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Benim Adım Melek Season 2: Episode 11 (39)

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The Şirhans have arrived at the Karadağ mansion to ask for Defne’s hand, much to everyone’s happy surprise. Awkward glances and smiles together with stilted conversations perfectly express the emotions everyone is feeling as they enter the courtyard.

Upstairs getting ready, Melek and Defne are overjoyed yet wistful, each wondering if Melek will be there for the eventual wedding. Kadriye arrives (because she can’t possibly not be involved in everything) to loan Defne some hideous gold jewelry which she insists Defne must wear as no Gaziantep bride can be without gold.  

Back at Mithat and Seyran's apartment,  Banu makes some barbed comments hidden behind a smile; that Seyran’s bright future was dimmed because of the scary man she first married and that hopefully her choice this time will be the right one. No doubt this brazen hussy is going to cause problems for Mithat and Seyran in the future.   The doorbell rings and as Mithat goes to answer it, Banu can’t resist a dig by saying how sweet Mithat is but she sees a cultural difference between them. At the door Zeynel has arrived to see why Mithat is not returning his calls. Mithat tells him how angry he is that Zeynel not only trusted Kenan but drew Mithat into Kenan’s lair too. Zeynel tells Mithat he is misjudging Kenan which angers Mithat further; he tells Zeynel that Kenan is playing with them, that he’s taken over the Han and handed the promissory notes Mithat signed to Alpay. Seyran arrives in time to hear this and an argument ensues as to how Mithat could have done this without her knowledge.  

At the Karadağ’s the whole family, with the exception of Zümrüt, are happily watching Melek and Defne’s entrance. Zümrut casts her usual black cloud over everything by audibly commenting that blood is seeping from the same wound meaning of course that history is repeating least in her mind. Cumali tells her that they did not come there to pour salt in the wound but to heal it and the matter is now completely closed. Woooo!  

Seyran is angry with Mithat for not telling her that the promissory notes were in Alpay’s possession. Mithat tries to tell her he didn’t know Kenan would give them to Alpay and admits it was a mistake to begin with but Seyran is upset and worried; she tells him that he may not know what it feels like to live in fear but her life has been spent worrying about debt collectors at her door. Mithat asks her how she could believe he would ever let things get to that stage; he is not her ex-husband and she should stop equating them. Getting nowhere Mithat leaves the house.  

Aslı is annoyed that her Aunt took her to Kerem’s house without telling her that Kerem was Alpay’s son.  Funda gave her a nonsense explanation that she wanted the family to respect Aslı and that they went to the mansion for Aslı’s sake. Funda tells her she has no problem with the children and whether Aslı continues to see Kerem or not; that it was Melek who was the problem, who always painted their father in a bad light.  

The rings are exchanged and Ömer and Defne are engaged at last. The family members congratulate each other and Melek is overcome with emotion.  

Alpay meantime comes home to tell Funda that everything went to plan; the engagement being called off made him very happy. Funda tells him that Defne insulting him like she did was unforgiveable and they don’t appreciate him. She says that when they have a child, they will raise him to be proud of his father.  

Banu questions if Mithat and Seyran’s relationship is always so contentious. Seyran says no of course not but that he misunderstands her. Banu asks Seyran if she is certain that the relationship will work because Mithat has an anger management problem.  She puts more doubts into Seyran’s mind by saying that even though it’s Mithat’s fault, he is fighting with her.  

Defne tells Melek that she is very excited and can’t wait to look at wedding gowns with Melek. She thanks Seyit Ali for being by their side; Melek tells her father that by doing this for Defne, he’s given them the world.  

Ömer thanks Cumali for all that he did whilst Zümrüt mumbles negativity under her breath; it doesn’t go unnoticed by Ömer but Vildan tells him not to let it bother him and that his grandmother will come around.  

Nefise Hala and Melek are enjoying coffee and relaxing after everyone has gone home. Nefise Hala asks if Halil knows about Melek’s illness. She admits that he does. Nefise says she could tell by the way he looks at her, how he tries to protect her, how he treats her. Melek says Halil always did that, even before her illness. Nefise says "you rejected Halil all those years ago and went off with Alpay, what is making you re-think now?"" is it his goodness or his humanity? " 

Seyit Ali jr has chicken pox which has caused a panic in the house since they need to protect Melek whilst at the same time not let her know that almost all of them know she is ill and needs to be protected.  

Kerem talks with Melek about the coincidence of Asli being Funda’s nephew. He asks her if he should stop seeing Asli. Melek tells him that he has to decide, even though it doesn’t mean that Aslı will be like her aunt but he should be careful nonetheless. She doesn’t want him to get hurt.  

Seyran is worried about Mithat. Banu tells her to stop calling him, that he will come home and everything will resolve itself.  Seyran wants Banu to know that Mithat is a very kind, emotional man.  

Melek meets Cumali on her way to work and thanks him profusely for being there for the kids and for making them so happy. Cumali allows her to kiss his hand which is a big development for him but then he is overcome by emotion and has to rush off before Melek sees him crying.

Seyit Ali is having a staff meeting to inform them that they are expecting very important guests and everything they prepare has to be the best. He sits down with Cumali and asks him how come Zümrüt came to the engagement. Did he tell her about Melek? Cumali says no, he didn’t. He told her that this engagement is going to happen; that if he leaves once more, he will not return. That and the fact that she loves her grandson was the reason she gave in and attended the engagement. Cumali asks Seyit Ali if he has told Melek that he knows about her illness. Seyit Ali says no; “you must” says Cumali, “she has to know she has your support and that you will find a way to fight this disease together”. Seyit Ali says he doesn’t know; the grandchildren and his sons have not told her and he feels that if he does, it will upset her more. Cumali tells him to forget that, what if something happens, how will he live with his regrets? Also if there is anything at all that Cumali can do, he must not hesitate to ask…wonderful to see Cumali’s change of heart.  

Vildan asks Melek how she is feeling. She is about to say that she knows about her cancer when Melek interrupts her to ask if she had made a decision about Kenan. Vildan says she doesn’t know what to do. Melek says if it was anyone else she’d say give it a try but this is Kenan. His being partners with Alpay means you have to be careful. Melek then tells her that there are lots of coincidences happening and tells her about Kerem’s girlfriend being Funda’s niece.   Halil tells Melek that he’s made an appointment with the lawyer to discuss the Han’s situation. Mirza joins them and advises that their copper pot supplier has gone bankrupt and they need to find another supplier.  

Kenan arrives at the studio with some trays he wants to be fixed to sell in his store. Vildan is a little cool towards him. He asks when Ömer will be going to his new posting and she tells him he will be gone soon but now that he got engaged, he won’t be distracted. The news of the engagement stuns Kenan; he had made a promise to his late son that he wouldn’t let that happen. Vildan also mentions that their copper pot supplier has gone bankrupt. This gives Kenan an idea how to get some revenge. Vildan asks Kenan not to come to the studio again; that the good deeds he does are being taken the wrong way. Outside the studio, he calls one of his cronies to scheme about the copper pots.  

At the Karadag mansion Kadriye is wondering what to do since Seyit Ali Jr. has chicken pox and she is pregnant. Nefise tells Defne and Omer to take Seyit Ali Jr. to his grandfather’s room instead of Melek’s room. Nefise tells Kadriye to stay in her room and she won’t get infected.  

As Kenan arrives at the Han he is telling Idris that the engagement went ahead and that Alpay lied to him when he’d said it hadn’t.  They come upon preparations for what looks like a banquet taking place.  He asks Mahmut what was going on and he is told that they have important guests coming from the municipality and Kenan should stay in his shop and not get in the way.  Kenan walks off and tells Idris to call the construction works and let them come over now to start building works at the Han and thus disrupt the municipality lunch.  

Zeynel visits Mithat at the food truck but Mithat is still upset with him. Zeynel insists that Kenan is a good man which inflames Mithat even more and he sends him on his way.  

Alpay arrives at the Han in a good mood and is shocked when Kenan tells him the engagement went ahead. Kenan thinks Alpay knew and had lied to him but discovers that he didn’t know. Alpay rushes off to confront Seyit Ali, accuses him of playing games with him and insults him about being a man of his word. Cumali steps in between and shoves Alpay away; he tells him that until he becomes a man, he is not allowed to cross the line between his shop and theirs. Take that Mr. Alpay!  

Alpay calls Defne to tell her off for lying to him. She tries to explain that they didn’t know the engagement was going to happen but he won’t listen.  

Mithat calls Melek to apologise for not being able to attend the engagement. Seyran is watching him by his food truck from afar and calls him on the phone.  She sees Mithat turn off the phone without answering her call.  

Defne and Ömer come to the Han and tell Seyit Ali about Seyit Ali Jr’s illness and that because it’s infectious, he mustn’t come close to Melek.  As they are wondering what to do Alpay sees them and yells out to Defne. Cumali stops Alpay in his tracks with a growl just as he’s about to go to Defne. He insists that Seyit Ali Jr. has to stay with him this weekend and will not believe that he is sick.  Finally Kenan convinces him to leave the matter alone.  

Between Seyit Ali, Defne, Omer, Halil and Mirza they try to figure out a plan how to keep Melek away from Seyit Ali Jr.

Halil and Melek have a warm chat over tea and go back the recent events which have been so happy. Melek is full of hope that things between her and her father will improve. She tells Halil that whenever he speaks with her he fills her with hope and thanks him. She tells him Nefise Hala had asked her why she had upped and left when she valued Halil so much and that she had told her the whole story. Halil looks at Melek lovingly and tells her that whatever was left incomplete they will complete together. Melek recalls that in high school Halil used to like painting and she wished she could paint too.  She recalled that all his work was half done. Halil told her that when the time was right it would be complete, just like the empty space in the picture, like the emptiness in your heart, like love expectantly waiting for a reunion; it was worth the wait he says. Halil then holds Melek’s hand, the music starts and the all our hearts miss a beat! Halil tells Melek that they will not remain half finished, that whatever their dreams, they will complete that picture together.  

Mirza makes up a story that they have a large order to fill as a way of keeping Melek at work. Halil has to go to the lawyer meeting.  

Seyit Ali tells Cumali he doesn’t know how they are going to keep Melek away from Seyit Ali Jr. Cumali says that’s why he thinks Seyit Ali should tell Melek he knows about her illness.

The municipality members arrive and are welcomed by Cumali and Seyit Ali. They compliment each other for keeping the historical atmosphere of the Han.  Just then the construction truck arrives and the men start offloading cement bags, creating lots of dust and noise in the midst of the lunch.  

The lawyer tells Halil that all the documents Kenan has seem to be in order and it doesn’t look like there is much that can be done to stop any of the changes.  

As the workmen drop bags of cement the disruption to the lunch is complete. Kenan apologises to the guests and says if he had known they were coming, he would have postponed the work. He explains the project is to create a boutique hotel upstairs whilst keeping the downstairs shops and their historical values intact. In this way all the store holders will benefit from tourism and the enhanced environment of their shops. The municipality members are impressed and congratulate them for the project. Cumali and Seyit Ali are left speechless wondering what project they are being congratulated for.  

At the Karadağ mansion, Nefise Hala calls Beyhan to bring some fresh clothes for Seyit Ali Jr. Kadriye, not wanting to pass up the chance to go into Melek’s room again, insists she will get the clothes and rushes off. Inside Melek’s room she rummages around until she finds the file she had been looking at the other day when interrupted. She reads it all and starts crying a she learns of Melek’s cancer.  

Defne and Ömer are talking about how to keep Melek away from Seyit Ali jr. and then Ömer brings up the topic of where they’ll live when they are married. He jokes that of course she will live at the Şirhan mansion and learn how to cook the famous Gaziantep food for him. Just as she is getting horrified at his plans, Ömer tells her it’s a joke and they will live wherever she wants. Defne says she can’t leave her mother no matter what.  

Nefise Hala finds Kadriye crying at the bottom of the stairs and Kadriye finds out that Nefise Hala knows about Melek too. She understands now why they were trying to keep Seyit Alii Jr. away from Melek. Nefise Hala tells her that she only found out recently and nobody must know, Kadriye must keep quiet. She agrees.  

Defne and Ömer come to the studio and explain to Melek that Seyit Ali Jr. is not going to Alpay’s that weekend.  They blame it on Alpay being angry for not being allowed to attend the engagement party.  

Seyit Ali Jr., is complaining that the chicken pox is itchy and he wants his mother.  

Kadriye is crying in her room when Mahmut arrives. She tells him that sisters are very important and whether you are angry or not, you have to always look after them. He realizes something is up and she tells him that she found out about Melek.  

Mithat comes home to find that Seyran is not there; she is on night duty. Banu tells him that Seyran keep everything bottled up inside and never talks about things that hurt her. If he wants to make a difference in her life, he can’t do it by reacting the way he has been. She tells him that she is going sit with Seyran since she is on duty until the morning and will bring her some food and try and give her morale a boost since she had a very difficult day.  

Melek arrives home and Kadriye rushes up to her crying and hugs her. She tells her how bad she feels for all that Melek has gone through. Mahmut comes out to stop her but she tells Melek that she knows about her illness and that together they will fight it. Kadriye asks her to forgive her for all the mean things she did to her. Melek tells her she doesn’t hold anything against Kadriye and doesn’t want her to be unhappy. She begs Kadriye not to tell anyone.  

Banu visits Seyran at the pharmacy and tells Seyran that she can’t understand why she is so concerned and worried about someone who treats her the way Mithat does. Seyran tells her that Mithat is her husband and that she loves him very much. The fact that they may argue does not mean that she is going to give up on him. Banu tells her that Mithat is being unjust with her but Seyran says she understands Mithat and how everything happening one after another made him feel powerless.  Banu, stirring again says “he wasn’t powerless with you though was he?”.  Seyran tells her that their only problem is money and they decide that she will apply for a loan and Banu will stand as her guarantor!!!! Seyran cannot see the dark clouds forming again as a result of what she’s about to do.  

Melek arrives home and Nefise Hala tells her that Seyit Ali Jr. is asleep, that he had wanted to sleep with his grandfather.  

Cumali comes downstairs to sit with Halil who tells him that he took Melek home and just arrived. When Cumali tells him that he did good, Halil realizes that Cumali knows about Melek’s condition. Cumali says “you knew right from the beginning didn’t you, that’s why you did all that running around for her”? “While we were attacking her right and left, you were the only one who looked after her” he said. “None of us could understand why you were doing all that”. Halil tells him that in the beginning he didn’t know either; everything he did then and now had nothing to do with her illness. Cumali tells him that whatever the case, he did the right thing whereas they were just fighting with regrets. He hoped that God would soon give her a cure and she will be well again.  

Seyit Ali Jr. wakes up screaming for Melek. Melek jumps out of bed and runs towards him. The rest of the family wake up and try to stop her from touching him. She keeps insisting to go to Seyit Ali Jr. and will not listen no matter how much they try to tell her that it’s infectious. Finally Mahmut manages to drag her away and make her listen to some sense.   Seyit Ali tries to calm Seyit Ali Jr. down   Melek meantime is being ridiculously dramatic about wanting to see her son. Nefise Hala has to remind her that this is a childhood illness but she could die and then who would be there for her children. It shouldn’t need this much convincing.  

In the morning Melek has made Seyit Ali Jr.’s favorite pudding. She wants to see him again but Nefise Hala reminds her again that she can’t. She worries what her father must have thought about all the row but Nefise Hala tells her he didn’t wake up.  

Aslı meets Kerem at the training ground. She makes a mistake and talks negatively about Defne and Melek. Kerem tells her not to interfere with their family matters. He gets angry at her judging and walks away after telling her he’d forgotten that she was the niece of the woman who worked hand in hand with his father to the divorce from his mother.  

At the Han there is no electricity in Cumali and Seyit Ali’s shops. This is all thanks to Kenan’s machinations. Cumali can’t make his goods and Seyit Ali has to throw away all his meat.  

Emre asks Kerem if he wants to talk about his problems with Asli. Kerem just punches him instead and when asked what is going on by the coach, he shows him the video of Emre putting the watch in his backpack.  

Melek is telling Halil how hard it was to look at Seyit Ali Jr., He tells her he understands but in a few days the illness will be over and she will be able to hug her son again. She worries that when he asks her why she didn’t come to him when he was ill she will have no answer.  Halil tells her that she will get well and will be able to explain everything to him. He reminds her that only yesterday they agreed that everything was going in the right direction and he makes her laugh.  

Kenan is waiting for Vildan outside the mansion. He sees that she is wearing the brooch he gave her and asks if she would listen to him one more time.  

Defne and Ömer are going to spend his last day together. He tells her he will take her somewhere really nice.   Meantime Zümrüt gives orders for all of Ömer’s favorite foods to be made for the last night’s family dinner.  

The football coach is giving Emre a talking to. Emre says it was a joke but the coach is having none of it. He tells Emre that if Kerem had reported him to the police, he would be in jail right now and his reputation and future ruined. He reminds Emre that Kerem could still go to the police but Kerem says he has no intention of doing that. Emre is handed down his punishment; he will not be in the squad for the rest of the season and if he continue arguing, he will be thrown out of the team completely.  

Ömer brings Defne to a remote spot where he had prepared and decorated a private dining area for them to enjoy lunch with a view.  They take lots of photos and enjoy their time together.   The Sirhan men are true romantics as Halil too has prepared his own suprise for Melek. He blind folds her and brings her to the sitting room at the studio where he has laid out painting supplies and a canvas. He said he will teach her how to paint and they will complete it together; that nothing will remain half done.


Banu arrives at the Pharmacy ready to go to the bank with Seyran.  

Kenan brings Vildan to an area where homeless people are congregated. He tells her that once upon a time he lived like these people. He would leave the orphanage from time to time to try and be a man he thought. He always dreamed about making a home, having a family. He was like a child in the cold looking through a window into a warm family home.  Vildan is touched. He says he always wanted to be in a family, with people who love one another and that he has never met someone like Vildan. She gives him confidence by the manner in which she comports herself. He asks her if she would please give him a chance.


Mithat thinks over what Seyran says and decided he will ask his father for a loan. He calls Mahmut and tells him he wants to talk with him.  

Kerem leaves training and is confronted by Emre with some of his friends and he picks a fight. Just as Emre is about to open up his flick knife Aslı arrives on the scene. She tells Emre that she will go to the police as she has the security camera recordings too if he doesn’t leave Kerem alone.   Emre walks away but says he will deal with him.   Aslı runs after Kerem and tells him that she didn’t know how her Aunt and Alpay got married, how could she have known. Kerem tells her that no-one can talk about his sister or his mother the way she did. “Whether you like it or not, they are my family” he told her. Walking away, he said “I don’t want to see or hear you any more” . Aslı calls after him and said she only mentioned what she saw herself. Just then Funda stops by in her jeep. She calls out to them and invites them to go for a meal together. Kerem just shakes his head and walks off. This young man has grown in leaps and bounds since he came to Gaziantep at the start of the series!   Funda asks Aslı what was wrong with Kerem. Aslı tells her it’s all Funda’s fault because Funda’s explanations don’t match with Kerem’s. Funda thinks she’s being silly but Aslı walks off.  

At the Han, Seyit Ali, Cumali and Mahmut are talking about the electricity cut and the losses incurred as a result. Alpay pretends he is commiserating whilst making fun. Seyit Ali tells Alpay that since he was walking around shouting how he’s a father, he might be interested to know that his son is better now. Cumali says “what father”? “all he knows how to do is stand in front of the shop doing nothing”. Seyit Ali says their only job is to cause problems. Kenan says that he will reimburse them for all their losses since it was his workers that caused the problem.   Mithat walks in just as Seyit Ali is telling Kenan that his money is not good luck for them and they’d rather die from hunger than take anything from him. Kenan looks at Mithat poignantly as Seyit Ali says this. Mithat needless to say decides against telling Mahmut anything about his loan whilst Alpay and Kenan exchange gleeful glances…savoring no doubt what the future will bring.  

Coming back from their day trip Ömer has gifted Defne with Chrysanthemums which he says mean love and faithfulness and he tells her his heart will belong to her forever…aaahhhh…   Nefise Hala invites Ömer to stay for dinner but he gets a call from his grandmother telling him that they’ve prepared a special meal for him and he should not be late. Nefise Hala says that’s not a problem, they can come over too.   Cumali comes home to be faced by Zümrüt with a long face. She is annoyed that Vildan is not around and Ömer is with Defne. Cumali reminds her that it’s Ömer’s last day. Just then Nefise Hala calls to invite them over for dinner.  Zümrüt rudely declines and says they will eat as a family since it’s Ömer’s last night. Cumali questions why she needs to be so rude. Zümrüt tells him not to interfere in everything she does; she went to the engagement when he told her they had to and he shouldn’t expect anything more of her.  

Ömer apologises to Nefise Hala and tells Defne not to be sad, that he will come and see her before she leaves tomorrow.  

Mirza comes to the Han to return the trays Kenan brought to Vildan for repair. In very polite terms he warns Kenan about offering a hand when one is not wanted. If something is for the good of all it is welcome but if the intention is to cause harm then it would be a shame. Acting ethically and with decency are always suggested he says. It is not clear whether he means his approach to Vildan or the bringing of business to the studio.  

Mithat arrives home looking for Seyran. She arrives just after him and he gives her a big hug and apologizes. She tells him that he always misunderstands her. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to worry about debts and loans; he would never let anything affect her. She said she was scared and that it’s not something she can control..but…she takes out an envelope full of money and joyfully tells Mithat that she took out a loan, that Banu acted as guarantor and the problem is solved…Mithat is an unexploded bomb about to go off and Seyran doesn’t realize it.  

At the copper studio, the shipment of pots has arrived from their new supplier. They discover that they have been cheated; instead of copper, the pots are aluminum.  

Seyit Ali arrives home and tells Nefise Hala about the electricity problem at the Han. As they start to discuss what can be done to keep little Seyit Ali away from Melek, Melek arrives. Little Seyit Ali wakes up and sees his mother; he starts running towards her with Defne trying to catch him. Seyit Ali tries to stop Melek and tells her to wait until little Seyit Ali is better but she ignores him and tries to get to little Seyit Ali. Seyit Ali jumps in front of her and says stop, “you’ll get more sick”.  This stops Melek in her tracks and the episode ends right there with Melek wondering if her father knows about her illness. 

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