Yürek Çıkmazı


Yilmaz, who stabbed Mehmet by trapping Yusuf, manages to keep Birsen and the children with him by hiding the murder weapon. However, this means the beginning of tormented days for Seray. The beating that Seray took the first night she entered the house is a harbinger of what will happen next. Birsen, on the other hand, could not prevent his father and also drove Halil out of the house, who knocked on the door, so that a bigger incident would not occur. Involuntarily, his mother started to cover up violence like Cennet. This situation encourages Yılmaz even more.

The early decision to open a grave causes Halil to question his decision. On the other hand, Levent organizes a meeting for the whole family to put emotional pressure on Halil. Birsen, because of her father's fear, and Feride, because of her fondness for her father, meet at the same point; They take their place opposite Halil at the meeting. Hours before the autopsy, Halil is alone with the responsibility of this big decision.

What Zeynep is afraid of is all about their relationship. If the autopsy result does not turn out as they wanted, she doubts that Halil can continue his life as before.