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Benim Adım Melek: Season 2, Episode 10 (38)

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Welcome to our weekly cryfest! It’s really therapeutic!   

Melek and Halil are in the oncologist’s office when they hear the results of the bone marrow transplant match tests. None of them are suitable. When Melek asks who was tested, Halil jumps in and says Mithat and Mahmut before the Oncologist lets it out of the bag that Defne, Kerem and Seyit Ali were also tested.   At the nurse’s station, Seyit Ali and Mahmut are informed that they are not a match for Melek even though they have the same blood group, other criteria were not a match.  The oncologist tells Melek and Halil not to lose hope; that they will put her on the transplant waiting list and in the meantime she must look after her health, eat well, stay away from stress (ha!) and continue her medication. They ask how long the wait might be and are it could be weeks or months. Melek signs the transplant application form.  

Kadriye is going through the file she just happened to come across in Melek’s room when Defne walks in. It is the oncologist’s report but it doesn’t appear that Kadriye has undertood it relates to Melek. Defne snatches it from her hand and Kadriye as usual acts shocked and stunned that anyone would think she was doing anything wrong by riffling through someone else’s property. She leaves in a huff mumbling that she’s always the one to blame and Defne tries to figure out if Kadriye now knows Melek’s condition or not.  

Leaving the doctor’s office Halil and Melek almost cross paths with Mahmut and Seyit Ali. Seyit Ali looks at her from afar and wonders how he will be able to continue living whilst watching her deteriorate.  

Funda is ripping into Alpay about buying a house with her money without consulting with her. He reminds her that the money belongs to Kerem and points out that the deed is in his name, not the children’s. That doesn’t alter the fact Funda says that he was going to give it to the children. Alpays says he has to think of the children’s future.  Funda tells him the children are better off at their grandfather’s mansion than she is. He points out to Funda that she is living a life of luxury and furthermore she needs to stop telling him what he can and cannot do with his money. He struts his stuff and then leaves.   Asli smirks as Alpay leaves and asks her aunt if that was the man Funda was in love with. Blood rushes to Funda’s head and she screams at Asli not to put her nose into things that don’t concern her. Asli asks her if she would have preferred to have been kept in the dark about being fooled by Alpay. Funda’s response is to lock the front door and send Asli to her room.  

Melek sitting by the water’s edge tells Halil that Mahmut and Mithat must be devastated that they aren’t able to help with her transplant. She wishes that they had never tried in the first place. Halil tells Melek that they are her family and she can’t expect that they would just sit there and do nothing. He further reminds Melek that her blood work was positive and that the oncologist confirmed she was strong enough for a transplant. A phone call to Halil interrupts them and he has to go.  

Ömer in the hotel room is glad to be in regular clothes though he wonders if Defne would be more impressed seeing him in his uniform. He tells Vildan that he was surprised that his grandparents had come to the ceremony and that they looked happy.  He wonders if maybe this signals their softening to the idea of him and Defne and whether they might come to the “asking for the hand” ceremony.  He did not need to wonder long as Zümrüt walks into the room and pours cold water over his wishful thinking. She tells Ömer that they came to fill themselves with pride and now it is his turn to do his duty and put an end to the issues that caused strife between them i.e. forget about marrying Defne.

At the copper studio, Seyit Ali is explaining his disappointment that they couldn’t be Melek’s cure. Halil reminds him that it doesn’t matter where the cure comes from as long as it does. Seyit Ali is worried that Melek may not have time enough to wait for the donor.  Halil says that they’ve done all they can, God is great and if they must continue to pray and stand strong. If Melek sees him upset or sick she will feel even worse but Seyit Ali doesn’t know how he can pretend that all is well. Halil tells Seyit Ali that by supporting her kids and being a true grandfather to them, he has made Melek very happy. Now with his help Melek could witness Defne getting married. This would not only make her happy but help father and daughter close the gap between them. Halil asks Seyit Ali if there is any better way of saying he forgives her.  

Mahmut outside the Karadağ mansion asks Mithat how he will be able to look at Melek without breaking down. Mithat tells him he has to be strong, he is their ağabey and that if he doesn’t stay strong, they will all fall. Mahmut jokes that Mithat is the one doing the ağabey** thing with his motivational speech. Melek comes upon the brothers and realizes they are upset about her. They have a group hug and she tells them how lucky she is to have them as brothers. Melek encourages them not to give up; a cure may yet come with the transplant and they should not give up hope; that God is in charge of the future.   **Being an ağabey or abla (older brother or sister) in a Turkish family means you are like a father or mother to your siblings.  You usually have the authority to discipline as well as the obligation to keep them safe and well.  

At the mansion Seyit Ali asks Mahmut if he spoke with Melek. He says he did and that she turned the tables and tried to keep him upbeat. Mahmut tells him that Melek takes after Seyit Ali; even if blood was pouring out of her wounds, she would be strong and assure him she was fine. Seyit Ali is proud of his girl and tells Mahmut it’s killing him that he can’t help Melek. Mahmut says it’s destiny; if they can’t provide a cure, God will direct them to the one that can. He reminds Seyit Ali that he was the one who said never give up, maybe that last effort you put in will be the one that works.   Kadriye walks into the courtyard and spies Seyit Ali and Mahmut talking upstairs.  Naturally she makes a beeline to the stairs but is waylaid by Nefise Hala to tells her she shouldn’t use the stairs in her pregnant condition and should go and rest. Kadriye starts to make up a story but can’t find a reason to go upstairs. To herself she complains that schemes and intrigues don’t go on out in the open, but upstairs and hidden from view.  

Defne and Kerem are talking about when the transplant results will be in. Kerem wants to be the super-hero coming to the rescue. They joke about her super-hero and his thief girlfriend. Kerem says in future she has to first find out if their grandfathers like each other before they fall in love.  

Aslı tries to open the front door but gets caught by Funda. She tells Funda she has to pay back her friend for the damaged watch. Fund refuses to give her the money and says since the friend already paid, the matter is closed! What an evil money gouging woman this is! Funda threatens to use the money for a one-way ticket to Germany for Asli if she doesn’t behave.  

Halil brings Ömer home. Vildan, Cumali and Zümrüt are happy to welcome him and getting ready for dinner. Omer uses the opportunity to run off to see Defne which elicits sarcasm from Zümrüt about how much he missed his home that he rushes away from it.  

Nefise Hala tells Seyit Ali that once again he didn’t eat the strength giving food he made her prepare. Melek said she loved it and Seyit Ali is pleased to hear this since he had it especially made for her without anyone realizing it. They joke about how they have to eat well for their health and he tells her she is getting old.

Omer is outside waiting for Defne. She finds a way to get out and runs off to meet him. They embrace and tell each other how much they’ve missed each other.  

At the Han, Alpay is complaining to Kenan about Aslı and how she is putting her nose into things that don’t concern her.  He says just as things were going well with Funda, Aslı brings them almost to breaking point. Kenan tells him he can’t get rid of her, Funda has to do this. He recommends Alpay moves into the house he bought; a few days without him and Funda  herself will send Aslı away. In the meantime to take his mind off things, Kenan gives Alpay Mithat’s promissory notes and tells him to enjoy asking Mithat for payment. This needless to say delights Alpay and they have a good childish cackle.  

Mithat and Seyran are having a happy family moment preparing dinner. He tells her that once he’s paid back the promissory notes, all will be well. Mithat reveals that he had no choice but to borrow the money from Kenan. Seyran is upset because she knows what a disreputable gangster Kenan is. Mithat tries to explain that he had no choice after the food truck was destroyed and Melek needed to move but Seyran walks off in a huff.  

Omer tells Defne he has to go back in a week. He plans to come and ask for her hand before he leaves. She is worried that having only just got back on good terms with his grandfather, this will set things back. Omer will not listen to her hesitations. He wants them to put on their rings and never have to hide anything from anyone again. He plans to spend his whole week with her and they make plans for dream holidays together in the future.  

Kadriye is admiring herself in the mirror when Mahmut comes into the room. She tries to find out what he was talking with his father about. When Mahmut doesn’t tell her anything she tells him that she found a folder in Melek’s room and Defne snatched it out of her hand.  Kadriye posits that maybe Seyit Ali had sold the cottage not for the studio’s debts but to buy a house for Melek.  Mahmut tells her not to concern herself with things like that and that she is completely wrong.  Kadriye says that if it turns out that what she suspects is true, she will pack up all her things and go to her parents.  Mahmut, finding his backbone, tells her that if he hears that sentence about her leaving one more time, he will have upped and gone somewhere nobody will ever find him again before she finishes packing her bags. Kadriye once again is non-plussed as to why Mahmut reacted like that and wonder what she could have said to upset him so much!  

A heart-warming scene unfolds in the Karadağ mansion terrace. Nefise Hala suggests Melek bring some Thyme tea for Seyit Ali. Seeing no objection from Seyit Ali, Melek rushes off to get the tea which she shyly presents to Seyit Ali. He in turn looks at Melek with a softness that confuses her.  Nefise Hala interrupts to tell Seyit Ali to take the tea for goodness sake and asks Melek why she brought it in a large tray as if it was a Bayram celebration (special holiday). Little Seyit Ali likes the idea and asks if they can pretend it is a special holiday celebration. He says Melek should give his grandfather some sweets just like the Sugar Bayram celebration.  Little Seyit Ali continues the game and kisses Seyit Ali’s hand and receives some money in return which is another tradition at Bayram. Nefise Hala then tells Melek to kiss her father’s hand which causes Melek quite some angst as she feels sure her father will refuse. After what feels like a week but is only a few seconds, Seyit Ali presents his hand to Melek. Another ice-breaking, heart-warming moment between father and daughter.   Defne comes down to tell her Mother how sweet she was with her father. Melek tells her how scared she was but how happy she is with how it went.  She knows there is still a long way to go between her father and herself but this was a good start. Defne tells Melek that Omer wants to have the engagement ceremony before he leaves in a few days and she doesn’t know how they are going to be able to do it.  

Kadriye sitting in the courtyard with Mahmut makes a snide comment about how everything is hunky-dory. Mahmut asks her if it wasn’t peace that she had wanted all along.  Kadriye has no response needless to say.   Upstairs Nefis Hala said “that wasn’t too hard was it?” to Seyit Ali, ” from now on you will not cause any confusion or upset in this house.  You will not turn your back on Melek”. “Talking nicely and showing a happy face will not only make you feel better, it will make Melek feel better too” she told Seyit Ali. Of course she doesn’t know that he knows about her illness and has no intention of being mean to Melek.  

Omer tells Halil that he has been unable to tell Defne that he’s been posted outside the border. Halil tells him that he must.  Omer doesn’t know how to tell her. He said he had promised Defne that once he got his posting, they would get married and go together. “How can I do that now? I’m going into a fighting zone” he said. “What is the girl going to do?” he asked “She’s going to stay here all on her own plus there’s the possibility of my going and never coming back too”. Halil tells Omer that since they love each other he must go and explain everything. She will understand and be willing to wait.  

As Seyit Ali comes down stairs Melek asks if she can speak with him. She tells him of Omer’s plan to ask for Defne’s hand and that she doesn’t know what to do.   She says she is not against their being together and knows that the kids love each other however she doesn’t want the newly repaired friendship between Cumali and Seyit Ali to be damaged again. On the other hand Melek doesn’t feel it’s right that the kids should have to atone for their family’s past. They have no blame in all of this. Seyit Ali tells Melek that he can’t tell her what to do; as a mother she will know what is right for her daughter. Melek says she understands and in that case asks for his permission for them to have the asking for the hand ceremony somewhere else rather than at the mansion; in this way Seyit Ali will not be held responsible.  Seyit Ali surprises Melek by saying “absolutely not! Defne is a daughter of this house and as such will become a bride from this house”. “Whether Cumali forgives and gives permission, matters not. And if he doesn’t agree, that’s his problem”. Melek is very emotional at his response and thanks Seyit Ali for his support of her children and for being there for them no matter how upset and angry he is with Melek.  She tells him she is so grateful that he is her father. Seyit Ali cannot hold back his tears and neither can we!  

At the Han Kenan shows Alpay the plans of the Han as it is now together with the projected plans for the future including a boutique hotel. They burn the existing plans signifying the end of the Karadağ/Şirhan dynasty and start laughing.  

Melek comes down for breakfast in a good mood and plays a game of crack the egg with Mahmut as they used to do when they were children. Kadriye as always ready to gossip and cause problems mentions that Defne went out early that morning and noted that Omer is back. She asked if he will be asking for her hand even though Cumali is not in favor of this. She said she’d be more scared of Zumrut. Nefise Hala told her that if it’s meant to be, it will be.  

At the Şirhan mansion Zümrüt tells Vildan that she hopes Omer has told Defne that he is being posted outside the country borders.  After all she doesn’t want Defne to be dreaming unnecessarily. As a warning to Vildan also, Zümrüt says “you were dreaming that you would all move together with Omer, well now that things have changed, how do you think you’ll be able to stay under my roof”? Vildan asks Zümrüt if she is throwing her out.  Zümrüt says not exactly but you will need to choose which side you are on…This woman is a viper!  

Out on the water Omer tells Defne a story about the Firat and Dicle rivers; one who never gave up and kept flowing, the other waiting to meet up with its partner.  Defne asks if the two rivers met up again and Omer said yes. Defne assures him that she will wait for him like Dicle waited for Firat. She said the one month he was away seemed like a year and she understands how hard it is but she has learnt patience and will wait. She gives him the diary she had written for him while he was away.  

Seyit Ali is thinking back on Halil’s words about what would make Melek happy. He calls Cumali over to have some coffee and talk. Seyit Ali reminds Cumali about what Omer had said before he left to join the army; that he would ask for Defne’s hand on his return. Cumali says he has removed himself from all involvement in the issue and Seyit Ali asks him what then is he supposed to do.  

Funda is talking with Aslı and is blaming Melek for having influenced Alpay to buy a house for the children. She wants to get Melek out of their lives. Meantime Aslı just wants the money back so she can pay Kerem but Funda refuses. Aslı snatches the front door keys from the table and rushes out of the apartment.  

Mithat is pushing his food truck up the alleyway and Mahmut who happens to come across him offers to help; we are finally seeing brotherhood at work.  

Emre approaches Kerem to find out what they did after he left them at the jewelry store. He knows of course but wants to hear Kerem’s story.  Kerem doesn’t give Emre the satisfaction and just says he and Aslı continued shopping.  

Mahmut comes home to bring the baby clothes he’d bought to Kadriye. Telling Kadriye he needs to change his shirt as he was helping Mithat with his food truck infuriated Kadriye; not the changing of the shirt but the fact that the brothers are back on good terms.  She wants to know why everyone keeps changing heart; one minute the brothers are not talking, now they help each other; one minute Seyit Ali throws Melek out of the house, the next he is offering his hand to be kissed.  Mahmut looks at her in astonishment and tells her he gets tired just listening to her and can’t imagine the din in her head…Mr. Mahmut is finally putting Kadriye in her place.  

Alpay approaches Mithat at the food truck and tells him that the date for payment of the first promissory note is approaching. Mithat now realizes that Alpay has a finger in the pie and will be squeezing him for repayment.  

Aslı is waiting for Kerem at the field. Emre tells her he left early and wonders if there is something wrong. Aslı innocently recounts the incident with the watch and Emre pretends it’s all new to him. He questions her further and whilst she says Kerem wouldn’t do something like that, Emre tells her no-one else could have done it.  

As he finishes reading Defne’s diary, Omer says he wished he could have been with her when the things she wrote about were happening. She says she will continue writing and once they are married and move together to his new posting, they can do crossword puzzles instead. Omer decides he must tell Defne that he has been posted to the border; it’s too dangerous as there is fighting, for her to come with him. He says he will understand if Defne wants to postpone the engagement. She says of course not; she will wait for him with pride while he is away fighting for his country and wear the ring with his name engraved on it. She tells him she loves him and he asks if they can come to ask for her hand.  

At the Han Seyit Ali is trying to figure out a way to convince Cumali to give his ok to Defne and Omer’s engagement. Seyit Ali tells Cumali to stop being obstinate, that the kids are not to blame for anything. Cumali tells him that he’s not being stubborn. He would like it if Seyit Ali could handle the engagement without Cumali’s involvement as he is stuck in the middle between Zümrüt and Ömer. Seyit Ali says he is the one who is stuck in the middle; on the one side it’s his grandchild, on the other Cumali’s grandchild.    Cumali notices Kenan with a group of men with charts coming into the courtyard. He asks what is going on and Kenan tells him that the architects are handling the construction that is going to take place in all the new shops at the Han which Kenan has bought. Cumali and Seyit Ali are shocked to discover that Kenan bought so many of the shops and plans not only to re-construct it but also change the name of the trading center that has been in their families for centuries.  

Aslı arrives at the Karadağ mansion to see Kerem. He tells her he doesn’t want to speak with her and shuts the door in her face.  

Cumali is yelling at Kenan wanting to know what right he has to be making all these changes to the Han. Kenan lets everyone know that he owns the majority share of the shops in the Han and has building permission from the town hall. He tells them that they will all benefit from the changes he is going to make. Cumali is fit to be tied and starts yelling at Seyit Ali, blaming the Karadağ family for everything; by this we presume he means Melek's involvement with Alpay 20 years ago which also brought Kenan into the equation.   Aslı leaves crying, bumps into Melek and falls over. Whilst Melek is concerned and trying to help Aslı up, Aslı rudely tells Melek to leave her alone and that Melek is the last thing she needs. Of course she doesn’t yet know that Melek is Kerem’s mother.  

Defne and Omer are shopping for engagement rings. Defne is worried that they haven’t got the ok yet from their grandfathers but Omer tells her he will handle that this evening.  

Zeynel at the Han is telling Mahmut that they were too tough on Kenan; that he is doing his best for everyone. Mahmut asks Zeynel how come he is coming to the defence of someone he just met and reminds him that until now, the Karadağ and Şirhan families have been looking after his interests.  

An engraged Mithat confronts Kenan. He questions Kenan’s big talk about his being a gentleman, wanting to help Mithat and saying the loan would be kept as a secret between them­–how is it then that Alpay is in possession of the promissory notes? Kenan pretends he had nothing to do with it and that his accountant had given the notes to Alpay without his knowledge. Mithat doesn’t believe a word of it. He warns Kenan to keep Alpay away from him and assures Kenan that he will pay the notes when they become due. Unfortunately Mahmut hears the exchange and thus becomes aware of Mithat’s debt to Kenan.  

Cumali is still upset about Kenan and still ranting about the fact that he warned Seyit Ali years ago about Kenan and Alpay. Seyit Ali reminds him that Kenan went and bought the shops without anyone’s knowledge. He tells Cumali that purchasing buildings doesn’t make Kenan the owner of their roots or their ancestor’s lineage. Their ancestors and fathers left them their partnersip, their togetherness, and their friendship; they still have their businesses and the Han. Cumali can’t be quieted. He says Seyit Ali was too preoccupied with his family problems concerning Melek, Mithat and Mahmut to pay attention to what was going on and that Alpay and Kenan came into their lives because of Melek. As Defne approaches them, unseen, she hears Cumali say that it was because of Defne that Omer almost lost his life..and so for all these reasons, Cumali and Seyit Ali can never be on the same team. “We are losing our roots at the Han, Omer is leaving and all you are worried about is an engagement” says Cumali leaving Seyit Ali standing there stunned. Defne still unseen runs away crying.  

Omer tells Halil that he and Defne were looking at rings today. He wonders at the feelings it brings up; that he’s found the girl who he wants to grow old with, to make a home with. Mirza arrives, welcomes him back from the army and congratulates him on becoming a soldier. He promises to hand out baklava to the community in Omer’s honor. Halil tells Omer not to worry about the asking of the hand issue, they will take care of it.  

At the Han, Mahmut is berating Mithat for borrowing money from Kenan. Mithat tells him he he doesn’t think this was part of any plan from Kenan. Mahmut thinks he’s crazy to believe that Alpay is not mixed up in this and now Seyit Ali will hear about it. He asks Mithat what more should their father worry about, Melek’s condition, the Han’s shops being taken over or Mithat’s situation. Mithat reminds him that it started with Mahmut destroying his food truck leaving him without a means to earn money and then Seyit Ali having Melek thrown out of her apartment; he had no choice but to borrow money to take care of his family and Melek’s. Mahmut can’t really say much and Mithat admits he was wrong but it’s too late now.  

Halil and Ömer arrive home in good spirits to be met by an angry Cumali. He remarks how nice it is they are happy; one of them is running after Melek, the other after his love but no-one is concerned that their roots and names that are about to be wiped out. When Halil asks him what happened he says those two men, Alpay and Kenan  inflicted on them by Melek have bought a majority share of the Han our from under them and they are going to change the name too.  Don’t be surprised he says if one of these days they take our livelihood away too.  Zümrüt can’t resist the chance to put in her two cents and says “I told you, that Melek was bad luck and now you’re going to go and put a ring on the finger of her daughter”. Zümrüt continues pouring flames on to the fire by saying “are you going to exchange rings over the ruins of the Han”? Cumali turns around and says the engagement is not going to happen. Ömer tries to placate his grandfather but he’ll have none of it. At the Karadağ mansion meal preparations for the engagement party have started. Seyit Ali arrives home looking unhappy and goes to his room swiftly followed by a very upset Defne. She explains that the engagement cannot go ahead because Cumali and Seyit Ali had a big fight and it’s unlikely they will make up.  

Alpay is congratulating Kenan on how he managed to get Cumali and Seyit Ali fighting each other. Kenan tells him to wait, very soon they won’t even be able to face each other he says; this is only the beginning. As Alpay is having a good chuckle, Halil arrives, picks up a stool and throws it into Kenan’s shop window, shattering everything including the framed photo of Kenan’s son. Halil head butts Kenan, punches Alpay..and gives us viewers cause to celebrate! Halil tells Kenan that he is behind every dirty trick and knows why he is doing it. By going along with Alpay and doing his dirty work, Halil said Kenan can be sure that Halil will thwart everything that they attempt. He will not let them touch the Han and tells Kenan to stay away from Cumali and Seyit Ali or he will make them live to regret it. Halil is pulled away by Mirza and Alpay starts yelling at Halil which causes Halil to try and have another go at him.  Alpay threatens to go to the police and file a complaint. Halil tells him to call whoever he wants and Mirza asks everyone around who will be a witness for Alpay?..there is no answer. Kenan suddenly notices that his son’s photo frame is broken. Mirza tells Alpay that everyone here is a witness to his nasty and shameless behavior and Kenan’s enmity. He tells them to be thankful this didn’t go further and not to push their luck. Kenan tells Alpay to calm down, that he understands Halil’s anger and frustration and since we’re all neighbors, no-one will call the police.  

Everyone at the Karadağ mansion is seated for dinner except Seyit Ali who is in his room. Melek goes up to see him. Seyit Ali is thinking about what Halil said; how happy she would be if Seyit Ali approved Defne’s engagement. He also plays back in his mind, Melek’s words thanking him for taking her children under his wings even though he was angry with her and thanking him for being her father. She tells him that she heard he had a fight with Cumali. Seyit Ali says they are always fighting and that the older Cumali gets, the more hard-headed he becomes; it has nothing to do with Defne and Omer.   Aslı returns home. She tells Funda that she wanted to give Kerem the money. Funda mentions that she thought Emre was her boyfriend. The penny drops and Funda asks which Kerem this might be. Aslı mentions the Karadağ  mansion and now Funda knows Aslı's boyfriend is Alpay’s son.  

Nefise Hala comes to Seyit Ali’s room to see what’s wrong. He explains that Kenan has bought up the majority of the shops at the Han; that Cumali had warned him about it a month ago but that Seyit Ali hadn’t believed him. Melek coming upstairs with Seyit Ali’s dinner hears him telling Nefise Hala that if we lose the Han, I will never be able to face Cumali again.  

Mahmut calls Mithat to ask Seyran to fill Seyit Ali’s prescription tomorrow. He explained that Seyit Ali’s blood pressure has gone up after the news about Kenan re-constructing the Han. Seyran says let’s pray that Seyit Ali doesn’t find out about your loan with Kenan..and you just know that is going to come and bite poor Mithat.

Alpay is avoiding going home to Funda and is cackling at some comedy show on his laptop when Funda arrives. He sulks when he sees her but her opening gambit is to placate him. She tells him that of course he has to think about his children and if they had children she would have been proud of him doing that.  She tells him she would like to have a child with him, that she wants to be a mother. Alpay is surprised but pleased and the man who is one of the worst fathers ever, is happy and ready to be a father again.  

Mirza is giving Halil a talking to. He tries to make Halil realize that they can’t stoop to Kenan and Alpay’s level. Halil agrees but says until he can prove that all the dirty work and underhandedness is coming from those two, he’s going to continue going crazy. Mirza tells him that that is exactly what they want. Halil is still angry and says that if we don’t stop them there won’t be an end in sight. Mirza says he know what Alpay is but he can’t figure out Kenan; “you head butt him and he turns around to calm Alpay down”. These guys create traps” he said “ calm down for Melek’s sake”. Halil says that’s the only thing that’s holding me down and they can pray to her for that.  

Defne is wondering how she can tell Omer that they cannot build a future together on the ruins of their family; how to tell him that she’s sorry but they cannot get married in this situation.  

Melek leaves the house early and heads to the Şirhan house; she is outside when Cumali opens the door. She tells him that the guilty party is Kenan and Alpay and that he cannot punish Omer and Defne for this. Cumali says that the punishment he gives his grandson does not concern her. Melek tries to explain that Omer is going away and she knows from experience that the weight of the homesickness and the regret is so heavy to carry. Every day you will say if only, if only I had, if only I hadn’t, if only I could take back time. If only I could repair those things I demolished, if I could embrace those I left behind even tighter; remorse is the heaviest burden. Are you going to send Omer away without your prayers and your permission? Do you know what it’s like dying every day from homesickness? Cumali responds with “what happened to Halil when you left, didn’t he die every day?” Now you have become wise and are trying to defend Omer?” “What right do you have to stand there in front of me?” Melek tells him that all she’s asking is not to take out his ire on the kids.  Cumali tells her that he is not the one doing harm to them, she is. Her sins have opened up an abyss between him, Seyit Ali and the kids.  

Melek returns home as everyone is sitting around glumly. Nefise Hala tells them all to stop being so gloomy, they did not lose their lives. "We are not going to let this setback get us down and we will continue on the straight and narrow" she says. Seyit Ali says she is right and tells them to inform Omer to come to the mansion this evening and ask for Defne’s hand.  

Funda having told Alpay that she wants to have a child with him is seen taking her birth control pill when he’s out of the room.  

Melek talks about her fears for Omer and Defne if they go ahead with engagement without the consent of Cumali and Zümrüt. Nefise Hala says she too feels worried but at least they can be assured of all Defne’s side of the family’s support unlike when Melek left and suffered as she did in Germany on her own. What will be will be and Melek must hold her head high so that Defne and Omer never feel the evening is anything but exciting.  

At the Han, Vildan receives a bunch of flowers from Kenan which she rushes off to put in water. Halil comes to Melek’s side and tells her that he fought with Kenan again. Vildan overhears him as he tells Melek that Kenan is taking revenge on them for the death of his son; first he is going for the Han and then he has them in his sights but Halil will not allow him to succeed. Melek tells him not to bring trouble on himself and Halil says we’ll see if they bring trouble to him or he to them.  Mirza joins in to say they are doing this on purpose. They want Halil to break up their store, for Cumali to have a heart-attack and let the store go bankrupt. “On the other hand” says Mirza, “Halil is right, how patient can you be..however, he tells Halil you can’t go around breaking things up.” Vildan tries to stand up for Kenan saying “maybe we understood him wrong”,  “the man lost his son, he's had a hard time. You say he bought a whole lot of stores from the Han but since he didn’t do it by force, does that make him bad?”. Halil responds by saying we are not calling him bad for no reason. His son had psychological problems that’s why he lost him and you know that. Father and son can’t really be considered normal. Furthermore surely I’m not the only one that knows this man is from the underworld I presume.  

After Halil and Mirza leave, Melek asks Vildan if the flowers were from Kenan. She admits they were and mentions they had a short meeting where he explained himself. She said there is a huge difference between the man who has done these things and the man I talked to. Melek tells Vildan to stay calm and listen to her mind and her heart; they will tell her what to do.  

Funda has decided to help Aslı find the real culprit who stole the watch. She tells the store owner that she is Aslı’s lawyer and would like to see the security camera recording of the day in question otherwise they are going to sue him. They look at the recording and see that it was Emre.  

Vildan meets with Kenan. She asks him to clearly explain what his intentions are. He told her he is a businessman and after the fire he was able to buy several stores at the Han; there was no forcing of anyone. He wants to repair some of the shops and for the remainder, he has some different projects in mind but for some reason the Karadağs and Şirhans see this as a hostile act. Vildan wishes that he had explained this to them beforehand rather than going ahead without their knowledge. The Han has a great deal of sentimental value to the families she told him; it’s an inheritance from their grandfathers.  “If that were you, would you allow something like that?” she asked him. Kenan tells her that he has the right to do what he did, why should he have to acquaint them of his plans? Vildan realizes that there is no common ground here and tells Kenan to forget that this meeting ever happened. Kenan tells her that he understands her struggles and doesn’t want her to be upset by these things after all Cumali is her ex-father in law, they have no direct ties. Vildan reminds him that Cumali is her son’s grandfather and for years they have been looked after by the Şirhans. It is obvious Vildan says that things are only going to get worse. She informs Kenan that they are going to ask for Defne’s hand today and that Cumali would have been there too if the issue with the Han had not occurred. “There can be no future between us” she tells Kenan.  

Funda is at a coffee shop when she sees Defne and Omer come in.   Aslı is waiting for Kerem when he arrives for training. He tells her he has nothing to say to her but she stops him when she tells him that he can see the security camera recording for the day in question. He sees clearly that it was Emre who set him up and is ready to rush on to the field to confront him. Aslı has a better idea and she suggests he show the video to the coach.  

Ömer tells Defne that his grandfather is very angry but he has nothing more to say to him; in any case they have his mother and uncle on their side. Defne tells him that Seyit Ali expects them to come this evening to ask for her hand and that all the preparations are being made. Funda is listening to all of this without their knowledge and rushes off to tell Alpay.  Defne has all kinds of reservations about going ahead with the engagement when there is so much anger and upset between their two grandfathers. She apologizes to Omer but tells him she can’t go through with it. If something happens to his grandparents, she asks Omer if he could forgive himself for having upset them. She assures him that she is not giving up on him; they are just postponing things.  

Kenan returns to the Han in a pensive mood. He makes an excuse to Alpay that he’s concerned about a problem with some construction of his in Istanbul.   Funda calls Alpay and informs him that Omer is going to ask for Defne’s hand that evening. Alpay tells Kenan the news but tells him not to worry, as he’d promised before, he will not allow it to happen. Kenan tells him not to interfere, that it won’t happen anyway because Seyit Ali and Cumali had a fight and both are not in favor of the engagement; it makes no sense for Alpay to enter the fray. Alpay is confused and asks Kenan if they are not going to do anything. Kenan tells him that you have to do what they don’t expect you to do.   Alpay goes to Seyit Ali’s shop and asks if he may be by Defne’s side when they come to ask for her hand. He tells Seyit Ali that Defne is very close to him even if she is angry or upset with him. That she would be very happy if he was there.  

Seyran’s long lost friend Banu arrives at the pharmacy. She has been transferred to Gaziantep to teach and Seyran tells her she must stay with them. Banu is excited to hear that Seyran is married again.  

At the Karadag house the preparations are in full swing for the engagement party. Kadriye is being complimented about her outfit and Kerem arrives in an excellent mood. He tells them that they found out who the real thief was. Just then Defne arrives home crying. She tells her mother that she doesn’t want Omer to leave for his posting with his grandparents not talking to him so they have decided to postpone the engagement. Nefise Hala say no, that is not going to happen and strides out of the house.

At the Han Halil arrives to pick up the Baklava for the party and suggests Cumali comes too. Cumali tells him that he’s said the last word on the topic and he’s not going. Ömer arrives and makes a bee-line to Kenan, grabs his collar and tells him that it’s all because of him that their happy day is ruined.  Why, he asks, is Kenan still troubling them. "We should have driven you out at the time" he says. Kenan asks Ömer what he’s done to them. Ömer says “what more can you do, you’ve caused issues for all of us, you’ve pitted us against each other, you’ve done whatever you can so that I can’t marry Defne”. Kenan tells Ömer that he lost his son, that his son loved Defne very much and yet he never once came to blame Ömer for his death. Ömer then looks at Cumali and thanks him very much and tells him to thank his grandmother too for making sure that they don’t get married.   Aslı thanks Funda for her help with the jewelry store; thanks to her Kerem and Asli are together again. Alpay arrives and tells Funda to get ready, they are going to the engagement. Funda does not want to go; she does not want to be humiliated like she was at the Sünnet. Alpay tells her that Seyit Ali gave his permission so it won’t be like that. Funda agrees and for reasons of her own, tells Aslı to get ready too, that she’ll have a lot of fun.  

Vildan is looking over the flowers and chocolates when there is a knock at the door. It is Nefise Hala who yells out for Zümrüt in anger. Nefise Hala tells her that she thought that if Zümrüt listened to her conscience she would come around but no, her animosity is so much bigger than her kindness and mercy that she couldn’t even come one step towards them. Even Cumali she said, got tired of all the years of anger but still Zümrüt managed to drag him back to her side of the road. Zümrüt replied that time is no medicine and she doesn’t forget. "The only thing that we weren’t threatened with was our business and now that has happened too" she says. Nefise Hala reminds Zümrüt that the Han and shops are not our friends, wives and husbands; they can be demolished in one day and raised up another day. However a person’s heart is life, is blood; when it stops it gets placed in the soil. Remorse doesn’t bring it back.  "You know I once told you that if I die before you, you should throw the last jug of water on my grave..well from this day forward, I don’t want you there while I’m alive and I don’t want you at my death" she told Zümrüt. Nefise Hala has stunned Zumrut into silence and leaves.  

Seyran and Banu are at home catching up with the past. Banu makes a somewhat condescending remark about Mithat being a kebab maker. Seyran doesn’t realise Banu is being offensive and tells her that he comes from one of Gaziantep’s main families.  

At the Karadağ mansion they are about to clear away all the food now that the party is not happening when there is a knock at the door. It is as always, the unwelcome Alpay with Funda and Aslı who have not been told the engagement is not happening.  They are all shocked to see him but he explains that he has Seyit Ali’s permission. Defne comes down and asks him why he came without asking her. Alpay is a bit shocked at her reaction and says he wanted to celebrate her happy day. Defne tells Alpay that because of him she will never be happy. Hearing the commotion, Kerem comes down the stairs and is surprised to see Aslı. Defne tells Alpay to stop pretending he doesn’t know what happened; that it’s all because of him and Kenan that the grandfathers fought with each other. Kerem asks Asli if her aunt is Funda and Alpay wonders how they know each other. Seyit Ali arrives and tells Alpay to go and ask his partner what happened; it’s because of everything they’ve done from the beginning that Defne is now unhappy. Just then the call to prayer sounds and Seyit Ali leaves for the mosque.


At the Şirhan residence Zümrüt acts as though nothing has happened. She tells Ömer that she had expected him home only after putting on the rings but she guesses once Defne heard about the border posting she got scared and changed her mind! The woman is living on another planet and the look on Omer’s face is priceless. He firmly tells his grandmother that she is wrong; that Defne didn’t go ahead with the engagement because she didn’t want him to leave on bad terms with his grandparents. All Zümrüt can say is “don’t be upset”.  

Seyit Ali catches up with Cumali in the courtyard of the mosque. He tells Cumali that as grandparents they have to stand witness to Defne and Omer’s engagement. “Are you giving orders now” asks Cumali. Seyit Ali tells Cumali that he is facing him now as a father, not a friend. Cumali gets mad and asks him what he is rambling on about. Seyit Ali tells him that Melek is dying, that she has cancer and that she returned from Germany so that she could die in her home, in her country. Seyit Ali tells Cumali that the doctor told him all we can do from now on is make her happy and treat her well. If one day he has to look at Melek’s head stone, neither one will be able to forgive themselves he tells Cumali.  

Zümrüt tells everyone to come to the table since Cumali is obviously going to be late. Halil tells her that Omer is not going to eat. Of course says Zümrüt, he is unhappy with Defne. Halil tells her it’s not that;  he is unhappy. You couldn't take that which was in his heart so you took away his joy he tells her. I thought you said you’d give your life for Ömer..what happened. You did worse than take his life. At least don’t say anything today. Zümrüt, still as heartless and uncomprehending as usual says despite everything, Ömer is her life, her son Husseyin’s gift. Halil questions if his brother had lived would he do this to his son? Zümrüt insists that her son would not have done this to his mother and good old Vildan reminds Zümrüt that she is the mother of her son, why is it that she has no right to enjoy her son’s happiness? Vildan reminds her what Nefise Hala said and asks her if her conscience is not bothering her at all. Of course Zümrüt says her conscience is clear. Vildan can’t take any more and leaves the table. Cumali arrives and tells Zümrüt that they have to talk.   At the Han, Idris brings Kenan his son Adnan’s photo with the repaired glass and frame. Kenan tells the picture that he has not forgotten the promise he made him. He says the pain of his loss is still in his heart; it’s bleeding in the same place but now there is a new pain added to it.   Alpay arrives at the Han smiling happily, recounting with great glee that the engagement was off; the only negative he said was that Defne was a bit hard on him and that annoyed him!..what a father!  

At the Karadağ mansion. Kerem tells Melek he didn’t know that Aslı was Funda’s niece. Melek tells him he shouldn’t confuse the niece with the aunt. Nefise Hala calls them all for dinner and tells them to stop acting as though they are at a funeral. Just then there is a knock at the door and Omer is standing there with Vildan and the chocolates and flowers. They are invited in and then Halil and Mirza appear with their gifts. As they enter through the door, Cumali and Zümrüt appear too..everyone is suitably surprised and happy at the same time and we have to wait another week to enjoy the party! 

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