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Benim Adım Melek: Season 2, Episode 8 (36)

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 Benim Adım Melek Episode 8 (total episode 36)  

Tissues at the ready! Melek arrives at the mansion to confront Seyit Halil for having had her thrown out of her rented apartment. She thinks it’s because of whatever gossip Funda told Seyit Ali about her and she asks Seyit Ali why he is punishing her for lies told by nobodies. Melek tells him that she has done nothing to deserve this. If he had wanted to protect her repuation, he could have found another way. Seyit Ali says “I’ve said what I have to say and you are going to stay under this roof”. If only he could just have said I did this because I wanted you to stay with us!!! But this is a Turkish dizi after all; that would have been too easy. Melek tells him that she will not stay under his roof since he bases his decisions on the weight of other people’s words. He will not see her face again says Melek and recalls that when she first came back home he had said that she’s dead to him­­–this is all hitting Seyit Ali very hard, knowing that she is dying yet not being able to let her know he knows. Nefise Hala tells Seyit Ali off; she asks him if he’s going to protect Melek by breaking her heart.   Defne runs after Melek to try and get her to come back. Melek tells her that whatever Funda said to Seyit Ali, she is the one paying the price.  It doesn’t matter to her what Funda said but she is very hurt by what Seyit Ali did.   Kadriye is trying to comfort Seyit Ali Jr. who is upset at the fighting between Melek and Seyit Ali.

Cumali, worried about Halil, tries to find out why he is selling his car. Halil makes up lots of excuses about the temporary cashflow situation at the copper studio which satisfies Cumali for now. He is becoming more and more caring and less and less judgemental and offers Halil his debit card to take what he needs so as not to sell the car.  

Kerem and Defne run after Seyit Ali to question why, based on something Funda said, had he gotten Melek thrown out of her apartment and why had he left the football match without them. He said it was nothing to do with Funda and he left for a meeting with a specialist at the hospital but it didn’t happen. Another very sad scene ensues as Omer and Defne berate their grandfather for his treatment of Melek and he becomes emotional telling them how his heart aches hearing Melek believes he doesn’t love her, that it is devastating not to be able to tell her how much he does love her.  

Idris coming to Kenan's safe to pick up the money and promissory notes for Mithat's loan catches Alpay trying to get in the safe again while Alpay tries to pass it off as no big deal.

Mithat signs for the loan he has taken from Kenan; as he leaves, Kenan mutters “nice! each of you are falling into my hands, one by one”.  

Back at home Melek is thinking out aloud, asking why her father is doing this to her, entreating him (in her head) not to take what’s left of her life like this.  

Mahmut and Kadriye are discussing Seyit Ali’s action; they are astonished at what he’s done to Melek. Kadriye is doing what she does best, stirring the pot and getting Mahmut worked up over his family. He promises Kadriye that they will get away and set up their own home away from everyone.  

Omer and Defne tell Melek that they have told Seyit Ali how upset they are with him. They tell Melek that Seyit Ali was also upset and regrets what he did. Mithat arrives to tell Melek he wants them all to come and move to his house until they find somewhere new to move all together.  

At the Karadağ mansion, Nefise Hala is still very upset whilst Mahmut and Kadriye have packed and are going to stay at a hotel to get away from all the drama.  

Seyit Ali goes to Melek’s apartment but she’s not there..he starts to do I…he says he didn’t want it to be this way, he wishes he could give some of his life and breath to Melek. He tearfully questions how he can save or protect her when he has to stay silent. He returns home to find out that Mahmut has left too. Nefise Hala says it is all because of Seyit Ali’s never ending anger. He tries to explain that he wanted everyone to be all together but it didn’t work. She tells him not to do anything, he’s done enough. She says she is leaving with Seyit Ali Jr. too.  

At the Şirhan household they are discussing Seyit Ali getting Melek thrown out of her apartment. Cumali and Vildan don’t approve but the wicked witch of the west (Zümrüt) sees nothing wrong with his actions.  

Seyit Hali is devastated that everyone has dispersed and that his efforts to help Melek had the opposite effect.  

Kadriye and Aslı have a tussle in the hotel restaurant though neither knows who the other is. Funda and Alpay come to see what’s wrong and each discover who the other is.

Vildan is having a flashback of her conversation with Kenan as Halil arrives home.  Zümrüt makes a sarcastic comment as to how they never see him since he’s running after Melek and tells him that Seyit Ali had gotten Melek thrown out of her apartment. Halil has no idea about all of this even though Zümrüt doesn’t believe him; she posits that of course he will have made his cottage ready for Melek but he should know that she will not allow this to happen. Halil rightfully enquires how on earth she thinks she could stop him and leaves in disgust. Vildan tries to get Zümrüt to back off but Zümrüt will have none of it; she says even if Melek said I’m dying, she is not going to be allowed in that house!!!!!  

Athough Mahmut wants to leave both his home and his job, Kadriye convinces him to continue working since he has put so much effort into the business…plus she wants to live in the manner in which she has become accustomed and likes being rich..of course she doesn’t tell him that.   

At the copper studio Mirza and Halil are talking about what Seyit Ali did to Melek. Halil ponders how can he now go and ask Melek to marry him; he wants her to say yes because she wants to marry him, not because she has no choice. Melek arrives looking despondent. Halil tells her he has been trying to reach her and how sorry he is for what Seyit Ali did. 

Cumali and Zümrüt are discussing Halil. Zümrüt tells him that Halil did not deny it when she said he was getting the cottage ready for Melek.  Cumali told her that’s what you’re going to get if you keep going on at him; he tells her that he has removed himself from any further involvement in the matter and suggests she does the same. Zümrüt says there is no way she is going to do that and accuses Cumali of leaving half his %^^&* behind at the summer house. She says as long as she is alive, neither Defne nor Melek will carry their family name. Cumali mutters his displeasure at her as she leaves the room.  

Vildan tries to convince Melek to not give up; she believes Seyit Ali did all this so that Melek would return home, that because he can’t say he’s sorry, this was his way of helping her. Melek says she has no hope of him changing. Halil tells Melek to come with him; he has a suggestion for a house.  

Aslı is feeling neglected by Kerem who seeks to assure her that he cares for her; they decide they are officially an item.  

Zümrüt, the only trouble maker left, comes to the Karadağ mansion to confront Seyit Ali. Once again she tries to stir the pot by telling him that Halil has prepared his cottage for Melek and asked him if he is going to stand by and watch this happen. She reminds him that it was the situation with Melek and Halil that caused the break in their friendship.  

Halil bring Melek to his cottage. When she tells him how lovely the home is, he tells her that this was the home he dreamt would have been theirs, the place where they would have built a future together.  Since she is looking for a home, Halil offers her the cottage for use with the kids and tells he would move back home. Melek is touched and very thankful but says she cannot accept it. She said Funda and Alpay had already caused trouble between her and her father, if they hear that she moved to Halil’s house, who knows what more they would do. Halil put the keys in her hand and told her to never forget she has a home whenever she needs it…what a man!  

At the Han, Cumali asks Mahmut where Seyit Ali is. Alpay intervenes to say since Mahmut is no longer living at the house, he wouldn’t know. He needles Mahmut further by noting that he’d left home but not left the family business unlike Mithat who had the courage to give up both the home and his father’s money. Cumali told Alpay to mind his own business. He continues to rile Mahmut by pretending he doesn’t know what he’d done to upset him. As a parting shot he says that even though Seyit Ali has thrown everyone out, he will not allow that to happen to his children. If you haven’t been watching this show you could for a moment believe that Alpay was a good father.

Seyit Ali comes to the copper studio and asks Halil why he’s prepared the cottage for Melek. Halil tells him that he was not about to let Melek be homeless. Seyit Ali tells Halil that it’s not his place to look after Melek and as her father it’s his duty to do that.  Why throw her out then says Halil quite rightly. Angered by this truth, Seyit Ali retaliates by asking if it was right, knowing how hill Melek was, that they stood by and watched all these months while he, Cumali and others treated Melek so badly. Good point! Halil says he told Melek lots of times that she should tell her father but she didn’t want him to know. Seyit Ali retorted that they could still have told him without her knowing. Finally he explained that he did not throw Melek out of her apartment to hurt her, he did it so she could return to the family home.  

Back at the Han, Mithat and Mahmut start fighting about who left home and who left the business; pride and manhood at stake, they push and shove each other only to be interrupted by Seyit Ali’s arrival. He tells them he’s tired of their fighting and their anger and has decided to sell the house and the business so they can share the proceeds and give him peace. This finally brings Mahmut and Mithat to their senses and they decide to go and speak with Nefise Hala and Melek to stop this.   At Mithat’s house Nefise Hala tells Mithat and Mahmut to stop fighting and that no-one will take her home away from her.  

Cumali finds Seyit Ali on a rooftop and they share their pain. Cumali says he removed himself from the family it changed nothing. Seyit Ali kept all his anger within him, it changed nothing. The more they stood in opposition to their children, the more it strengthened their resolve. Cumali questions Seyit Ali about his decision to sell the mansion and business; he asks him if they haven’t upset their ancestors enough already. Seyit Ali tells him to stop talking, that he has enough problems.  Cumali responds by asking him to share them with him so they can see who has more..and goes on to say “aside from the pain of losing a child, one can deal with anything”. Of course he doesn’t know that Seyit Ali is facing the prospect of exactly that. Cumali tells Seyit Ali that when he was burying his son Husseyin, he buried half of himself in that grave and from that day onwards, his pain and his joy have all been at 50%. Seyit Ali starts crying and Cumali doesn’t understand why.  He questions if there something else wrong. Seyit Ali tells  him that from now on he will do his duty and that Zümrüt can rest assured of that. Cumali asks him what Zümrüt has to do with anything and Seyit Ali tells him that she came to talk to him.  

Melek comes to Mithat’s house and finds the family all sitting gloomily. Kadriye explains about the selling of the house and business. Melek says that the house is their childhood, their past, their memories; they cannot allow this to happen. Nefise Hala says she has nothing more to say anymore. Melek confronts her brothers and asks if they have given up on their family home. She reminds them of the past. Melek says she will not allow this to happen no matter what Seyit Ali tries to do to her. Mahmut blames Melek for bringing discord to the family; he tells her they managed to get over her leaving them and continued with their lives until she came back. Mithat tells Mahmut to be quiet. Mahmut continues to berate Melek about her presence amongst them. He blames the never ending fights between Seyit Ali and Melek for his being unable to enjoy family life and the prospect that he would soon be a father. Melek says she is not upset with Mahmut; she broke the family, she is going to fix it and she walks out despite Mithat’s entreaties that she not go to confront Seyit Ali.  

Defne and Kerem tell Mithat that Seyit Ali knows about Melek’s illness and they explain that the reason he had them thrown out of the apartment was so that she would come back to the family home. Mithat feels bad now for all the things he had said to his father.  

Cumali goes home to give Zümrüt a good talking to…go Cumali! He asks her how she dared confront Seyit Ali; what did he ever do to her? She starts to say she was protecting their family honor and Cumali questions what honor exactly needed to be protected. He told her that Seyit Ali was prepared to sell his estate, wipe out his past and that of his forefathers, that she had made things untenable for him by throwing everything in his face. He reminds her that Seyit Ali is his childhood friend, they grew up together, faced all their problems together. If he should up sticks and go, how would she be able to make reparation for this? Cumali asks her how he will be able to open his shop without Seyit Ali as his neighbor, who would he fight with? He tells Zümrüt that their fathers entrusted them to each other; the missing years when they weren’t talking were hell for him but she didn’t understand that and she would never understand. Zümrüt appears to be touched by Cumali's words but that’s just a momentary reaction. Vildan who heard the tail end of the conversation tells Zümrüt that even though Zümrüt blamed Melek and Hali, in reality it was she herself who stoked the fire and now finally Cumali has come to realize it too. Zümrüt shuts Vildan down by reminding her that she is simply the mother of her grandson and has no right to interfere in anything between Cumali and herself; adding insult to injury to poor Vildan she tells her to know her place.  

Melek comes to the mansion to talk with her father. She tells him how much she missed the home, their life growing up and that she had returned to capture those feelings of belonging. She tells him she is not upset or angry with him but she wants him to know that she learnt about love and trust in his house. She begged him not to sell the house, not to wipe out all their memories and said she would talk to her brothers and Aunt to get them to come back. She promised that from now on she would do whatever he asked and would stay out of his sight; she promised that he would never hear a word about her from others. If it would give him peace, she would leave Gaziantep too. Seyit Ali instead tells her she needs to be at the mansion looking after her children and to help Kadriye now that she is expecting; that if she returns to the mansion, there is no leaving ever again. Melek can’t believe her ears as Seyit Ali and all those of us watching start to cry.  

Meanwhile at Funda and Alpay’s apartment, Aslı is about to show Funda who her boyfriend is (they don’t know it’s Kerem) as Alpay arrives with flowers and interrupts the revelation. Alpay is happy about the infighting at the Karadağ house and Funda is happy to think that she might have been the reason for some of it. Alpay tells her he wants to do something for the children and this annoys Funda.  

Melek tells Mithat, Mahmut and Nefise Hala about the discussion with Seyit Ali and how he wants her and the children to come back with the whole family. Kadriye is resistant to the idea but Nefise Hala says the brothers have to stand by their sister just as she will..end of story. The whole family return to the mansion and a big feast is prepared to celebrate.  

Cumali goes to the cottage to find Halil singing a ballad in the room he had decorated many years ago as an homage to Melek.  

Everybody is very happy around the family dining table and for the first time Seyit Ali addresses Melek as "my daughter" and asks Melek to pass him the bread. She is thrilled at this small but very significant step.  

Seeing all the pictures of Melek, Cumali realizes then how much Halil had and still did, love Melek. He said he had been very angry with Halil in the past because he had no solution; he couldn’t take away the pain Halil was suffering; he was frightened that Halil would not recover. Halil tells Cumali that he knows..but that the more he tried to take Halil out of the darkness he was in, the more he hurt him. “The place that you tried to snatch me away from was the only place I could breathe” said Halil. Cumali asked him why would a person stay in a place that gives him pain and Halil responded by telling him that what Cumali calls pain, Halil calls love, passion, longing and peace. The scene ends with Cumali telling him that Seyit Ali plans on selling the mansion.  

At the mansion, Seyit Ali shocks everyone further by saying he’d like it if Melek would make coffee for him. The joy on Melek’s face is touching and another cause to reach for tissues.  

The doorbell rings at casa Alpay and it's Kenan arriving with the clock he had promised for Funda. They sit together for dinner and Kenan tells Alpay that Seyit Ali is planning to sell the mansion and the shop. This news pleases Alpay and he congratulates Funda for what he believes was her part in this.  

Seyit Ali gives Seyran some jewelry belonging to Mithat’s mom to welcome her into the Karadağ family and gives Mithat his grandfather’s watch as a wedding present since they were estranged at the time of the wedding. Mithat hugs his father, watched by a very resentful and unhappy looking Kadriye and Mahmut. Back in their bedroom Kadriye spills her poison; she is upset that Seyran got such a valuable gift and she didn’t whilst Mahmut feels as if he’s been used; that Mithat gained from their returning to the mansion and he lost out. Kadriye fans the flames of the fire by saying Mithat will return to the shop and act like the boss while Mahmut stands in front of the barbeque making kebabs. Mahmut says he doesn’t know what to do.  

Mithat apologizes to Seyit Ali for having argued with him so much. He explained that whilst trying to help Melek he was out of line towards his father and now realized that Seyit Ali did all this for Melek. Mithat promises that together they will win the struggle facing Melek and thus Seyit Ali discovers that Mithat knows about Melek’s illness. He asks if Mahmut knows as well but Mithat tells him he does not. Mithat confirms that Melek did not want Seyit Ali to know so he wouldn’t be upset. Seyit Ali hugs Mithat as Mahmut comes out into the courtyard and sees all the family in various corners happily chatting with each other whilst he feels like a spectator. He rushes back to the room and tells Kadriye that they are leaving tomorrow and creating their own life away from the family.  

Funda plays the part of happy families with Alpay in front of Kenan to make him jealous. Kenan in turn tells Funda that he and Alpay have some big investments they are doing together and their friendship can never be broken (to make Funda jealous). This plants a seed of distrust in Funda’s mind. She questions Alpay but he says he is agreeing with everything Kenan says in order to regain his trust, that he’s not really going to go into any joint venure with him.  

Vildan and Defne meet for coffee. Vildan will be going to see Omer at an army ceremony and Defne wants to send a gift for him; Vildan suggests she embroider a handkerchief for him.   

Mahmut takes Kadriye to a run down house in the country which he said was given to him by Seyit Ali as a marriage gift. He tells her that they will hire an architect and make it exactly as Kadriye would like it. She’s not all that impressed since the house is run down and when Mahmut indicates he will not go to work and instead dedicate his time to the house, she snarkily retorts he should continue at the shop until he knows what he’s doing–after all, the lady is accustomed to having her creature comforts which only money can buy.  

Melek tells Halil and Mirza about the latest developments. She is worried about being back home and in front of Seyit Ali and the children all the time since she will be getting sicker as the days go by and doesn’t know how she will hide it.  

Cumali starts to argue with Seyit Ali about his decision to sell the house and shop when Seyit Ali tells him he has changed his mind. Pleased with the news he tells him Halil is selling his car as they need funds for the house and for the copper studio. Seyit Ali realizes there is more to that story than Halil is telling Cumali andn so he goes to the copper studio and asks Mirza why they applied for a mortgage, a loan and want to sell Halil’s car. Mirza tells Halil to come clean and tell Seyit Ali the truth. Seyit Ali says he knows it is for Melek. They tell him they did it for Melek and they do not regret it. He thanks them very much but from now on it will be his responsibility.  

Kenan receives the repaired copper tray from the studio and goes to Cumali to buy Baklava to fill it.  

Seyit Ali hears Mahmut talking to an architect about the cottage and asks about it. Mahmut tells him it’s the house Seyit Ali gave him. Seyit Ali says he just sold that house. Needless to say this upsets Mahmut especially since Seyit Ali responds by telling him he can do what he wants with his property. Mahmut wants to know why his father keeps putting obstacles in his way. Seyit Ali explains that the copper studio was in financial difficulties. This puts Mahmut’s blood pressure sky high as he realizes it’s for Melek, Halil and Mirza and his interests get put by the wayside again. He accuses his father of favoritism and walks away from the shop.  

At the mansion, Kadriye sees Defne doing embroidery and starts making fun of her. She interferes while Defne is using the needle which causes Defne to price her finger and get blood on the embroidery piece. Kadriye doesn’t hesitate to tell Defne that this is bad luck.  

Zümrüt’s home help tells Zümrüt that she saw Vildan and Defne shopping for Defne’s trousseau. Zümrüt swears that as long as she is alive they will not achieve their aim. Halil arrives as she is having her fit and Zümrüt rips into him about how everyone's doing their own thing; Halil with Melek, Defne with Omer and Cumali removing himself from it all. She starts cursing Melek at which point Halil tells her what we’ve long been waiting to hear; “that’s enough" he says,  do not talk like that about the woman I love”. “ I never gave up loving Melek and I never will”!!!!!!!

Funda approaches Alpay at the Han when she hears him on the phone saying that the house is fine; prepare the deeds. She asks him what house is this?  

Seyit Ali catches up with Mahmut and explains that yes the house was his but there was a need and he had to sell it. He promised he would buy him something even better later. Mahmut tells him how upsetting it is to be constantly kept out of things. He feels left out of the family. He tries to do everything but no one pays attention to him. Whatever Mithat wants he gets, Melek we can’t even talk about he says. Mahmut doesn’t want to hear about Melek, why did she come back he says. Seyit Ali finally tells him Melek is sick, she has been having treatment and she came home to die. He tells him that she has cancer. Mahmut cannot believe it, he doesn’t want to hear it, he starts to cry, Seyit Ali is crying; at this point we are all crying. He is berating himself for not seeing it before, for not understanding. He runs off crying.  

Kenan arrives at the copper studio with the copper dish filled with Baklava as a gift for Vildan. As he is presenting it to her, Cumali arrives and is shocked at the sight.

Mahmut crying and Seyit Ali running after him crosses paths with Melek.  Will she realise that they both know or will they come up with a believable lie..another 7 days to wait.


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