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Benim Adım Melek: Season 2 Episode 12 (40)

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We ended episode 39 with Seyit Ali revealing that he knew of Melek's illness when he blocked Melek rushing to hug her son who was ill with chicken pox and telling her it would make her illness worse. 

Episode 40 starts with Melek and Seyit Ali having their first conversation since the reveal. Melek tells her father that she is very sorry for having upset them with her illness.  Seyit Ali says if there is anyone who has to be sorry it’s him; for not having seen all that she was going through, for not recognizing that she was ill. He questioned what kind of father he was that he couldn’t see his daughter withering away in front of him. Melek tells Seyit Ali that he shouldn’t blame himself, that she (figuratively) threw him into the fire and left him all those years ago. Melek says that she had no doubt that if he had known about her illness he would have reached out to her instantly but she wanted to first deserve his kindness and mercifulness. You will need more tissues as this father daughter moment continues.

Seyit Ali assures Melek that neither she nor her brothers were ever out of his heart. Melek says that she destroyed him by leaving all those years ago and hurt him unimaginably; that every day for the last 20 years she prayed for him to forgive her; she begged God not to let her die before hearing that Seyit Ali had forgiven her; that this was the reason she managed to stay standing all this time. Seyit Ali reaches into a box and shows her a little pouch which he said he had forbidden both the smell and the name to be mentioned in her absence (this must be the explanation for the little pouch of possibly lavender that she had left in Seyit Ali’s pocket in a recent episode). He wishes that her return home had not been like this and Melek apologizes again.  

Downstairs the rest of the family have no more need to hide Melek’s illness and are sharing their sadness when Mahmut and Kerem arrive. They are told that Melek and Seyit Ali are upstairs and 

Seyit Ali shows Melek an old photo he had kept of her together with a lock of her hair which he had kept all these years; he had hoped it would ease the pain but it didn’t. He told her that one part of him was dying from missing her, the other withered from the pain of her absence. He takes a letter out of the box and says “you think I forgave you because you’re ill Melek, but here is a letter I wrote to you 15 years ago, telling you that if I die before seeing you, know that you have my blessing”.  

The family are waiting downstairs as Seyit Ali and then Melek appear at the door, she takes Seyit Ali’s hand and then he puts his harm around her. Everyone incuding me is crying or in my case sobbing.  

Halil and Mirza are looking for the crooks that sold them fake copper pots. Spotting the delivery man being paid off by the crook, they race after him; hats off to Mirza for running as far and as fast as he did. They corner the delivery man and herd him off to the police station.  

Mithat confronts Seyran about taking out a loan without discussing it with him. He reminds her that it’s the very same thing she got upset about when he didn’t consult her. They argue quietly, each feeling misunderstood, each feeling they are right. Banu walks in and tries to calm them down. She tells Mithat that Seyran is trying to help but that Mithat seems to be misunderstanding things. She tells him that he is reacting like a man who wants to solve things himself but he forgets that Seyran has managed things on her own for a long time. Banu tells Mithat that the way they were raised is different and he is not very happy with her statement. Mithat says now that he is in Seyran’s life, he will look after her which leads Banu to ask if he expects Seyran to sit quietly at home. Fortunately Seyran jumps in and tells her that Mithat is not that kind of a man and even though they disagree, she learned how to laugh again, how to be a family again from Mithat. Banu continues to stoke the fire by saying he made the money a pride issue but Mithat insists that all he would have liked was for Seyran to discuss the matter with him first.  

At the Şirhan mansion, the table is being prepared for the grand feast being held for Ömer’s last night. Ömer tells Vildan how Zümrüt had rudely rejected Nefise Hala’s invitation that they all dine together. Halil and Cumali are late and Zümrüt makes another snide comment about how difficult it is to get them all around the table at one time.  

Seyran continues trying to explain to Mithat why she took out the loan. She tells him she did it for them; she wanted to quickly rescue Mithat from the situation they found themselves in. Mithat reminds her about what she had said earlier; that she did not want to live through what she’d gone through before and that it was the panic over that which caused her to go for the loan. She asked him if that was not normal. She accepts that they needed the money and that’s why he went for the loan but the people he’d borrowed from are not honest people like himself. She begged Mithat to use the money she got to pay off the loan so they can sleep in peace. Mithat unfortunately says no, he doesn’t want the money. Banu puts her nose in again and tells Seyran to stop insisting, that Mithat is looking at things from a different world view.  Mithat questions what she means by that and Seyran steps in to stop them from arguing. Banu then tells Seyran that Mithat is misunderstanding her now too and goes on to say “men like you”. Mithat stops her right there to ask if by that she means uneducated, ill mannered men like him? Banu says no but that men like him have rough edges and only look at things from one point of view…leave well alone now Banu please! Mithat tells her that he understood her very well and she manages a shrug and a final taunt that they should think about what their fighting is doing to Gülce.  

Ömer gets through to Halil who informs him they are on their way to the police station and he will explain when he gets home.  

Everyone is seated at dinner when they notice Melek is missing. Panic sets in when suddenly Melek emerges from another room to much relief; she had gone to dress up a little to celebrate that they would all be together without secrets at the table.  

Aslı questions Funda as to whether she had plotted with Alpay to get Melek divorced from Alpay. Funda is angered by what is essentially the truth. She tells Aslı that their marriage was finished and they were on the point of getting divorced. Aslı tells Funda not to lie and that Kerem had told her everything. Funda retorts that the children have been poisoned against their father because Melek can’t stand the fact that Alpay and Funda are together. Aslı says Kerem wouldn’t lie; if that were the case, he would simply have said that his parents were divorced and also would not hate his father so much. Alpay walks in and hears the tail end of Aslı and Funda’s argument. He wants to know what connection there is between Aslı and Kerem.  

Vildan, Zumrut and Ömer are waiting for Halil and Cumali. Following a phone call from Halil, Ömer explains that the copper studio had been swindled by a conman selling them fake copper pots. Vildan is visibly concerned as she remembers having told Kenan that they needed a new supplier.  

Alpay tells Aslı that he does not want her to have any connection with Kerem. Aslı impudently asks if he’s worried she would harm Kerem; does he think that she would turn him into someone like herself. Alpay tells Funda to shut her niece up as he’s reaching the end of his patience. As she’s leaving the room, Aslı tells Alpay that he’s right about one thing; if she had known from the beginning that Kerem was Alpay’s son, she would have re-considered. Alpay then turns to Funda and says she had better make sure that all ties between Kerem and Aslı are cut.  Funda tries to tell him they are teenagers and would tire of each other soon enough but Alpay is adamant; their relationship has to end. Funda tells Alpay she doesn’t think they will listen and that she had spoken to them which makes Alpay realize that she knew about their relationship before. She tires to backpedal and tells Alpay that she only just found out but he tells her to stop lying. He tells Funda that she knows what will happen if the relationship continues; Aslı will make Kerem her lover and get him to pay for everything, sponging off him permanently. Funda asks if he is inferring that it’s what she did with Alpay but he tells her he doesn’t understand why she would think that.  

Melek, Kerem and Defne are enjoying quiet time with each other. Melek feels so bad for the kids having to carry such a burden; that they’ve had to grow up before their time. They tell her that without her, they couldn’t have succeeded in anything..that they get their strength from her presence. Melek thanks them for going on the marrow bone transfer list; that even if it didn’t work for her, it might help another family just like theirs and they shouldn’t give up; they will fight this thing all together with their love.

Mithat is playing over in his mind everything Banu said about him.   Banu apologizes to Seyran for perhaps going further than she should have. Seyran assures her she  had said nothing wrong. She told Banu that she understands Mithat and that he needs some more time. Banu says she thinks Mithat finally realizes what a strong woman he married.  Seyran tells her it would be more correct to say he realized that she would never leave him on his own. She wants Banu to know that Mithat is not a narrow minded man; he just needs some time. Seyran thanks Banu for being guarantor for the loan but tells her she will have to give the money back to the bank.  

Halil and Cumali come back home. They explain the swindler's case is going to court and they were able to get their money back. Vildan tells them that Zümrüt was angry with them for missing dinner.

Nefise Hala and Seyit Ali talk about how relieved they are that peace reigns over the house once again; the black cloud has lifted and Nefise Hala thanks God that everything is much brighter now. Seyit Ali says he was watching Melek today; she is still carrying a burden. Nefise Hala explains that Melek has suffered for so long, sacrificed herself for her family for so long that she doesn’t know how to ask for help.  In time she feels sure that Melek will realize that they will all lighten her load. Seyit Ali says that from now on, whatever Melek wants to do, she will be free to do and that he, as her father, will be by her side through it all. Furthermore he says, that bastard Alpay will not be allowed near her. Nefise Hala asks if Alpay knows about Melek’s illness and Seyit Ali confirms he does not.  

Alpay is being stroppy about the fact that Funda didn’t prepare breakfast for him. He wants to know where Asli is. He once again stresses that she has to end any relationship with Kerem otherwise he will resort to his methods (whatever they might be).  

Defne is getting ready to go and say goodbye to Ömer but waking up Melek accidentally she discovers that Melek has a temperature. This worries Kerem and Defne and Defne decides she will not go to see Ömer off as she doesn’t want to leave Melek. When Nefise Hala also starts to panic, Melek assures her that this is normal from time to time and she will be fine once her pills start working.

At breakfast Nefise Hala wonders if there is something going on at work since Mahmut left in a rush. Seyit Ali says there’s some stress because Alpay and Kenan have bought up a lot of the shops at the Han. Melek comes down looking fresh and happy; she says she is feeling well and that as soon as she takes her pills she feels better. They want her to rest but she says she feels much better if she is up and about at work. Seyit Ali tells her to eat well and that he will take her to work.  

Halil and Cumali are on their way to work when Halil receives a call from his lawyer. He is told that they can stop the construction at the Han if they get a majority of the tenants to sign a petition against it. Cumali calls Seyit Ali to tell him to meet them at the copper studio so as to discuss the new developments.  

Mithat and Mahmut are talking about the fact that Melek and Seyit Ali have made up. Mahmut tells him about the laughter and tears as it happened. Mahmut recommends that Mithat tells Seyit Ali about the Kenan loan situation but Mahmut says he doesn’t want to upset the applecart.  

Aslı is waiting for Kerem outside his football club but he brushes her off and walks away.

Alpay tells Kenan about Funda’s niece being involved with Kerem. Kenan laughs and says maybe now Alpay can use it as an excuse to get closer to Kerem.  Alpay asks where Cumali and Seyit Ali could be and when Kenan appears to know their whereabouts, Alpay warns him to be careful that he doesn’t involve his heart in that family..meaning of course Vildan. Kenan makes light of it but he does not like Alpay talking about Vildan.  

At the copper studio, Mirza is telling Vildan all about the swindler and she starts having doubts again about Kenan, recalling her conversation with him the previous day when she told him they needed a new supplier.   Melek arrives arm in arm with Seyit Ali noted with pleasure by Mirza and Vildan. Cumali and Halil arrive and are also surprised to see Melek and Seyit Ali looking happy together side by side.  Cumali is delighted when Seyit Ali tells him that Melek and he have reconciled and that thankfully there are no more secrets.  He tells Melek that they will all do whatever it takes to help her recover; everyone they know will be encouraged to give blood samples since you never know where the healing can come from.  

Inside the Syrian border, Omer arrives at his tent hospital posting.  

Cumali, Seyit Ali, Mirza and Halil discuss whether the tenants at the Han will sign the petition to stop the building works. Mirza is convinced that most will since the construction is affecting their businesses. As he is leaving, Seyit Ali looks back at Melek and Halil smiling and talking with each other; it’s not clear what he is thinking but he calls out to Melek interrupting her and Halil only to tell her to look after herself. Is it concern for Melek or is he not happy to see Halil so involved with Melek?  

Idris tells Kenan that the swindler they hired to pass off the fake copper pots to Halil is threatening to spill the beans about who hired him. Kenan receives a call from Vildan and Zeynel hears Kenan say her name when he answered the phone.  

Melek is telling Halil how amazing it was that she and her father had reconciled. She told him how Seyit Ali had written her a letter forgiving her years ago. She tells Halil how attentive her father is towards her now and that he'd told he would never let her leave his roof again. She also said how touched she was with Cumali’s kind words to her; that she had missed them both so much. Her eye caught on the canvas Halil had set up for them to paint and she told him she hoped she’d see be around to see its completion. Halil told Melek they will finish the picture together and hang it up in their future home.  

Cumali and Seyit Ali arrive at the Han and call a meeting with all the tenants.  

Ömer calls Defne who had been pacing the floor, worrying why he had not called yet. He tells her that all is well, he has just arrived and has to give his cell phone in. He promises to call her as soon as he can. They both tell each other how much they love and miss each other.  

Kenan meets Vildan at the tea garden. She has brought him some pastries because in their last meeting he had touched her when he'd said how much he wanted the warmth of a family. She tells him that she wants to think of him well but she is suspicious of his intentions.  She recalled that she had told him about their search for a new copper supplier and somehow can’t help but think he was involved in their being swindled. He tells her he is upset that she could think this about him. As they are talking, Funda passes by and sees them. Vildan continues by telling Kenan that with all the question marks in her mind about his association in the matters that have caused her family trouble, she cannot continue their meetings. Kenan tells her that since she is suspicious and uncomfortable, he won’t insist. He told her that one day she will discover that he is well intentioned and innocent and that if he ever thought that one day she would find out things to the contrary, he would throw himself off the Antep tower. He tells Vildan that her suspicions were enough to break his heart.  As he prepares to leave, he put a red rose beside her pastries and tells her that one day when she believes in him, he will eat her pastries.  

Cumali and Seyit Ali are collecting signatures from the Han tenants. Zeynel says he wants to sign too. Cumali asks him if he’s sure since he is Kenan’s tenant but Zeynel is adamant that he too will sign.   Alpay comes to Cumali’s table and makes fun. Cumali shows him the petition and tells him their control of the Han will be over. Kenan comes to see what the problem is. Seyit Ali tells him that they will no longer be able to do what they want at the Han and shows him the petition they have signed. Kenan picks up the petition and marvels at the fact that everyone has signed as he looks at Zeynel who looks back at him defiantly. Just then Halil and Melek are seen striding towards them looking very happy; a fact not unnoticed by Alpay. Halil says they have just been at the municipality and the project is cancelled. An expert’s report showed that it would cause harm to the Han’s structure. Kenan says they follow the law and since everyone is opposed, no good would come of pressing further. He asks for the project drawings and tears them up in front of everyone and walks away.   Alpay is not pleased and rushes after Kenan. Kenan tells him to think of this as part of the plan. Alpay walks back out to the courtyard and sees Cumali, Seyit Ali, Mahmut, Melek and Halil enjoying a feast and chatting joyfully. He goes to Kenan and angrily tells him what’s going on and asks him if he remembered how they cast them out of there 20 years ago. Now they have taken his daughter as a future bride, put Melek on a throne, the Han is under their control and Halil is relishing ever moment.  Alpay hopes that Kenan has another idea. Kenan tells him that nothing is finished only that they have shown their hand too much. If they stay visible like they have been, everything they try will be blocked. Alpay says he is going to call in the promissory notes. Kenan tells him that is not a good idea that the family will get together and pay the bills and everything will bounce back to him but Alpay won’t listen.  

Alpay comes home in a bad mood. Funda tells him that instead of getting on Aslı’s case, he should look more closely at Kenan. Alpay tells her that Kenan is doing things without telling him and Funda tells him that’s typical of Kenan. She then proceeds to tell Alpay that she saw Kenan with Vildan and says he might be playing games with you but he certainly wasn’t playing with Vildan. This puts a fire under Alpay and he leaves the house.  

Mithat arrives home and soon after some debt collector strongmen with guns arrive to threaten Mithat. Seyran is frightened and Mithat tells them they will get paid and they should get the hell out of his house. Seyran is freaking out and wishes she hadn’t given the money back whilst Mithat is so angry that he beats his head against the door repeatedly; he apologizes and says he is ashamed at making Seyran live through this. He promises he will deal with the matter and she will not have to worry again.  

Alpay goes to the Han to see Kenan. He tells Kenan now that he has cancelled plans to get revenge, maybe he can make a home with Vildan and grins lewdly. As we have seen before, Kenan does not take kindly when Vildan’s name is used by Alpay.  Alpay continues to goad him but Kenan simply tells him that he has not changed any plans but Vildan is another subject altogether. Alpay says “so you haven’t given up the plans because of her then” and Kenan replies that he is not like Alpay, he doesn’t betray anyone. In that case says Alpay, “give me those security camera recordings and let’s close this unfortunate matter”. Kenan tells him that he’s not keeping the recordings to use against Alpay, he’s keeping them in case Alpay does something stupid. Alpay tells Kenan that they shouldn’t fool each other, that he knows everything that goes through Kenan’s mind. Kenan tells him that if he had intended to cause trouble for him, he would have given the recordings to the police a long time ago.  He asks Alpay what he’s after and Alpay says he wants to know about the jobs Kenan is keeping secret from him. They are interrupted by Mithat who is shouting Alpay’s name as he angrily strides towards them. He grabs Alpay by the throat and asks if he’d ever said he wouldn’t pay those promissory notes.  He continues squeezing Alpay’s throat and repeating the same question until Kenan breaks them apart. Mithat then turns on Kenan and says “you were the one talking about being a man weren’t you?”. Kenan assures him that he only just learned what Alpay did otherwise he would have stopped it. He swears he didn’t know. Mithat tells them that if those loan sharks come to his house one more time, Mithat will kill both Kenan and Alpay. Kenan applauds Alpay in disgust and calls him a stupid moron. He tells Alpay that “you’re talking about revenge but you should first know how to protect yourself”. “Mithat came to kill you, don’t you realize that” he said. “One of these days you will die at someone’s hand and even I will not be ablel to save you”.  

Idris tells Kenan that the jailed swindler threatens to talk unless they get him out of jail. Kenan tells Idris to find a way or silence him.  

Mirza and Halil are at the copper studio talking about some music that Halil had written but not finished. Halil says that he’d promised Melek that they would complete everything they had left half finished. Mirza told him it was time that he and Melek got together but Halil says how can he now say "let's become one" when she only just reconciled with her father.  Obviously he posits, their time has not yet come. He starts playing the song he had written all those years ago.  

Mithat tells Seyran that he will walk with her and Gulce to school and work. This concerns Seyran but he promises her that there is nothing wrong and that the matter will be resolved.  

Nefise Hala visits Zümrüt for coffee.  She mentions the invitation for dinner that Zümrüt had refused. Zümrüt tells her that it was Omer’s last night and she wanted a family dinner. Nefise Hala told her that since the kids had just got engaged, she could have used this opportunity to tear down the walls that Zümrüt had put up and become one family again. Zümrüt said that she has no walls, she has a broken heart and the balm and the medicine for that is time. Time is flying fast said Nefise Hala and invites Zümrüt and the family to join them for dinner that evening so they can begin the process of healing.  

Zeynel tells Mithat about the signatures that stopped the building at the Han. Mithat is happy to hear that Zeynel now recognizes who Kenan and Alpay are.  He tells Zeynel that Alpay sent two men with guns to his house. As they are talking, those same two men come to remind Mithat that payment is due that evening. He tries to attack them but is pulled back by Zeynel.  

Aslı catches up with Kerem but they are suddenly approached by two men (hired by Emre) who start attacking Kerem.  Alpay, who had come to see Kerem at the club is passing by and rescues him. As Aslı fusses over Kerem, Alpay asks her what she’s doing and says “didn’t I tell you to stay away from my son”? Kerem interjects to ask what Alpay means. Alpay says the fight was over Aslı was it not? Kerem tells Alpay that Aslı has nothing to do with it and Alpay should not interfere.  He takes Aslı by the hand and once they are away from Alpay Kerem drops her hand; he said he only did it so Alpay would stop getting at Aslı.  

Mithat calls Mahmut to meet him with Zeynel. Mithat tells him about his problems with the money lenders and asks for his help.  

At the Syrian border some injured soldiers arrive at the hospital tent.  

Alpay arrives home and gives a Funda a one-way ticket that he’d bought for Aslı. He tells Funda that Aslı was just with Kerem after he had told her to stay away from him. Funda reminds him that her homelife is like hell and Aslı’s father is a maniac. Alpay says if she doesn’t go it will be hell for them.  

At the Han, a salesman is showing some ancient prints to Kenan. Alpay is introduced and learns that Kenan is no longer dealing in stolen property. As he leaves to take a phone call, Alpay asks for the salesman’s business card and plans to call him later.   

Vildan tells Melek that somehow Nefise Hala has managed to convince Zümrüt to join them for Dinner. Seyit Ali jr. arrives with Defne and Halil comes soon after. Halil and Melek take Seyit Ali Jr. to the park where they spend some family time together.  

At the Syrian border hospital Omer has the hard task to tell the sister of the soldier he was treating that they could not save him.  

Mahmut is counting out cash at the Han; it's not enough so he calls Kadriye to see if she will give him some of her gold and promises to pay her back soon. Seyit Ali hears this and Mahmut has no choice but to tell him why.   Seyit Ali storms over to Alpay and hits him with a perfect slap. He yells at Alpay and asks him who he thinks he is to threaten his son.  “What kind of man are you?” he says, “is it not enough what you did to my daughter for 20 years”? “Take your nails out of my children”! Seyit Ali then throws a bunch of money at the prone lying Alpay. “I want those promissory notes in my possession in half an hour or else” he says turning around to leave.  

Aslı comes home and finds out that a ticket has been bought for her to go back to Germany. Funda says there is nothing she can do.  

Kenan reminds Alpay that he told him someone is going to kill him one of these days and that he just came close. Alpay tells Kenan that it must have pleased him to see; how come he didn’t applaud Seyit Ali? Kenan tells Alpay that he is tired of rescuing him and leaves. Behind him, Alpay says that he will ruin Kenan together with all the rest of them and calls the crooked salesman.  

Mahmut, Mithat and Seyit Ali meet and talk together about what happened about the promissory notes and Mithat acknowledges his mistakes. Seyit Ali admits that he closed all the figurative doors and that’s why both Mithat and Mahmut had nowhere to go. He said he will support them from now on and help them in their business plans.


The owner of Seyran’s pharmacy visits Seyran to tell her that she plans to sell the business. As she is telling Seyran that she would be happy to sell it to Seyran otherwise it will be sold to someone else, Mithat is at the door with a bunch of flowers coming to see Seyran.  

Seyit Ali watches Seyit Ali jr., Melek and Halil enjoying some together time at the park. As they get ready to leave he asks Halil if he could speak with him.  

At the Karadağ mansion, Vildan and Zümrüt are sitting waiting for everyone to come for dinner. Ömer calls and Defne, Vildan and Zümrüt get to speak with him.  

Seyit Ali has a heart to heart with Halil. He tells him that he can only imagine the heartbreak he went through after Melek left and though he has no doubt about Halil’s humanity and kindness, if something happens to Melek he does not want Halil to suffer more again. Halil tells him that he understands what Seyit Ali is trying to say but he tells him that he loves Melek very much.  He explains that Melek left 20 years ago not because she didn’t love him but because of some false information someone had given her about his love. Cumali is approaching them as he hears Halil’s story. He tells Seyit Ali that everything he did for Melek he did without knowing she was ill. When he found out the truth about why Melek left, everything changed and he found out about her illness later too. Halil continues to explain that it’s not his conscience but love that makes him do all he can for Melek and from now on whether Melek has 3 days or 3 hundred years, he will be by her side. "This is a truth that has not changed for 20 years. that’s why, with your permission, I want to marry Melek” he said.  

As Defne takes back the phone from Zumrut they tell each other how much they love each other but before they can say any more, an alarm is sounded that there is fighting nearby, there are wounded and some lives lost.  Everyone has to go for support and rescue. Defne can hear the commands but Omer has gone……tune in next week! 

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