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Aybüke Pusat Joins Cast of TRT1's 'Teşkilat'


Since Deniz Baysal announced her departure from TRT1's Teşkilat in July, the network has been on the hunt for a new leading actress to accompany Murat Yıldırım, in its hit series, 

After a thorough search, fan-favorite actress Aybüke Pusat has been tapped to lead the TİMS&B-produced series going into its fourth season.

Pusat will portray Neslihan, a character known for her intelligence and success. Per journalist Birsen Altuntaş, Neslihan is the director of a special unit in Foreign Affairs and in close contact with Uzay (Serdar Yeğin).

Neslihan, who is well-educated and the daughter of Çetin, a former ambassador, was saved from an attack in Bosnia thanks to Ömer (Murat Yıldırım). After the attack in Bosnia, a decision is made to form a team that can also fight the enemy on the field. Neslihan takes on the task of forming this new team. She has Ömer Atmaca in mind for the leadership role in the field. Over time, Neslihan, who carries the pain of losing her mother years ago and the legend of MİT, Ömer, will grow closer.

The highly-anticipated fourth season of Teşkilat returns Sundays this Fall on TRT1.

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