement:

Ertuğrul bey playing his last trick along his companions to smoothen out Osman's plan was a last minute change in the plan but as always worked out exceptionally. I highly doubt that if it wasn't Ertuğrul bey's change in plans, without Osman; Dündar bey, Savci bey and Gündüz Bey could have successfully executed the plan. But the plan turned out Harika and not only did it weaken Nikola and save Targun's father but also got Flatyus in their hands. With Flatyus now lying in the tribe's prison. 


Overall view:

As I have stated earlier this entire episode was truly based upon Ertuğrul bey. It began with him interrogating his sons and brother in order to read their minds. And ended with him being cut off by the Angel of death while announcing his heir. Ertuğrul Bey confessing to Osman that he always had a different place in his heart among his sons. The tribe might not know his decision but he did announce his heir to the white beards which surely is Osman. It has been him since the night he told his father about his dreams to rule over not only Soğut but to extent unto Bursa and overseas. Well, it also seems like Targun's heart is now captured by Osman but. She fell in love with him and is pretty sure about marrying him and giving birth to his children. 

This episode focuses to the issue if one should dream big or look after his possessions at the moment. While Savci bey tried to convince that big dreams do nothing but drive you into the fire. Osman bey proved that by dreaming is how you stay alive and hold unto life. Also dreaming big doesn't mean to take the vile paths; dreaming, aiming, achieving, believing and by staying humble is how you win life.

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