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Benim Adım Melek: Season 2. Episode 15 (43) Recap


The prosecutor doesn’t believe Halil and Mirza’s confession. They admitted to buying the stolen artifacts and asserted that Melek and Vildan had no knowledge of the matter so that they would be released from jail. 

In prison, Melek is feeling unwell but refuses Vildan’s suggestion that they make her illness known to the authorities so that she can be released. It’s all for one, one for all according to Melek. 

Halil and Mirza’s lawyer is angry that they have admitted to something they didn’t do which will now make things much worse for them. They are insistent it was worth it to ensure Vildan and Melek would be released.  

Kenan alone in his car is mad at himself for not being able to bring himself to turn Alpay in when he went to the police station with the usb stick.  He curses the day he met up with Alpay.  

Funda receives an angry phone call from Aslı’s father asking to speak to Aslı. When she tells him that Aslı is not with her he tells her she’s lying because her husband called him to say she was. Quick-thinking as ever, Funda says that she couldn’t put up with Aslı’s constant lying and rebellious attitude and sent her away.  

Banu arrives home to pack whilst Seyran tries to convince her to stay. Banu tells her she doesn’t like putting Seyran in the middle between her and Mithat. She explains that nothing will change her friendship with Seyran but staying in their house will not do them any good. It has nothing to do with liking or not liking Mithat.  She tells Seyran that being outspoken, she cannot help but call out anything she doesn’t agree with and Mithat reacts as though his pride has been injured. Banu assures her that they will continue seeing each other no matter where she lives. An uncomfortable moment when Mithat arrives as Banu is leaving and they are painfully polite with each other.  

Defne is writing to Ömer in her diary explaining what has happened to her mother and his, wondering when she will hear from him, telling him how she feels helpless and that she misses him terribly.  

At the border hospital Ömer regains consciousness and realizes he is in a hospital and has injuries but he doesn’t know why. Gülşat explains that he was involved in a battle, how she hid him from the enemy and looked after him until they were rescued by the Turkish army. Ömer has no recollection of anything including his family or Defne. The doctor explains that his memory loss is temporary and he will be returned to his family to recover.   

The lawyer informs Seyit Ali and Cumali that Halil and Mirza have changed their testimony so that Vildan and Melek could be released; they are waiting for the judge to decide. They ask the lawyer to arrange a prison visit for them.  

Mithat tries to make things better with Seyran but she is not happy with him. She would like him to apologize to Banu whilst Mithat sees no reason, blaming her for turning every discussion into a problem for Seyran and himself. Seyran feels that Mithat’s manner of speaking was hurtful to Banu and Mithat gets annoyed at being told off like a child. Impasse yet again.  

Aslı arrives home to discover that her father knows her whereabouts and it was Alpay who had informed her. Aslı says she will not stay in the same house as Alpay and walks out angrily.  

Seyit Ali and Cumali meet with Halil to question why they changed their testimony. Halil tells them it was the only hope for Melek and Vildan to be released. Also, lots of students and workers rely on the copper studio and the sooner that it reopens the better it is for everyone. The fathers are worried that this sacrifice may not even lead to Melek and Vildan’s release and even if it does, what will happen to Halil and Mirza. He tells them not to worry, they will not sit in prison without a fight.  

Alpay in his usual cluelessness arrives home with a lovely cake to celebrate having achieved his aims. Funda throws the cake on the floor and tells him she knows he called Aslı’s father. He pretends that he was worried something might happen to her but he said if she had stopped seeing Kerem, he might not have done anything. Funda insists they are not seeing each other but he tells her Aslı is fooling her and now it’s time for Aslı to go home with her tail between her legs.  

Vildan and Melek are released from jail.  

Kenan at the Han is berating himself for being unable to turn Alpay in. He tells Idris that he is torn in two; Alpay and he have looked after each other since childhood whereas his heart has become a slave to Vildan (his words); it’s the first time in years that he has felt like a human being, she has made him in touch with his conscience and become aware of what is right and wrong. Alpay arrives and sees the usb stick in Kenan’s hand. Kenan tells him he takes it out of the safe from time to time to remember who is friend and who is foe. Kenan is relieved to hear from Idris that Vildan and Melek have been released and leaves the gloating Alpay (because Halil and Mirza confessed to a crime they didn’t commit) behind.  

Halil and Mirza discuss their next step which will be to ask commissioner Murat to make some enquiries.  

Seyit Ali brings Melek home. Melek is sad that her release was due to the sacrifice made by Halil and Mirza. Seyit Ali reminds her to think about her children.

At the Şirhan mansion, Zümrüt is delighted to see Vildan until she realizes what Halil has done to get Vildan and Melek released and she quickly becomes distraught.  

Mithat and Seyran try to talk things out again; he feels she doesn’t understand how much he is doing for her and how much he tried to help Banu. She thinks he helped her only so that Banu would leave. Mithat can’t see why she doesn’t understand he wants to protect their love for each other.  

Aslı arrives at the Karadağ mansion and tells Kerem that her father knows where she is. She says she has to leave. Kerem decides he will play another match to earn the remaining money needs Aslı.  

Ömer thinks he’s having a nightmare but Gülşat explains what he saw is what actually happened, the explosion, her dragging him away to safety and he suddenly remembers the incident and immediate aftermath but nothing else. Gülşat shows him the embroidered handkerchief but he has no memory of it and says it probably belonged to another soldier.  

Kerem finishes his betting match and asks for a two-match advance. He is given it on the condition that he wins the next two matches and he gives the money to Aslı so she can rent an apartment. In the meantime, she doesn’t want to go home so Kerem has no option but to bring her to the Karadağ mansion to spend the night in Defne’s room.  

Melek is upset that Hilal and Mirza’s reputation will forever be tainted by this false confession and knowing they did it for her makes it harder still.  

On his way home, Alpay is kidnapped by the stolen artifact seller. He wants the goods back since the police are after them. Alpay tells him they are safe but won’t tell him where they are so they take him to a cold storage warehouse to torture him..ostensibly, but it’s far too meager for what we’d like to see done to  Alpay.  

In the morning, as Kerem and Aslı try to sneak out, they are caught by Kadriye who shouts and yells to awaken the entire household. Kerem explains why he did what he did and Seyit Ali and Melek tell him he did the right thing. Funda calls Asli’s phone but since Asli doesn't want to speak to her, Melek answers and tries to explain Aslı’s presence. This only serves to aggravate Funda.  

Hilal and Mirza meet with commissioner Murat who explains the serious situation they are in. They ask for his help in investigating their suspicions that Kenan and Alpay are involved. Murat doesn’t think this is Kenan’s line of work but they insist it has to be them. Murat agrees to look into it.  

Funda comes to the Han looking for Alpay. On discovering that Kenan also hasn’t heard from him, they realize something must have happened. Commissioner Murat arrives and they are noticeably startled which makes him suspicious and gives him a reason to investigate further.  

Kenan calls Ercu (artifact dealer) and is told why they took Alpay.  

Aslı asks Kerem if Melek is ill because she saw how scared Defne was that something might have happened to her mother and because every time Aslı met with Kerem in the early days of their relationship, he was always on his way to the hospital. Kerem tells her that Melek has cancer.  

Kadriye is insistent that she wants to open a shop with Defne to cook and sell healthy vegetarian dishes and goes on a mission to bring the concept to fruition using the unpaid labors of Ünzille and Defne. Defne asks her if this idea came about because Seyran has a shop of her own and Kadriye acts totally surprised at the thought.  

The doctor tells Ömer that he is being discharged and returned to his family. Ömer seems to have lost not only his memory but his sweet nature.  

Kenan arrives at the cold storage depot and tells Ercu that the copper studio owners have testified that they stole the artifacts. Kenan assures him that there is no link between them and him so Ercu is safe and no matter what happens, Kenan will ensure it stays that way.  

Kerem having played a match the night before is exhausted whilst training. Responding sullenly to his coach he gets sidelined for the rest of the session much to Emre’s delight.  

Alpay tells Kenan that since the police don’t have anything tying the artifacts to him, there is no way anything leads to Ercu. Kenan tells him not to be so sure since Commissioner Murat was asking about him that morning and Funda was a witness to that too.  

Aslı returns to the apartment. Funda questions what she was doing at Melek’s house and reminds her that Melek and family are their enemies. Aslı tells her that she misrepresented Melek who seems a very nice person. This infuriates Funda. Aslı further tells her to leave Melek alone as she is sick. Funda does not pick up on this and says yes, they’re all mentally sick.  

Zümrüt and Vildan are visiting Halil in jail when Melek arrives. Halil is visibly happy to see her but Zümrüt questions how anyone can just walk in like that. Halil puts her in her place by telling her if the person’s name is listed as close family, they are allowed.  Take that Zümrüt! Halil is concerned only about Melek’s health whilst Melek is upset that they confessed and what that means. He asks that they all stick together and be supportive of each other, looking directly at his mother! He tells them that Commissioner Murat has been informed of their suspicions about Kenan and Alpay; Vildan has a heart-sinking moment at this news.  

As he is about to be driven off on the journey to his family, Omer doesn’t want to leave the only person he knows behind. He asks Gülşat to come with him.  

Banu visits Seyran at the pharmacy. She says the house Mithat had found for her was awful and that she will stay in the hotel for a while. Seyran doesn’t believe Mithat would have suggested a bad house but Banu infers that Mithat’s taste is that of a lower-class person without actually coming out and saying so. Seyran wishes that the two people she loves the most could get on. Banu tells her it’s not necessary that they like each other. Surprisingly she becomes a real friend for a moment when she tells Seyran that she can see that Mithat loves Seyran and tries to do everything to make her happy. She reiterates though that she and Mithat come from a different culture, and speak a different language; there is no way they could be friends.  

Zeynel tells Mithat that he was wrong. He reminds Mithat how patient and understanding Seyran was with his family when they didn’t approve of her yet he couldn’t be the same for 5 minutes with Banu for Seyran’s sake and this makes Mithat think.  

Walking back from the jail, Zümrüt, Melek and Vildan overhear shopkeepers gossiping about Halil and Mirza. Melek sets them straight as to their innocence but Zümrüt is horrified and upset, deciding there and then that she will not leave the house until the case is over.  

Commissioner Murat comes to visit Alpay and Kenan again at the Han. He explains that even though there was no camera outside the copper studio, they will be interviewing all passersby in the area.  Alpay questions how they will proceed and Murat tells him not to worry, they know to go after the people they are suspicious of. Once Murat leaves, Alpay starts to feel worried and tells Kenan he has a bad feeling. Kenan tells him that he's had a bad feeling since the day he met Alpay!  

Vildan and Melek are having tea when Kenan comes upon them. He stops to offer them condolences and wish them well. As he is doing so, Mithat, stunned to see him with his sister, storms over and questions what the low-life con man is doing there.  Vildan tells him that Kenan is only trying to help. Melek tries to come in between them to stop a possible fight and Mithat explains how Kenan gave the promissory notes for his loan to Alpay who gave them to a loan shark. Kenan insists this was done without his knowledge and he would never have done this.  He is visibly upset at being humiliated in front of Vildan.  

At the Han, Idris tells Kenan that the police are looking for the phone of the person who called in the tip-off about the stolen goods. Kenan tells Alpay he hopes he didn’t use his own phone. Alpay tells him he’s not stupid whilst proving he is, by taking the phone he used out from the drawer behind him. Kenan gives the phone to Idris to dispose of and tells Alpay to go home and stay there.  

Murat tells Halil and Mirza that his visit to Alpay and Kenan seems to have paid off; they seem to be worried. He said the phone signal was traced to the castle; if the phone is turned on again, it will be found. Murat tells them that one way or another if they are involved, they will slip up somewhere along the line.  

Ömer arrives home and the family’s joy is replaced by shock when they realize he doesn’t recognize them.  His commanding officer tells them not to force the issue with Ömer and to only answer questions, he asks rather than overloading him with information. They show Ömer photos and he appears interested in the picture of Defne but then gets a massive headache and goes to lie down.  

Mithat is at the pharmacy trying to get back into Seyran’s good books but she is acting very cool. She tells him that she is upset with him and explains how far back their friendship goes and that when she was out on the streets, Banu took her in yet he, Mithat, couldn’t find a space in their house for her closest friend.  He explained that he didn’t know how much she and Banu shared in their past but not to worry she will have her own place soon. This does not placate Seyran since she feels bad that her friend has to stay in a hotel instead of with her best friend.  

Aslı sends Kerem a message that she is leaving. She tells the taxi driver to take her to the airport.  

At home, Funda sees her bedroom has been raided and all her jewelry taken. On the dressing table mirror, Aslı has written “Thank you for everything Auntie, I’m leaving. Nobody will have to deal with irresponsible Aslı anymore. Goodbye”.  

Banu calls Seyran to ask if she can recommend somewhere nearby for her to eat. As they are speaking there is a knock at the door; it is Mithat. Seyran hears her and asks if Mithat is there. Banu says “what’s happened now, should I leave from here as well?”.  

At the Karadağ mansion, there is a knock on the door. Melek goes to open it and Funda barges in looking for Aslı. She does not believe Melek that Aslı is not there and keeps shouting out her name. Melek tells her to stop shouting and leave. Funda violently shoulders Melek away and continues yelling.  As Melek tries to pull herself together, looking very much as though the wind has been knocked out of her,  Funda falls faint into her arms.  

Commissioner Murat receives a call to say the cell phone signal has come online and they are narrowing down its location.  

At the Han, Kenan is pacing up and down when Idris arrives. He asks him if he’s handled the matter and Idris tells him the phone issue has been taken care of. Kenan then remarks that “you can say we’ve eliminated it”…quite what is meant by that is not it the threat or the phone?  

Alpay arrives home and there’s a knock at the door. The police call out his name.  

At the Şirhan mansion, the family is sitting around lamenting the fact that Ömer cannot remember anyone or anything. There is a knock at the door and Defne arrives bearing the vegetarian food she made, as a gift for the family. She realizes there is something wrong with the way they greet her. Behind her, a door opens and Ömer asks where he can get a towel. Defne turns around and sees Ömer and we have to wait until next week once again!! 

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