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Benim Adım Melek: Season 2, Episode 7 (Episode 35) Recap

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Seyit Ali and Defne come face to face at Melek’s oncologist's office and Defne tells her grandfather the bad news; that Melek has cancer and is dying.

Melek who had overheard Halil saying “how can I look into the eyes of the woman I love and tell her that she is dying” is playing these words over and over in her head as she walks in a daze through the park. Sitting down, she thinks of her father and how she came back home so they could be “under his wings”. She posits that her life will not be long enough to see the day when he forgives her—heartbreaking to hear and think about!  

Seyit Ali is feeling awful about the news and Defne rushes off to get him some water (a cure for everything in Turkish dizis) and uses the opportunity to call Kerem to tell him to come immediately. Seyit Ali is tortured at the way he’s been treating Melek.  

Aslı is annoyed that Kerem has to leave her to go to Defne and they have a little tiff as he tells her there is an issue with his mom. Aslı makes fun of him for being a mamma’s boy and Kerem (good on you Kerem) tells her not to make comments about his mother.  

Whilst Başak and Halil have been talking with Ihsan and Mirza, they realize that Melek had heard their conversation and now knows her prognosis. Halil rushes off to try and find her.  

Funda tells Alpay that Kenan is using him. Alpay ridicules her and asks instead for an explanation regarding the house deed in Funda’s name. She says that Kenan threw his psycho son at Defne as a means of keeping Alpay under his thumb and that he tried to turn him against her, whereas Alpay always thought Funda was jealous of their friendship. Alpay, unconvinced, questions why Kenan would share all his assets and property with him. Funda tells Alpay that this was all part of Kenan’s plans and reminds him that even though Kenan knew of the restraining order Melek had taken out against Alpay, he encouraged him to go to the Sünnet knowing full well that Alpay would create havoc. Then when he was thrown in jail, Kenan didn’t lift a finger to help him so that he could get Alpay out of the way; that he purposely whipped Alpay into a frenzy and drove him to burn the Han. Why then, says Alpay would Kenan give her the deeds to a house.  Funda explains that told Kenan about her suspicions and it scared him; he begged her not to tell Alpay and ruin their friendship.  In return, he gave her the deeds supposedly as a wedding present when in fact it was to keep her quiet. Funda tells Alpay that they now have a house in Istanbul and together with Kerem’s money for the football club transfer, they can go to Istanbul and set up a new life together. All that Alpay has to do is get his hands on the camera records for the night of the arson. Just as Funda believes she’s done her job, Alpay tells her that from now on, he doesn’t trust Kenan nor her. She warns him not to tell Kenan of their suspicions or he will hand over the camera records to the police and destroy them.  

Halil in the meantime is looking everywhere for Melek.

Back at the park, Defne tells Seyit Ali that she and Kerem did not know about Melek’s illness in the beginning; they could not understand why she had brought them from Germany to a place where they weren’t wanted. Now she realizes it was because Melek was sick. She tells him that Alpay does not know about Melek’s illness. When they found out, they couldn’t say anything because they didn’t want Melek to be upset that they knew. Seyit Ali wishes that Melek had told him when they first arrived; he would never have treated her the way he did. Defne tells him that Melek did not want Seyit Ali to forgive her because she was ill, but to be by her side because he loved her. She knew that she’d broken his heart and didn’t want to be a further burden on him with her sickness. Defne says that she and Kerem did all they could to make things better between Melek and Seyit Ali and they don’t want Melek to be upset any further. She begged Seyit Ali to help them. Kerem arrives at the park and Defne brings him up to date. Seyit Ali tells Kerem and Defne that, just like now, they should have come to him as soon as they knew.  He blames himself also for not seeing what was in front of his eyes; Melek withering away day by day. They get up to go—Seyit Ali wants to talk to Melek but Kerem and Defne are adamant that Melek must not know that he knows; Seyit Ali asks them how can he watch her going through so much without telling her he’s forgiven her.  

Melek goes to the wishing tree to wish Halil had brought her on her birthday and where he eventually finds her; they sit at its base and Melek tells him he has to face the truth. Halil explains how difficult it was to tell her the truth. She says she is not angry, just upset that all his efforts on her behalf were not enough. She apologizes for disappointing him, for not being strong enough to overcome this illness. Halil tells her it’s not over; that she will continue with her medication.  The doctors didn’t start a new treatment only because it was risky due to her weakened constitution. He urged her not to give up. Melek tells him that acceptance is not giving up; that she is not complaining anymore that her father won’t forgive her. She said the thing she wanted most had already happened and that her children were under her father’s wings; what more could she ask from God. Halil tells her she can ask God for a peaceful life. Halil again tells her she has been successful thus far, so no giving up. Melek responds that her illness is progressing and will worsen; she wants to be remembered as being well in her children’s memories. She hopes that God will take her life before the children see her withering away. Halil gets very emotional and asks her not to talk as though she is going to die tomorrow. He feels the time has come for her to talk with her father. He says it’s important that her family know what she is going through and are there to help and support her; that she can’t continue having to deal with trouble and strife. Melek says the children are now so happy with their grandfather and he with them; how can she now break the bad news to them and destroy their world. She can’t. Halil asks her to promise that she will not give up.  


Seyit Ali, back at the park can’t grasp how he will now have to play a game so as to be supportive of Melek without her knowing he knows. Defne recognizes how hard it is for him but if he changes in any way, Melek will know he knows and she will be upset. Seyit Ali again tells them things would have been different had they told him from the beginning. Kerem says the medication is not working and only they together can save Melek; they must make her happy and ensure that nothing upsets her. Kerem tells Seyit Ali that Melek had only one wish when they came to Gazientep; to be one big family under Seyit Ali’s wings. (Me and Seyit Ali got very emotional here). "Let us grant her wish,” Kerem tells Seyit Ali. Defne tells Seyit Ali that, in Germany, they grew up with Seyit Ali’s photograph; that Melek always wondered around with it, especially on Bayram festivals. She told him that when Seyit Ali jr. was born, she stood up to Alpay and told him his name is going to be my father’s name. Crying, Seyit Ali is proud of what strength she has. He wishes that he could be as determined as them. He agrees he won’t tell Melek he knows but he wants her back living under his roof.  

Under the wishing tree, Melek tells Halil that she dreams of a day when her father has forgiven her, that she’s back at home, leaning her head against Seyit Ali’s shoulder and he is stroking her hair; that he tells her “I’m so glad you came my girl, I love you and my grandchildren very much”. Halil helps Melek up from the ground and we get our one and only touching of hands between the two of them; this has to be the only dizi where the two people most in love with each other have no physical contact whatsoever!  

We see a brief scene with Omer in his army uniform and doctor’s coat talking with his superior officer; not really sure at this stage why he is there at all. He looks strange without a beard.  

At the Han, Alpay arrives and gives Kenan a bear hug. He says from now on he will not let anyone do anything against Kenan. Kenan is confused by this unexpected show of affection and wonders what’s behind it. Alpay says you can’t trust women; they all have something odd about them. (Amazingly this was said with a straight face). He tells Kenan that he had an argument with Funda who is jealous of their friendship. Alpay said he told Funda that Kenan holds a special place in his life and that she would be the loser if she makes him choose between them. Kenan said he won’t interfere between husband and wife but he is very proud of Alpay. He said Alpay had broken the trust between them and it was his to win back. Alpay said they are a team and no one can separate them. As Kenan turns his back, Alpay wipes the smile off his face; there is a game afoot here.  

Seyit Ali is looking into Melek’s kitchen from outside the house as Kerem and Melek laugh and chat together while preparing dinner. He is enjoying the glimpse of the domestic scene.  

Mithat arrives home to a somewhat cool reception—remember he had not told Seyran that he was working as a taxi driver. He explained that his food truck had been destroyed by two hoodlums. He doesn’t know who arranged for that to happen and though he can’t believe it, he thinks Mahmut might have had something to do with it since one of the men mentioned his name. They agree again that in future they will not keep secrets from each other as she tells him hers; that Kadriye accused them of taking the house she wanted.  They agree that people are no going to let them be in peace. Seyran suggests they leave and go to live in Istanbul and get away from all this drama.  

Cumali spots Seyit Ali walking in town but he’s lost in a daze and doesn’t hear Cumali. Following him, Cumali tries to get him to go for coffee.  

Halil tells Mirza now that Melek know her condition, a big weight has been lifted off his shoulders but now there’s another one; Melek is dying. Mirza will not let him continue. Mirza tells him that he didn’t know Melek was leaving, he didn’t know she would return, how then can he know she is going to die.  (We all need a Mirza in our lives). Mirza told Halil to forget how much time she has left, think only of how he can give her peace and happiness in whatever time there is left. He tells Halil to make a list of all the things he can do to make Melek happy and he will see what he can do for both of them. Halil says he wants to be by Melek’s side, every minute of every day, to look into her eyes, to be her hope and with God’s permission, if she agrees also, he would like to marry her. He would like to move to this house (the hilltop house) with her.  It’s been 20 years he tells Mirza and Mirza knows how much pain he went through. He wants to show Melek the room upstairs that is decorated as an homage to her. He dreams of them all having dinner together, planting all her favorite flowers in the garden; hearing the sounds of the birds chirping; won’t she be happy he asks Mirza who wishes that God will provide them with an open road. Halil says he will wrap her up with his love and make her well again.  

Başak and Ihsan are at Melek’s house. They are apologizing for keeping things from her and are convinced she will make it through this. Melek thanks them for their friendship and all that they have done for her.  

At the coffee shop Cumali keeps pushing Seyit Ali to tell him what is wrong but he won’t. He thinks it’s because of all the shops Kenan has bought at the Han. He tells Seyit Ali not to worry about them. Seyit Ali tells him to go away and leave him alone, that there is nothing wrong but Cumali says he will stay there until the morning and so Seyit Ali leaves.  

Melek prays to God to give her strength to fight; to enable her to see Kerem in the team, to see Defne and Omer reunite and for little Seyit Ali to grow a little more. She asks God to allow her a peaceful death without cause to worry about those left behind.  

Defne is writing to Omer in her diary. She misses him. She knows how hard her Mom is fighting to stay strong and not let her children see that she is ill.  She tells him how her grandfather now knows and how much he cried. She says she feels better now that Seyit Ali knows and they will get his support; most importantly he will not cause problems for Melek anymore.  

Omer is looking up at the sky and thinking of Defne. He misses her and can’t wait to see her again. They tell each other that they love one another. Omer’s commander comes to chat with him. He tells Omer that Omer’s father was stationed at this post. Omer says that was why he chose it.  

Seyit Ali is dreaming that Melek came into his room and asks him if he never loved her. Will he never again wrap his arms around her and say my girl she asks and then faints. He wakes up with a start and decides that the time is right to tell his sister Nefise about Melek’s illness. He goes into her room to find her coughing badly and decides not to tell her now for fear of making Nefise sicker. Melek calls her psychotherapist to ask if her appointment can be brought ahead by one day.  

Funda and Aslı are in the kitchen when Alpay comes in. He asks if Aslı is planning to live with them permanently. Funda doesn’t know; she has to ask her sister. She questions whether Alpay is not talking to her. He says he is just thinking of all that has happened, who is using who. From now on he says all Kenan’s plan will fall apart one by one and Kenan will not be able to hurt him. He will get the camera records and they will leave together. This pleases Funda who hugs Alpay and doesn’t see his evil looks; he is playing a game with her too.  

Defne and Seyit Ali are talking in the courtyard of the mansion. They plan to go to Kerem’s football match and then come back to the mansion all together. Nefise is very happy to hear that Melek is coming back too and that Seyit Ali had no objections.  

Alpay and Kenan are both pretending to be friends and chatting about what they plan to do to everyone. A registered letter arrives for Zeynel which Kenan signs for since Zeynel is not around. It is a notice to vacate the premises of his shop.  

Mithat arrives at the copperware studio and tells Halil that he was looking for Melek to tell her that he and Seyran are going to move to Istanbul. Halil pulls him aside and breaks the news that Melek’s prognosis is not good and they cannot leave; she needs all of their support.  

Seyit Ali is walking around the Han with a distracted demeanour. Cumali again tries to get him to talk, to no avail.  

Kenan gives the notice to vacate to Zeynel. Zeynel insists he always paid his rent on time; that there is no reason for this. He panics, gets flustered and shows Cumali the letter. Kenan tells him not to worry and Cumali tells him to mind his business. Kenan says he has a vacant shop Zeynel can use if necessary. This does not please Cumali. He tells Seyit Ali how Kenan is slowly buying up all the shops at the Han but this causes no reaction from Seyit Ali which upsets Cumali. Seyit Ali tells him to stop talking; it’s just a possession. Cumali now is certain there is something wrong with Seyit Ali. Talking to himself he says the shops are not possessions; they are our roots.  

Mithat is destroyed by the news of Melek’s prognosis. Mirza and Halil try to cheer him up by telling him she won’t give up, that she had promised so.   Seyit Ali comes to the copperware studio and comes face to face with Mithat; the awkward moment is brief as Mirza pretends he is there to pick up some copper and gives them to Mithat who then leaves. Seyit Ali tells Halil and Mirza that he doesn’t know what’s going on but whatever is going on, he wants to know about it as it concerns all of them. This confuses them; is he talking about the re-mortgage on the studio or about Melek?  

Melek is walking towards the mansion with her therapist’s words going through her mind. “It’s not if you are beaten, it’s when you give up that it ends”. She enters the courtyard where Kadriye is doing yoga. She sees Nefise Hala and asks her if her wedding trousseau is still around. It apparently is and she asks that it be made ready for Defne.  She also asks about some embroidery and if that could also be put in the trousseau. Nefise Hala is surprised; she feels there is something wrong but can’t put her finger on it. Melek then asks for an old pen in a silver box she used to have; could that be saved for little Seyit Ali. This worries Nefisa Hala even more but Melek assures her there is nothing wrong.  

Seyit Ali goes back to visit Melek’s oncologist who explains that her cancer was initially in the early stages but because of all the stress, Melek went through things got bad quickly. The new treatment did not work as her constitution was not strong enough. Seyit Ali asks if they can look for another hospital or another opinion. The doctor explains that they did all that but it didn’t work. Seyit Ali says if there is an expensive treatment he would sell everything to pay for it. The doctor says no, but love is what Melek needs; that is stronger than any medicine.  

Mithat goes home and Seyran immediately knows something is wrong. He seats her down and tells her that they cannot go to Istanbul because Melek’s condition is much worse. Seyran agrees immediately to stay near Melek. Mithat is sorry that he has caused so many tears for Seyran; she tells him it’s the opposite, that he has brought laughter and love to her life.  

Melek goes to the cemetery to visit her mother’s grave. She tells her the stories of their childhood; what a happy family they were. She tells her mother about her lovely children and that maybe soon she will be with her Mom.  


Halil comes to the Han at Cumali’s request. They tell him about Zeynel’s store being repossessed. Halil says he will talk to the landlord.  

Kenan goes to see Vildan at the copperware studio and start this phase of his plane. He says he would like to sit with her and explain things to her. Vildan says she cannot leave the studio and that it won’t be possible later as Melek will be going to Kerem’s match so she has to be at the studio. Kenan says he hopes to see her another time.  

Seyit Ali is waiting outside Melek’s house to take them to Kerem’s football match, much to Melek’s surprise. She gingerly gets into his car, hesitant in case her father is going to blow up at her. He tells her there is nothing wrong; they are going to the match.   At the match, there is lots of excitement as Kerem is playing his first match for the first team. Melek and Seyit Ali are bonding in the excitement of the event and Kerem scores two goals for the win. Aslı is also there cheering Kerem on.  


Coming back to the Han, Kenan discovers that Alpay left with Funda for some alone time together. He decides to end that bit of fun by calling Alpay to tell him that Kerem had won a place in the first team and was playing his first match; that he should be there to support him. Alpay heads off to the match with Funda.  

On hearing that Kerem is going back to the mansion after the match for a celebration with his family Aslı tells Kerem she will go with Emre.  Jealousy at play once again and Kerem is not amused.  

Alpay spots Seyit Ali in the lobby and asks him why he was not informed about Kerem. Those who are interested in their children would know he says! Yaay Seyit Ali.  Alpay goes off to look for Kerem and now Funda puts her poor wronged wife act on to Seyit Ali. She tells him that she and Alpay have a very happy marriage and Melek needs to stop inserting herself into it by constantly knocking at their door with made-up stories about problems with the children. Funda even sheds a tear or two to make this all believable. She complained that Melek put a restraint order on Alpay and had him put in jail and that she had the Sünnet without telling Alpay. Funda tells Seyit Ali that the only thing Alpay cares about are his children and would he please tell Melek to leave them alone. Seyit Ali is the Man again! He tells Funda that everyone knows what Alpay has done to Melek and if Melek is knocking on their door screaming and yelling, it’s the very least she could have done. Funda tells Seyit Ali that he doesn’t understand, that Melek can’t accept the fact that they are married; that she is using the children against Alpay and turning them against him. Seyit Ali tells her that God will give Alpay his punishment and that nothing will happen to him at the hands of Melek; furthermore, they should not dare to utter Melek’s name from now on and now, Funda should get going. Finally!  Melek arrives just as Funda is daring to have the last word and Seyit Ali moves away. The plans for all to go back to the mansion fall by the wayside as Seyit Ali leaves without them. Alpay suggests that they all go out to celebrate instead by Kerem says no and they walk away. Alpay asks Funda if she had an argument with Melek and Funda lies by tearfully saying Seyit Ali had words with her and then Melek came and did the same seeing that she had been left alone by Alpay. He asks what they said and Funda lies again by saying they asked her what business they had for coming to the match. 

In the meantime, Seyit Ali hadn’t left but was waiting outside when he got a call from Melek’s oncologist telling him he must come to the hospital straight away. As Melek, Defne and Kerem reach the entrance they see Seyit Ali drive off.  Melek assures them that he is not upset with them only with her but Defne says no, that a meal has been planned by Nefise Hala and that’s where he has gone. Melek tells them to go to the mansion and she will go home; they can’t convince her to come too as she believes Seyit Ali is angry with her because of whatever Funda said…all the best laid plans of mice and men!!  

Nobody is in the mood to celebrate back at the mansion. Seyit Ali is upset about Melek’s condition, Defne and Omer are upset about the run-in with their father and Mahmut felt somber as he recalled his mother had died on the day of his first match. Angry at all the talk of death, Seyit Ali leaves the table.  

Mithat and Seyran come to Melek’s house and suggest that she comes with them to Istanbul. Melek says no, she came to Gaziantep so the children could be with her father and even though he may not talk to her or look at her, she wants to be close to her father.  

At Halil’s mountain top house he tells Mirza that he doesn’t know what to worry about; what Seyit Ali said at the copperware studio, Cumali getting on his case all the time, Melek’s condition, selling his car, getting credit, finding funds to buy supplies for the studio..which one should he talk about he asks. Mirza tells him that what will be will be. All we can do is be patient.  

Seyit Ali at the Han meets with Melek’s landlord to ask him to throw Melek out of her apartment. His plan of course is to give her no choice but to come home but unfortunately, he doesn’t tell anyone this. Zeynel hears his talk with the landlord and tells Mithat. Mithat, on his way to Seyit Ali to say he had changed his mind about giving up the family name and business, is enraged about this new move of Seyit Ali’s and comes to express his displeasure and anger at what Seyit Ali did.  

Alpay asks Funda for Kerem’s bank book and tells her he is going to transfer it to his name and make an investment for them.   Cumali comes to the copperware studio looking for Vildan who had told him that Halil is selling his car as they need money. Vildan is out so he calls for Halil who tells him he’s going to the hilltop house. He starts shouting at Mirza who will have none of it. He tells Cumali that Halil will do the right thing and to be patient…this let all the air out of Cumali’s balloon instantly.  

Kenan meanwhile carries on with another of his plans as he invites Vildan for coffee, ostensibly for her to get to know him. He tells her about his late wife and son and the love that they had. Soon he says Omer will be married and she will be left alone.  Kenan tells her that he likes the way she comports herself and would like to get to know her better. Vildan is uneasy with this kind of attention and Kenan tries to allay her fears by telling her how he convinced Alpay not to fight for custody of the children so that Melek would not be upset while she is fighting a battle with cancer. Needless to say, Vildan did not know Melek had cancer. Kenan said he did not tell Alpay since he would likely have used this in the custody case.  He told her only Halil knows and that is why he is very supportive of her.  

Alpay goes to the copperware studio to see Melek. He says he will buy a house for the kids and she can be free from paying rent. Melek said he need not worry about her rent and her father’s home is the children’s home. If he wants to do something for the kids, he can discuss it with them but she wants nothing to do with him.  

Mithat meets with Kenan and asks for a loan. He doesn’t mention for what and for how much but they are all being drawn into Kenan's web.

The landlord arrives to ask Melek to vacate the house. He hates having to do this and tells Melek it was at the request of her father.  

Cumali finds Halil planning flowers in the hilltop house. He wants to know what he is hiding from and why he has the need to sell his car.  

At the mansion, the family are getting ready for Defne’s mini-concert to showcase her guitar-playing talent. Kerem is making the announcement to the family and Defne is in the midst of  thanking everyone for attending when Melek walks in, sad, upset and angry. She calls out to her father and asks him why, why, why did he do this (have her thrown out of her house). Did he never love her? Seyit Ali and everyone stands speechless and we are left with the theme tune…and another 7 days wait.

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