Sen Çal Kapimi: Episode 43 (S02E04) Review

The Kiraz news is out and not everyone is handling well. Will Serkan want to be a father? Is Aydan going to be the next big problem for Eda and Serkan?

@krisha_writes Jul 02, 2021

Sen Çal Kapimi: Episode 42 (S02E03) Review

Serkan tries to get Eda to give him another chance while she wants to see how he is with Kiraz before she tells him the news.

@krisha_writes Jun 26, 2021

Sen Çal Kapımı: Episode 41 (S02E02) Review

Serkan is determined to win Eda back and relies on work to draw her in. Eda is trying to keep the secret of Kiraz's parentage a secret for a bit longer.

@krisha_writes Jun 20, 2021

'Sen Çal Kapimi': Season 2 Premiere Review

Eda and Serkan bump into one another unexpectedly. What happened to them and can they find their way back together? Can love conquer all?

@krisha_writes Jun 11, 2021

'Fatma' Review: Harrowing Tale Of The Unheard

The six-part Netflix series is a sometimes funny, often harrowing, and incredibly sad story of a woman who loses everything and succumbs to despair. 

@krisha_writes May 04, 2021

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 39 Review

Last episode of the spring season, Serkan has yet another fan who can't take a hint and Eda finally learns of his issues.

@krisha_writes Apr 19, 2021

Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 38 Review

Selin gets exposed and has to come clean to Serkan, and then leaves. Eda and Serkan investigate a murder, because why not?

@krisha_writes Apr 07, 2021

Maraşlı Episode 12 Review

Maraşlı pays the price for taking his revenge, and what will it ultimately cost him to follow the mission to the end and find out who hurt Zeliş?

@krisha_writes Apr 06, 2021

Sen Çal Kapımı: Episode 36 & 37 Review

Will Selin's lies tears Eda and Serkan apart or are the invisible handcuffs enough to hold them together? Will Selin continue to be the worst?

@krisha_writes Mar 31, 2021

Maraşlı: Episode 11 Review

Mahur survives and Maraşlı is out for revenge. How far will he go to avenge the woman he loves and what will be the consequences?

@krisha_writes Mar 25, 2021