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Benim Adım Melek: Season 2; episode 6 (episode 34) Recap


Last week’s episode left us wondering whether Seyit Ali would finally find out about Melek’s illness as the little pill bottle that fell out of her pocket rolled towards him…well it was a cliff hanger for some but for others of us, accustomed as we are to Turkish Dizis prolonging our agony, we knew it was not to be.  Not unexpectedly therefore, Melek and Seyran fabricate a story about the pills belonging to Seyran. Just as Seyit Ali ruminates over the truthfulness of their story, the door bell rings.   Halil has arrived with Melek’s bad test results with all intents and purposes to tell her the truth.  Seeing Seyit Ali there however stopped him in his tracks..remember Seyit Ali does not approve of any closeness between Halil and Melek and they also don’t want him to know about her illness so there is no good way to explain his presence. Everyone looks like they have two left feet and it’s not awkward at all! Halil gets away with saying they are his father’s results and rushes off.  

Meanwhile Alpay is getting a dressing down from Kenan for attempting to steal from him. Alpay is penitent, says he felt cornered, he thought Kenan was turning him into the police and tries to justify his actions. Kenan now fully aware of Alpay’s penchant for lying, isn’t fooled but says he will not punish him if he apologises to Melek, Cumali, Seyit Ali and Mahmut for causing havoc at the sünnet celebrations and casting aspersions that it was Mahmut who caused the fire at the Han. Needless to say this does not sit well with Alpay but valuing his life as he does, he agrees. Alpay admits he’s made many mistakes but promises that this was the last. Kenan tells him that even one small mistake from now on and he will not spare Alpay..oh please, please, please make a mistake Alpay!  

Switching scenes, we are at the copperware studio as Mirza discovers that Halil has not told Melek that she is dying and is not planning to. Mirza points out that it is her right to know and the time is right for all her family to know.  Halil says he cannot destroy Melek’s happiness and hope with this news. Mirza quite rightly points out that Halil will be devastated if Seyit Ali comes to him after Melek’s death and asks him why he took away his chance to make amends with his daughter.  Halil counters by saying he cannot look into the eyes of the woman he loves and tell her this news.  

Back at the dining table at Mithat’s house, the family are enjoying being together and happy that they have made up; of course this doesn’t last past dessert! Seyit Ali was under the impression that Mithat was going to apologize and accept that he was wrong in leaving the business and giving up his family name whereas Mithat believed his father’s visit was to show his acceptance that Mithat had been wronged by the family. Unsurprisingly, dinner came to an end leaving everyone unhappy with everyone else and we are back to status quo.  

With Nefise Hala and Seyit Ali at dinner with Mithat, Kadriye has free reign to fill Mahmut’s head with doubts; that his father does not value him like he does Melek and Mithat and that Mithat will now come back into the business and start checking up on what Mahmut is doing. Mahmut to his credit, tells her to stop stirring the pot and trying to put him against his family but you can tell that some of it has sunk in.

A brief cut to Aslı and an angry phone call from her father who threatens that he will find her wherever she is. Not particularly put out, she calls Kerem to ask him for ice-cream; her way of flirting which nonetheless works as he is on his way..which would mean he would find out she is living with Funda..but of course it’s not meant to be, at least not today.  Aslı goes off to meet him in the park because Alpay unexpectedly returned to the apartment.   Funda is surprised at Alpay’s return since he had said he was going away to lie low. Alpay lies to her (for a change) and says Kenan stopped him from going, that he begged him to stay. Funda calls him out for lying but he manages to convince her that he is to be believed! Amazing!!  

Seyit Ali comes to the copperware studio to ask Halil what was in the medical files and what are they hiding from him. Halil is conflicted but just then he sees Melek coming up the stairs. She shakes her head when he looks like he is going to tell her father and so Halil makes up the story that they are his father’s results.  

At the Han, the real estate agent arrives to give Mahmut back the deposit Kadriye had put on an apartment and tell him that Mithat is renting the apartment. Scene now set for further grievances between the brothers as Mahmut believes Mithat did this on purpose whereas Mithat had no idea that they had put a deposit on it.  This is all part of Kenan’s plan. Mahmut rushes off to confront Mithat who tells him to stop trying to find reasons to fight and leave them alone. Mahmut threatens Mithat and walks off.  

Ünzile goes to Zeynel’s shop and tells him he can come and ask for her hand. Zeynel totally flustered and exploding with joy asks Seyit Hali for permission to visit and rushes off to tell Kenan who had promised to be his stand-in (as a father figure). Kenan working his plan, offers to help with the ring, flowers and chocolates and for whatever reason, Zeynel believes that Kenan is doing all this out of the goodness of his heart. On their way back from shopping Kenan suggests they visit Mithat’s food truck and tell him the good news.  The real reason is that he had arranged for some hoodlums to come and cause a problem resulting in the destruction of Mithat’s food truck. Expecting that Mithat will blame Mahmut (who had threatened him the day before) and leaving Mithat without a means of income was a ploy to get the brothers fighting with each other and by offering Mithat the use of one of his taxis so he could work as a driver to earn an income, he would further insinuate himself in their lives.  

Back to the Han and talk of the “asking of the hand” ceremony reaches Cumali who as Zeynel’s mentor since childhood had originally been asked to be the stand-in father figure.  Due to all the commotion of Cumali’s illness and subsequent withdrawal to the countryside, Zeynel had asked Kenan. Now he is tortured to discover that Cumali is expecting to be the stand-in figure..and so is Kenan. Zeynel breaks the news to Kenan who is very understanding and tells Zeynel not to worry about it.  Alpay laughs at Kenan and Kenan purposely uses this moment to tell his assistant Idris to bring the deeds to all the shops he’s purchased at the Han. Alpay stops laughing and is interested once again since there is intrigue in the offing.

Mithat hasn’t told Seyran yet that the food truck is destroyed and he is driving a taxi. Halil hasn’t told Melek about her prognosis. Melek hasn’t told anyone (except Halil and Mirza), why she left all those years ago.

We love to complicate matters when telling the truth would solve most problems..but then again we wouldn’t have our beloved dizis!  

Halil offers Vildan a job at the copperware studio so that she does not miss Ömer too much sitting at home. Zümrüt will not be happy when she finds out as she will be left home alone.  

Alpay tells Funda that Melek called to ask him to take the kids out for dinner when in fact it was Alpay who called Melek to apologise (per Kenan’s instruction) and offer to take the kids out. It will not be long before Funda finds out he lied yet again.  

It’s Melek’s birthday. Defne works on her grandfather to make her mother’s favorite kebab for Melek’s birthday. On hearing it’s for Melek, Seyit Ali refuses saying he is too busy. Defne decides she will make it with Mahmut’s help and seeing her making a mess of it, Seyit Ali jumps in to do it…so far everything going to plan!  

Kadriye goes to Seyran’s pharmacy and accuses her of knowingly taking the apartment that she had wanted. Although Seyran tries to explain that they did not know and asks that they try to be friends, Kadriye will have none of it and storms off rudely.


Halil takes Melek to a special place where they have a wishing tree..a lovely Turkish idea where people hang ribbons and messages on a tree and make a wish.  He gives her a ribbon for her wish and ties one himself too.  

Kadriye, always ready to cause mischief, recalls that this time last year was Melek’s home-coming which turned the household upside down. Nefise Hala tells Kadriye off, reminding her that she is trying to get the whole family to reunite and not appreciating Kadriye doing the reverse.  

Seyit Ali and Defne arrive home with the special kebab and everyone sits. Defne unveils the kebab tray and tells Melek that Seyit Ali made it especially for Melek. Just as Melek finishes thanking him he says he didn’t do it for Melek, he did it so Defne would not be upset. Everyone’s face falls and Melek, hurt and upset goes upstairs to her room where she takes some of her medication.  Crying, she goes to the door and looks down at the family seated around the table.  Silently she says “I know that all the roads leading to you are closing one by one Father but I thank you for extending your love to my children”.   The next day Seyit Ali sees Melek as she has a dizzy spell and can hardly walk up to her room. He starts getting flashbacks of all the times he has seen her nearly faint or with a nose bleed and his suspicions that something is wrong with her aroused again.  


Cumali and Seyit Ali discover that several shop owners have sold their stores to Kenan and they are not pleased with the shopkeepers nor with Kenan.

Funda, shopping with Aslı, spies Melek in the street. Confronting Melek she wants to know why Melek would call Alpay and ask him for dinner with the kids. Melek tells her in no uncertain terms that Alpay was the one who called to apologize and he asked if he could take the kids out..and that it had nothing to do with Funda anyway…Go Melek! Let’s see some attitude!  

Called by the school to pick up her daughter, Seyran spots Mithat with his taxi.dun, dun, dun!   Funda on the warpath, goes to see Kenan and asks him what he and Alpay are playing at. He tells her he’s not the one playing games. She tells him of the conflicting versions of Alpay and Melek’s story and Kenan tells her that on his instructions, Alpay apologized to everyone. From now on Alpay will follow all Kenan’s rules to ensure that he does not kill him. Funda can’t believe the lies Alpay told her (don’t know why, she should be used to it by now). Kenan tells her that both husband and wife are total liars and one of these days they are going to fall into each other’s traps. He says he has enough to hold over them but he prefers to watch them work on each other.  

Başak finds out that Melek’s test results are bad and that Halil has not told Melek. She is insistent that Melek must be told she is going to die. Whilst having this discussion with Ihsan, she is partially overheard by Defne who realizes something is not right.  Defne heads to the hospital, Başak and Ihsan go to confront Halil at the copperware studio.  

Seyit Ali whilst kidding Cumali about how his eating habits will show in his test results is shocked to hear that Cumali has not had any tests done. He is now convinced something is wrong and immediately decides to go to the hospital.  

At the copperware studio Başak confronts Halil; she tells him that if he will not tell Melek her prognosis that she will..that she has a right to know she is dying.  Unbeknownst to them all, Melek is downstairs and has heard all of this.  

Defne finds out the truth from Melek’s oncologist and crying is about to leave the office. As she opens the door, Seyit Ali is standing there. She reveals, in tears, that her Mom is dying……….. We now anxiously await episode 35 next week.

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