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Benim Adım Melek: Season 2, Episode 14 (42) Recap

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Halil and Mirza try explaining to the police that they have nothing to do with stolen artifacts; their business is teaching the art of copperware design and the sale of copper household items. The police having received a tip off that historical artifacts were at the studio are not interested in listening.  

Defne, now aware of the story behind Melek and Halil’s love story is feeling sad for the years they lost and tries to encourage her Mom to see that the possibility now exists to make up for the missing years. She compares their separation to that of hers and Omer’s and can’t imagine how her mother survived 20 years absent from the man she loved. Melek explains that theirs is a completely different situation and Defne and Omer’s separation is only temporary. Defne is looking for reasons to be desolate! And soon enough finds one when she discovers the bracelet Omer gave her is missing.  Some frantic searching and grizzling later, she finds it. Now she is convinced that something has happened to Omer else why would the bracelet break for no reason???!!!!  and we are left thinking we’ll be suffering as much as Defne while Omer is away!  

Kenan meets with Idris who tells him that they could not find the artifacts at the studio and only managed to get out before the police arrived, by the skin of their teeth. Kenan is mad with Alpay for ruining his plans and says if Vildan is impacted by this, he will make Alpay pay.  

The police discover the artifacts in Melek’s sitting room at the copper studio and arrest Mirza and Halil.  

Mithat tells Seyran how proud she has made them by naming the pharmacy Karadağ. Seyran suggests to Mithat that now the family has reconciled maybe he’d like to go back and work with his brother and father instead of working on the food truck. Mithat says he’s happy doing what he wants so why change things.  Of course he doesn’t know that Banu has been playing with Seyran’s head making her feel that Mithat should be more ambitious.  

Kadriye once again can’t resist putting in a dig against Seyran and how she’s made her bed, figuratively, by getting the pharmacy in her name and being clever naming it Karadağ…seeing evil where there is none.  She remarks that since the daughters-in-law are getting such support perhaps her idea to go into business with Defne might benefit too. Defne reassures Melek that this is solely Kadriye’s idea and she has no plans.  

The police arrive at the Karadağ and Şirhan mansions and to the shock of all, arrest Melek and Vildan. They refuse to give any explanation as to why, leaving everyone bewildered in their wake.  

Back at the ranch, Alpay is happy and relaxed. Funda is surprised to seem him in such a good mood but he’s evasive as to why. An angry knock at the door finds Idris on the other side. He’s there to tell Alpay that Kenan wants to see him urgently. Alpay says he’ll come later but Idris makes it clear that that’s not an option.  

At the police station, the family are not being given any explanation as to why Vildan and Melek have been arrested. Seyit Ali and Cumali are surprised to see each other there and become aware it has to do with the copper studio.  The police interrogate Halil, Mirza, Melek and Vildan about the 100 year old artifacts. They continue to protest their innocence and say it had to have been done by someone with an axe to grind with them. The investigator doesn’t believe them.  

Alpay meets up with Kenan who grabs him by the collar and bends him over the parapet. He tells Alpay that he could throw him over the parapet without hesitation and Alpay should give him one reason why he shouldn’t. Alpay tell him because they are brothers. This stops Kenan who nevertheless asks him if that is the reason why Alpay is making his life so difficult. Kenan reminds him that not once did he tell Alpay that his son died because of Alpay’s daughter, that no matter how angry he was with Alpay, he saved Alpay’s bacon every time he got into trouble. He never questioned why, after all these years, did they suddenly meet up. He says up until he met up with Alpay, his life was clean and comfortable. “I said he’s my brother and I opened my life, my money and my existence to you”. “But you, betrayed me, blocked my path to revenge and made me lose everything I valued in this life”. He tells Alpay that if what he did today impacts Vildan, he will pay for it.  

Aslı is counting out all the money Kerem made by playing betting football and tries to encourage Kerem to continue playing. He told her that he did it only so she could rent an apartment, he has no plans to continue in that business. He asks her what she’s done about looking for a job and she fobs him off by saying she’s waiting for word back from her interviews. At that point Kerem gets a call from Defne about Melek being in jail and tells Aslı to get a taxi back home.  

Melek and Vildan become aware that Halil and Mirza are also under arrest. Meantime, the rest of the family from both sides are not being told the reason for the arrests only that no-one will be released until trial.   Kenan has arranged for his lawyer to come from Istanbul to help with the court case.  

Funda questions why Alpay is so relaxed when Kenan has the security camera recordings proving he was the arsonist of the Han fire. Alpay tells her he has cards to play now too.  

At the war front, Ömer is sent off to help one of the villagers' wives deliver her baby. A very unconvincing scene follows when a terrorist using a rocket launcher injures Ömer and his colleague (who uses a rocket launcher against two men?) and Ömer is seen being dragged away from the site, unconscious. Another unconvincing scene follows when Defne wakes up as if from a nightmare, shouting Ömer’s name, certain that something bad has happened. We are again left wondering how much longer we are going to be subject to these somewhat lame war scenes and Defne's misery. 

Murat, the police commissioner friend of Mirza and Halil is discussing the tip off with them. They all suspect Alpay and Kenan’s hand in the issue but can’t figure out why or how to prove it.

Ömer, last seen being dragged away from the explosion, has been rescued by the lady (Gülsat) who’s brother he had tried to save at the field hospital. She tries to fix his wounds. Whilst she is out looking for supplies, the rocket launching terrorist finds their hiding place and is about to shoot Omer when the Gülsat fires first and kills him.

Seyran and Banu are talking about the arrests and Banu infers that there is no smoke without fire. Mithat overhears this and comes to the defense of his sister and the others. Banu backtracks and says she didn’t mean anything but Mithat has had enough and leaves the house before things get out of hand. Once outside he calls his realtor friend to find a house for Banu urgently.  

Seyit Ali’s lawyer doesn’t hold out much hope for an early release and Kenan finds out that Vildan did not accept the lawyer he sent to help her.  

Kerem, angry with the world and what is happening to his mother reacts physically on the football field and is told he has a two match suspension. His place is given to Emre which angers him even further.  

Defne is writing forlornly to Ömer in her diary, about her love, her fears and her wish to see him soon. Unfortunately for her, Ömer appears to have lost his memory.  

Aslı meets up with a very anxious and upset looking Kerem. She says she hopes he’s not injured as he has a betting match to play that night. This angers Kerem who tells her what he’s dealing with and he doesn’t know what to do.  

Alpay hears Kenan on the phone instructing the lawyer to follow Vildan’s case closely. He makes disparaging remarks to Kenan about his involvement with Vildan. He tells Kenan that he wished he had listened to him years ago when he thought by marrying Melek he would be happy and live comfortably at the mansion and Kenan had told him it wouldn’t happen. Now, says Alpay, Kenan should listen to him. He picks up the framed picture of Kenan’s son to remind Kenan of the revenge they are seeking. Kenan grabs the picture back and tells Alpay that the difference between them is that Kenan has never used innocent people as tools to get his way.  

Aslı stops Kerem outside a jewelry store and wants to go in. Kerem reminds her that he won that money so she could afford rent. If she plans to go shopping instead then he is out.  He reminds her that it’s illegal for him to play in betting matches and he only did it to help her.  

Gülsat  tells Ömer that she will look after him and he will be safe. She promised him that she will make sure he rejoins his unit. They discover that he cannot remember any of his loved ones; doesn’t recognize the picture of his mother nor of Defne.  

Kerem and Defne bring Melek’s medication to the police station and each try to assure the other that all will be well.  The defendents’ case is called and Kerem hears the Istanbul lawyer telling Kenan that the case will start shortly. The judge decides that they will all be held in jail until trial.  

Alpay and Funda are enjoying coffee and a chat outside the antique shop when Kenan arrives. He kicks their coffee tray over in anger and asks Alpay if he’s happy now that they are being held in jail without bail and did he get his revenge? He pulls Alpay into the shop and says he understands why Halil, Melek and Mirza but what did Vildan do to him? "Are you getting revenge on Ömer through his mother?" "Because Defne did not want my son, did I go after Melek?" he asks.  Alpay answers that he (Alpay) got the revenge from Defne’s mother. Funda comes in between them and Idris takes Kenan away.  

Melek and Vildan are led into their jail cell and are obviously scared amongst the more hardened prisoners. Halil and Mirza are also put in a cell but get a friendlier welcome from the cellmates.  

Funda overhears Aslı talking with Kerem and finds out that Melek had been arrested for stolen artifacts. She realizes those were the items Alpay had brought home and that he was responsible for the arrests. She tells Alpay that he has now given Kenan two reasons to put him in jail and questions how and when he became such a scary person. Alpay tells her that Kenan involved him in this and then left him out to dry because he fell in love. She shouldn’t worry however as Kenan will never do anything to hurt his “brother”.  Funda tells him not to be so sure.  

At dinner, Banu tells Mithat that he had misunderstood her earlier that morning and asked how his sister was. He told her it was a family situation and to forget about it. She is annoyed at that but changes the subject to ask about her apartment hunting. Mithat tells her that he spoke with his real estate friend and Banu interjects to say it had better not be a seedy little place. Mithat laughed and said “if you continue like that, you’ll be homeless”. Unfortunately Seyran heard this and tried to placate Banu. Acting hard done by, Banu said she would look for a place herself tomorrow so as not to be responsible for upsetting anyone.  

Kenan introduces his lawyer to Seyit Ali and Cumali. They are not interested but Kenan insists that if there is a chance they can at least get Melek and Vildan out, they should not let it pass.  

Ömer has a fever and is fighting an infection.  

Alpay overhears Aslı talking with Kerem on the phone and realizes that the relationship is continuing. He tries to access her phone but there is a pin code. Eventually he gets access via Funda’s phone to call Aslı’s father in Germany. He tells the father that Aslı is with them and causing problems and suggests the father come to Gaziantep to deal with his daughter.  

Funda calls Kenan and asks for a meeting. She explains that she knows what’s been happening and that Alpay is going too far. Kenan says “so you’re tired of picking up the pieces behind your husband too”. Funda says yes, that if he continues the way he’s going, he’s going to cause problems for both herself and Kenan. She offers to keep Kenan abreast of everything Alpay is doing if Kenan in turn let’s her know in advance what the two of them are planning so they can prevent disasters.  

Mithat and Seyran are talking about Melek’s situation when the realtor calls. He’s found a house possibility for Banu and emails the photo to them. Banu makes derogatory remarks about it and says it looks a bit small and has an American style kitchen which she hates. Mithat reminds her that she’s single, she doesn’t need anything more. Banu heads off to the bathroom and Seyran asks Mithat why he’s being so insistent since Banu doesn’t like the house. He tells her that Banu will never find the perfect place and had she noticed that since Banu has been staying with them, all they are doing is arguing. He would like to be able to spend time alone with his family.  Banu overhears this and says she will stay in a hotel from now on so as to give them some space.  Seyran runs after her to explain that Mithat is just worried about his sister, hence his mood but Banu, casting doubt again points out that Seyran is again defending Mithat to her and perhaps there is actually something wrong with Mithat.  

Kenan asks Idris to bring him the Usb with the security camera recordings and he heads towards the police station.


Ömer’s unit discover him hiding with Gülsat and there is relief on all sides.  

Mirza and Halil decide that they will give a false confession and admit to having bought the stolen artifacts and they testify that Vildan and Melek had no knowledge of the matter. In this way, the ladies can be set free. 

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