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Teşkilat (The Shadow Team)

Teşkilat (The Shadow Team)


Season 3 kicks off with The "Company" being destroyed as a result of the operation carried out by the unnamed heroes of the National Intelligence Organization at the cost of their lives for their country. As a result of this event, the terrorist activities of foreign intelligence services against our country, dating back decades, begin. An attempt to establish a satellite state under the control of great powers begins on our borders. As a result of these threats to our sovereignty, our team, consisting of both familiar and new faces within the Organization, takes action to combat this structure. The aim of the team is to prevent the terrorist state planned to be established, to reveal who the upper mind is and the forces behind it, and to eliminate external enemies. In addition to all these operations, the changing balances within the team and the involvement of new lives will be the beginning of a different period for all of them.
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