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Benim Adım Melek - Episode 37 Recap


Tissues at hand once again! Kleenex is making a killing with this dizi!

We begin where we ended last episode—Mahmut, crying, rushes away from his father only to cross paths with Melek who realizes he has found out about her illness. Just as she’s asking if her father knows, Seyit Ali comes up from behind and, not wanting to let Melek know that he knows, asks what is it that they are keeping secret from him. Melek fobs him off by telling him she was talking about the copper items at the house which she wanted to take for the studio.

Meanwhile at the Şirhan house, Zümrüt realizes that Halil is not going to give up on Melek. He tells her not to force him to make a choice between them; that he still loves Melek and she should stop trying to get between them. He leaves the house in anger and comes across Mahmut (crying) and Seyit Ali but they don’t stop and Halil realizes Mahmut has found out about Melek's illness.

Cumali arriving at the copper studio to see Halil instead comes upon Kenan, a gift tray of Baklava in hand, talking with Vildan and angrily enquires what is going on. Kenan with his wits about him as usual, tells Cumali that the Baklava is for the orphanage and that he just came to thank Vildan for repairing the tray and to order some more. Vildan is dying a thousand deaths fearing that Cumali will realize it’s a lie whilst Cumali continues insulting Kenan and telling him no-one needs his business or charity; furthermore he tells Kenan that he is never going to be one of them, no matter how hard he tries. Kenan leaves and Cumali tells Vildan off for associating with the likes of Kenan.

At the Han, Funda is questioning Alpay about the house she heard him talking about purchasing. She wants to be assured that he has not used their money in the investment. Alpay impatient as always with Funda’s questioning, tells him that Kenan and he are in a joint venture together, that he takes what Kenan gives him and doesn’t question him since he has to regain Kenan’s trust in order to get back the camera recordings of the night of the fire. Funda won’t let go and wants his confirmation that Alpay did not use their money for this investment. He assures her he is using that in the best way i.e. not acknowledging that he had done exactly what she is hoping he didn’t.

Mahmut and Seyit Ali are pouring out their grief to each other; Mahmut says he couldn’t kee his emotions in check when he saw Melek and that if he’d known Seyit Ali was not supposed to know, he would have acted differently. Seyit Ali explains that he only found out recently from the children. Mahmut questions why they don’t tell Melek that they know and Seyit Ali explains that Melek wants Seyit Ali to forgive her because he loves her, not because she is sick. Seyit Ali says there is nothing more he wants than to be able to gather her in his arms and tell her he’s there for her. As they get more emotional, Mahmut asks for God’s help and Seyit Ali reminds him that you can never despair of God's help and that they will do whatever is necessary to get Melek the treatment she needs.

Back at the Karadağ mansion, Kadriye continues her digs at Defne concerning the now ruined embroidery until Defne ups and leaves. Ünzille tells Kadriye off but Kadriye is nothing if not thick-skinned and opines that bad luck (blood from Defne's pricked finger on the embroidery) means it will now be very difficult for Defne to marry Ömer.

Melek arrives at the copper studio and unexpectedly meets Cumali from whom she learns that Halil had taken out a mortgage on the studio. Cumali tells Halil that if there’s problems he should talk about them and not do things by himself. He warns him about not giving an opportunity to one’s enemies and tells him about Kenan who has not only bought 2 more stores at the Han but is also wandering around the copper studio.

Defne meets Vildan in the market and they go to buy another handkerchief to embroider.

At the studio Melek is talking with Halil and questioning how Mahmut found out about her illness. He tells her that sooner or later everyone will know but Melek is adamant she doesn’t want her father or anyone more to know..she already can’t bear how Mahmut took the news and hopes he won’t tell Kadriye who, as we all know, relishes the opportunity to spread gossip of any kind. Melek doesn’t know how long she can keep things hidden, living as she is, together with all the family. She says she can hardly eat and now her mouth is full of sores. Halil reminds her that she can come to the studio where a room is ready for her at any time to rest and get away.

Mithat joins Seyit Ali and Mahmut at the park bench; they are trying to come to terms with all that is happening. Mithat is annoyed that Mahmut blabbered to Melek whilst Mahmut is annoyed that Mithat kept her illness secret from him. He is upset that Halil and even Mirza knew but he was once again kept in the dark and not allowed to share in his sister’s pain. Seyit Ali reminds them they are brothers and need to stand together; to focus on how they can all help Melek from now on. They decide Mahmut can tell Melek that it was Mithat who told him the news but that Mahmut must not tell Kadriye as she will tell everyone.

Kenan returns to the Han and Funda uses the opportunity to find out about the house which, unbeknownst to her, Alpay has bought whilst telling her that Kenan bought it as an investment. Kenan realizes that she’s trying to catch Alpay out so he plays along and confirms he bought the house.

At the Şirhan house, Zümrüt is sitting on her throne ready to cause trouble again. When Vildan arrives she gets mad at her for having gone shopping with Defne. Vildan says she will not stand in the way of her son’s happiness just because Defne is Melek’s daughter. Zümrüt decides that hitting below the belt is her next course of action and warns Vildan that when Defne and Ömer get together, there will be no room for her in their lives and she will find herself out on her own!

Melek arrives home and has a dizzy moment in front of Seyit Ali and Defne. She recovers quickly and goes to her room. Seyit Ali has asked Beyhan to cook a variety of healthy, strength providing meals and Nefise Hala remarks that he never liked those foods and questions what’s happening to him as he ages…of course he’s doing all this to fatten up Melek. Mahmut arrives home, sad and despondent. Kadriye asks him what’s wrong but he waves her off with “I’m just tired”. She then asks him about the house that Seyit Ali had given them. He explains that Seyit Ali had to sell it. Mahmut told her to stop dreaming about leaving the mansion, that it’s not going to happen. Kadriye complains that everyone else gets what they ask for but when it’s their turn they are told it’s not meant to be. Melek comes down for dinner and comes face to face with Mahmut who is fighting back tears at the sight of his sister. She begs him silently not to break down; she couldn’t bear it if her father and children find out (she doesn’t know that they know). Seyit Ali realizing Mahmut is close to breaking point tells him to go and buy some Baklava which he had intended to bring home. As Mahmut leaves, Melek makes an excuse that she has to pick up some clothes for the children and she leaves too.

Out in the alleyway, Melek finds Mahmut crouched on the ground crying. He asks Melek to forgive him for giving her such a hard time. She reassures him that she doesn’t hold anything against him, that he’s her brother and she could never be upset with him. She asks Mahmut who told him and he confesses that it was Mithat. She asked him if their father knows and Mahmut lied telling her that if he knew he wouldn’t be able to handle the situation. Mahmut tells Melek he should have told her from the beginning; he would never have let anyone hurt her. Melek tells him to be strong and that they will beat this all together and Mahmut tells her that she must be the same.

At the Şirhan mansion, Halil arrives home to find Zümrüt, Cumali and Vildan sitting in the courtyard. When asked if he was going on the trip to Ömer’s swearing in ceremony Zümrüt jumps in to snarkily say he can’t come as he’s busy getting the cottage garden ready for Melek..Cumali gives us an eye roll and tells his wife that Halil is looking after the shop as he, Cumali, is going to the ceremony. This at least makes everyone happy and shuts Zümrüt up.

Kerem tells Seyit Ali he doesn’t feel right that Nefise Hala is being kept in the dark about Melek. Defne thinks she is not strong enough to handle it but Seyit Ali says to leave it to him; he’ll find a way. Kadriye joins the table and decides now is the right time to tell Seyit Ali that she had just found out he had sold the house he’d promised to them. He told her he had to do but in time he will buy her an even better house. Mahmut and Melek return with Baklava and Melek goes up to her room with the children’s clothes. Melek calls Mithat from her room to ask why he'd told Mahmut. He apologises but said it slipped out in anger as Mahmut had been ranting and raving a lot and threatening to leave the family home.

Mithat tells Seyran he has to work the taxi that night. She is not happy about this and tells him that they don’t need the extra money since Melek is now back at the family home and the money he makes with his food truck and her salary provides more than enough. He promised to cover the taxi that night since there is no-one to replace him and he will give back the keys permanently tomorrow.

Seyit Ali tells Mahmut to come for a walk with him. He calls Halil and tells Mahmut to call Mithat to meet at the copper studio.

Mithat meets Zeynel and gives him back the money he’d loaned. Zeynel tells him that he had borrowed it from Kenan and this makes Mithat mad. Zeynel doesn’t understand why Mithat doesn’t like Kenan especially as he himself had borrowed money from him; Mithat tells him that’s not the same thing.

At the copper studio Seyit Ali says they have to do something for Melek’s treatment. Halil tells them about the bone marrow transplant possibility and they all decide to go to the hospital the next day to be tested for a match.

Kerem in his room sees his mother in pain from her mouth sores; his sadness and helplessness is palpable. Melek is praying to God to help her hide her deterioration from her family and to give her strength. She goes into her father’s room while he’s not there and puts on his cardigan and feels comforted. She puts a little bag of lavender in his pocket and falls asleep. Seyit Ali is touched when he finds Melek in his room wrapped up in his jacket. Just as he silently says how good it would be if he could hug her, comfort her, she wakes up, makes an excuse as to why she's fell asleep there and says good night. He finds the lavender and breaks down with emotion; presumably this is related to something between them from her childhood.

Back in her room, Melek is restless and in some discomfort. She doesn’t want to disturb the kids so she goes out and calls Halil. He tells her he will pick her up and he takes her to the copper studio where he comforts her and sings her a ballad until she falls asleep.

Kadriye not standing still for a moment, suggests to Mahmut that they ask for Mithat’s room since it’s bigger, now that they have kids on the way and can't move house. He tells her to wait but you just know that Kadriye is having none of that!

At breakfast Defne and Kerem discuss Melek’s worsening situation with Seyit Ali. He tells them he is working on something and not to worry. Mithat arrives with Melek’s suitcases from her apartment and they all sit for breakfast. Seyit Ali thinking he’s doing something nice, tells Melek she should no longer go to the copper studio and instead stay at home with her kids as she doesn’t need to work. Melek tries to explain that she has students and doesn’t want to let people down but, much to her dismay, he won't hear of it.

Outside the house Mithat, Mahmut and Seyit Ali are preparing to go to the hospital when Defne and Kerem come out to confronting their grandfather about his decision to stop Melek from going to the studio. He changes the subject and talks about going to the hospital for the bone marrow transplant possibility. They are excited to hear about it and insist on going too.

Melek tells Halil why she can’t come to the studio and he tells her he’s coming to take her out for a surprise.

Kenan meets with Vildan over breakfast; he hopes that Cumali did not cause any problems for her about the other day. He then gives her a present of an antique brooch which had reminded him of her and he hopes that she will accept it.

Halil’s surprise for Melek was a boat trip together with little Seyit Ali. They spend a relaxing day on the water and Halil teaches little Seyit Ali how to fish.

Meantime Kadriye approaches Nefise Hala about the possibility of their moving into Mithat’s bigger room.  Nefise Hala agrees and with that, Kadriye immediately mobilizes Ünzille to clean and prepare the room as if the babies were arriving tomorrow.

Kenan goes to see Zeynel who is up in arms because his shop has been sold and he has to move out. Kenan tells him not to worry, he doesn’t have to go anywhere because Kenan himself has bought the shop. This surprises not only Zeynel but Cumali and Alpay too. Kenan says he paid over and above the asking price so that the shop would not go to strangers. Cumali asked Kenan why he’d not told them anything about this since he professes to be one of them; Kenan said he didn’t want them to go into any major expense what with all the costs of the fire and refurbishment etc.; Alpay is upset that Kenan is doing things without his knowledge. Kenan tells him that he not only bought Zeynel’s shop but two others as well; he now owns 55% of the Han’s shops.

Melek and little Seyit Ali return home from the boat trip.

Nefise Hala notices Melek is unwell as Melek tries to hide it by going to the kitchen but almost faints and has to be held by Nefise Hala and Beyhan. They want to call a doctor but Melek insists they not do that and says she just wants to go to her room.

At the oncologist’s office they are told that Melek’s condition is not strong enough at the moment for a bone marrow transplant but Seyit Ali begs him to at least test them to see if there is a match. Seyit Ali asks the oncologist if he could Melek's bloodwork again to see if her condition is any stronger and he agrees to bring forward her appointment date and also test their bone marrows. We then have another very emotional scene between Defne and Seyit Ali where she assures him that Melek loves him so much and never for one moment did she hold anything against him.

Nefise Hala ignores Melek's entreaties and tells her she is going to get the doctor; she can see how ill Melek is. Finally Melek tells Nefise Hala that there is no cure, there is nothing to be done, that she has cancer and is dying. Nefise Hala is distraught and can’t believe what Melek has told her. She asks Melek why she didn’ tell her when she first arrived; that they would not have treated her like they did. She promises that she will not let anyone hurt or upset Melek from now on, whether it’s her father or anyone else. Melek hugs Nefise Hala her and tells her she missed her so much and she needs her so much.

Kerem goes to football training and apologizes for being absent. His coach is angry that he did not inform him beforehand when Emre, Kerem’s arch enemy lies to the coach and says it was his fault, that Kerem had asked him to tell the coach but he’d forgotten. Suddenly friends with Kerem, he suggests that together with Asli they go downtown to hang out. Kerem is confused by Emre's change of attitude but agrees nonetheless.

At the Han, Mahmut and Alpay get into a fight and start trading insults. Mahmut blames Alpay for all that Melek had to suffer; he tells Alpay that he's like a cancer in her life and Seyit Ali realizing there is a danger Mahmut will spill the beans, gets inbetween them and calms Mahmut down.

Aslı, Emre and Kerem are in a jewelry shop looking at watches. Emre, up to no good as Kerem should have known, puts a watch that Aslı had tried on into Kerem’s backpack without anyone noticing. He then pretends to receive a phone call and has to leave.

Mithat meets with Kenan and asks him if it’s true that he provided the money that Zeynel had given to him and asks him why he would do that. Kenan said he was just trying to be helpful but he knows how prideful Mithat is. He explained that Mithat had been wronged and Kenan hates to witness injustice so he decided to help out. He said that Zeynel had been wronged too so he stepped in there as well. He told him about other wrongs he’d righted like encouraging Alpay not to take custody of little Seyit Ali and not telling Alpay about Melek’s cancer diagnosis as otherwise she would not have gotten custody. He said he'd thrown away the health report on Melek before Alpay could see it and then when he still refused to give up the custody battle, Kenan said he gave him money to stop. He said he will right every wrong he comes across and assured Mithat that he was not his enemy. Mithat appears to believe Kenan. He returns the money loaned to him for the taxi and assures Kenan he will repay the est of the promissory notes in installments.

Finished looking at other watches, Kerem and Aslı decide to leave and the security alarm goes off by the door. The watch is found in Kerem’s bag and despite his denials the owner plans to call the police. In the tussle the watch falls on the floor and breaks. Kerem begs the owner not to call the police and calls Mahmut to come and help.

Nefise Hala asks Beyhan to be sure to properly clean and tidy Melek and the children’s rooms. Kadriye always ready to put in her two cents worth asks if 3 children is too much for Melek to handle. Nefise Hala rises to Melek’s defence and tells Kadriye that from now on she should put an end to her animosity towards Melek and become her friend. With this, Kadriye knows something is up but can’t figure out what.

At the jewelry store, the owner fortunately knows Mahmut and agrees not to press charges once the watch is paid for. Kerem apologises profusely to his uncle and pleads his innocence. He blames Aslı since she had stolen before and tells her he doesn’t want to see her again.

Talking over dinner, Mithat tells Seyran that he has to continue a little longer with the taxi until he makes enough money to pay off the loans. She reiterates that with her salary and his income from the food truck they don’t need more. He insists that the money is not enough while she insists that it is. Mithat tells Seyran that it seems like she doesn’t need him. They argue and he leaves.

Mahmut comes home and goes straight to his room. Kadriye happily runs in to tell him she got permission to move into Mithat’s room. Mahmut grumbles that she always lands on her feet. Seeing he’s not happy, Kadriye pushes for an explanation and Mahmut being Mahmut tells her about Kerem’s incident at the jewelry store but asks Kadriye to keep it between themselves.

Aslı tells Funda that her computer is broken and she needs a new one. Funda says no and Alpay tells her to remind Aslı that she’s a visitor and he doesn’t want to see all this attitude around the house.

Defne with Melek's agreement, leaves the house to deliver the embroidered handkerchief. The rest of the family are seated around the courtyard when Kadriye starts making comments about how you have to keep a tight reign on your children otherwise there will be trouble; she has started her pot stirring! Seyit Ali arrives and asks where Mahmut is. Only waiting to be asked, Kadriye says Mahmut is a little upset with Kerem and tells them all that happened.

At the Şirhan house the family is getting ready to leave for the trip to Omer. Vildan goes outside to meet Defne with the embroidery and Zümrüt follows her. Halil meets her at the door and tells her to leave them to talk. Zümrüt is angry that Defne came and even angrier that Vildan plans on giving the gift to Omer.

Kerem apologizes to Melek for embarrassing her in front of Seyit Ali. He tells her he is not a thief, that he didn’t do it and she assures him that she belives him and knows he would never do something like that. Melek tells him not to worry; that Mahmut is handling the matter but he should be careful with the friends he chooses. He promises that he will not see that girl again and that he will apologize to his grandfather and Hala.

Mahmut tells Seyit Ali that he knows Kerem did not do this and Seyit Ali agrees. Nefise Hala asks Kadriye what she gets out of causing trouble? Did she have to bring something like this out in the open. Could she not see that Mahmut had fixed the situation and how dare she bring it to the attention of Seyit Ali and Melek…this was heart-warming to watch as Kadriye is not told off enough. Kadriye in a sulk, gets up to go to her room muttering that once again she is to blame. Mahmut follows her to the room and asks why she did this..especially since she promised it would stay between them. Once again Kadriye sees nothing wrong with what she did.

Halil calls Seyit Ali and asks if he would come to the studio. He explains to Seyit Ali that he prepared the room for Melek so that she can rest during the day whenever she wants. He told him that she was there the night before, all night. He explained how difficult it is for Melek to hide her illness when she is at home and how good it is for her to come to the studio and be with people. Seyit Ali realizes that whilst trying to make things easier for her, he had ended up making things harder and he will tell her she can come to the studio any time she wants.

Looking for money presumably to pay for the broken watch, Aslı searches Funda and Alpay’s room, eventually finding the deed to the house in Alpay’s name.

Seyit Ali comes home from the meeting with Halil; Nefise Hala is suspicious—she notes that he went for a walk yesterday with Mahmut and today on his own. She thinks it has something to do with Melek and she warns him that she will not allow him to hurt or upset Melek..of course she doesn’t know he knows and that he will not do anything at all to hurt her. He assures her that it has nothing to do with Melek. She encourages him to allow Melek to do whatever makes her happy.

Melek sees Seyit Ali coming up the stairs to her room and calls out to him. She is concerned that there is something wrong; Seyit Ali said he had come to tell her that she can go to the studio again if she wants to work there; after all it’s a family inheritance. Melek can’t believe her ears and thanks Seyit Ali profusely.

Seyran wakes up to find Mithat has prepared breakfast and brought her flowers to apologise for his attitude last night. He promises he will give up the taxi work and just run the food truck. Seyran explains that she wants him to do the work that gives him pleasure not just to earn lots of money and they kiss and make up.

Morning at the Karadağ mansion sees the family in the courtyard once again. As Melek comes down the stairs, Defne and Kerem start fighting about their room and how each one is so untidy and messy. Melek can’t understand what’s going on and tries to intervene and put a stop to it. They complain that they don’t want to share a room together; Seyit Ali jumps in and agrees that their room is small, they can have Mithat’s room. Kadriye’s ears prick up and she rushes in to explain that she was going to have that room. Nefise Hala confirms she had agreed to this but Melek's room is indeed too small for 3 children and Melek and they can’t be comfortable. Therefore Mithat's room would be  better for them. Seyit Ali tells Kadriye that they will figure something out when the babies are born and Nefise Hala says she will take the children in her room if needs be. Kadriye goes off to her room upset while Kerem and Defne smile at each other and at Seyit had been a plan to get back at Kadriye for all her trouble making…at last Kadriye gets her comeuppance!

Alpay is talking with Kenan about the house he bought for the kids and how he can't get them to meet with him. Kenan suggests he goes to the club and meets with Kerem personally.

Aslı told Funda that she lied, that her computer is not broken, that she had broken something in a shop and her friend had to pay for it. Funda sees nothing wrong with this which upsets Aslı. Funda tells her that’s what gentlemen should do.. “don’t you see what Alpay does to keep me happy?”  Funda is living in lala land! Aslı realizes it’s pointless talking to her Aunt and leaves.

Melek is happily recounting to Halil her joy at Seyit Ali’s change of heart regarding her working when a phone call comes from the hospital telling her that her appointment has been brought forward. They decide to go straight away.

Alpay meets Kerem at the Club and tries to speak to him but Kerem tells him he’s busy. Alpay tells him that he plans to put the deed of the house he bought for them, in their name. Kerem says there’s no need they are happy where they are. Alpay said he used the money from the transfer fee Kerem got from the Adana team so it’s his right. Kerem tells Alpay that he understands but he doesn’t want it..that its too late for certain things; that sometimes what you do later on makes no difference at all. Alpay says “I hope that one day you will understand me and it will not be too late”. Kerem responds by saying “let’s hope not” and walks away.

Aslı tries to speak with Kerem but he ignores her and walks away.

At the ceremony, the Şirhan family are watching Ömer swear his oath.

Seyit Ali tells Mahmut to call the hospital for their results but the hospital say they won't give them over the phone. They decide to go to the hospital to get the results. Vildan, Zümrüt and Cumali have an emotional meeting with Ömer and they sit talking while he eats some of the goodies they bring from home. He is very pleased with Defne's gift.

Asli comes to the Han and introduces herself to Kenan. She apologizes but she needs some money. He asks how much and she says “a lot”. She tells Kenan that if Alpay had been there he would have helped her but since he is not, she had no choice but to ask Kenan.

Ömer's commander comes to meet them and tells them they can be very proud of Ömer. He asks if Ömer has told them where he has been drafted; he had not and there’s an awkward pause. Apparently, Ömer is being posted to a distant border hospital…oh no Defne! The family however seem very proud and happy for him. Meanwhile Defne is writing to Ömer in her diary and saying “our adventure will start tomorrow when you arrive”.

Alpay arrives at the Han to be told by Kenan that his expenses far exceed incoming funds. He tells Alpay that Funda’s lifestyle is luxury and now that his niece’s expenses are added, it’s become super luxe. Alpay is surprised and Kenan explains she asked for money and he gave It to her. Alpay rushes off to sort that situation out while Kenan smirks behind him. 

Mithat arrives looking for his father and Mahmut. Kenan comes over to him and Mithat uses the opportunity to tell him that he is giving up the taxi work and going back to working the food truck. He gives Kenan back the keys and thanks him very much. He says he will pay back the rest of the loan from the money he makes off the food truck. Although Kenan tells Mithat that it’s no problem, he goes back to his shop and tells Idris to get the promissory notes out of the safe so they can pull in Mithat’s reigns!!!

Alpay arrives home foaming at the mouth, figuratively speaking, and yells out for Aslı. Funda tries to calm him down and figure out what’s bothering him. Aslı arrives and he asks her how she dared ask his partner for all that money. Aslı quite calmly responds that when she asked nicely for money from them, they shouldn’t have made light of it. Some more yelling and threats from Alpay lead Aslı off to the bedroom to get the house deed from Alpay’s pocket which she brings to Funda; “explain this to my Aunt then” says our cool calm and collected young Aslı while Funda turns her steely blue eyes enquiringly to Alpay.

Kadriye comes to Melek’s room looking for Ünzille. She sends her off to make some juice and uses the opportunity to look around Melek’s room. As she turns to leave, she nudges a book to the floor which just happened to have Melek’s medical file hidden in it and Kadriye starts reading!!!!

At the hospital Halil and Melek are with the oncologist, whilst Seyit Ali and Mahmut are there too, for the results, each unaware of the other. The oncologist explains about the possibility of doing a bone marrow transplant and that it's dependent on her bloodwork. A nurse enters the office and announces she has the transplant match results for Melek which the oncologist had just finished telling Melek would only be done later (as agreed with Seyit Ali). Melek's surprise and confusion is very evident and our 2 hours and 44 minutes roller coaster journey ends for this week. See you next week!

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