Maraşlı Episode 5 Review

Our ongoing theme is 'trust no one', and everyone is still on the table as a suspect. And who knew a sociopath could be so funny?

@krisha_writes Feb 11, 2021

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 30 Review

Things are not progressing between Eda and Serkan, what is it going to take to jog his memory? Plus, Selin is the worst of the worst.

@krisha_writes Feb 08, 2021

Maraşlı Episode 4 Review

Mahur is desperate to learn the family secrets, but who can she trust? Celal is investigating everyone and there's definitely more to Savaş than meets the eye.

@krisha_writes Feb 03, 2021

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 29 Review

Serkan is back but not as he was before. How will Eda handle the new/old Serkan and how does Selin fit into the picture?

@krisha_writes Feb 01, 2021

Maraşlı: Episode 3 Review

Celal and Mahur grow closer, will it be enough to save her from Savas? Why do all of Mahur's family appear to be suspicious?

@krisha_writes Jan 27, 2021

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 28 Review

Eda and Serkan are ready to get married and spend their lives together but since when does anything ever go to plan?

@krisha_writes Jan 25, 2021

'Maraşlı' Review: A Multi-Layered Treat Laden with Symbolisms

There is more than meets the eye with ATV's new must-watch drama series, Maraşlı.

@krisha_writes Jan 24, 2021

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 27 Review

A happy episode this week with a minimum of angst and just a bit of evil thrown in to keep everyone on their toes. We can't complain when we get two proposals.

@krisha_writes Jan 17, 2021

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 26 Review

Hope springs eternal so we may be entering a whole new phase of the Eda and Serkan love story. Will Babanne back down and allow it? That remains to be seen.

@krisha_writes Jan 11, 2021

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 25 Review

Can you call it a break-up with they weren't officially back together? Eda and Serkan go through some very rough times and Grandma is truly evil.

@krisha_writes Jan 03, 2021